Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TNR Tuesday!

Each Tuesday, I have two spots at Rochester Community Animal Clinic for spaying or neutering two cats.  They will spay/neuter, give distemper and rabie shots, and deworming/flea medicine for each cat, for $60 per cat.  I’ve been averaging this year just one cat per week – not because there aren’t enough cats, but because I don’t have the manpower to sit and wait.  I will set a trap, drive off, feed at a few of my locations, and come back to make sure that a cat is not stuck in a trap unattended, and also to make sure that no one has stolen my trap.  There were a few times in the early part of the year that I had three cats.  They took all three, thank God.  I only have so much time on Tuesdays to do this, as I must get back and get ready for my full-time job.  And the trapping is in between me feeding at over 16 locations that I do every day.  Each location takes me on average five minutes to pour the food and water.  Some take longer than others, depending on how many cats are at each location.  On Parsells, there are 15 cats at least waiting for me at one spot.

Central & Second Kitten

Central & Second

I set two traps on the corner of Central and Second, where I have been feeding adult cats, and now five baby kittens, under a mailbox on that corner.  I had Kings follow in my car and sit in the quiet to watch, as the traps are right out in the open, and there are a lot of strange people milling about each morning.  Within five minutes of each other, I had two cats in two traps. And these cats aren’t even the ones that get close enough just waiting for me to leave.  Neither of these cats is the suspected mother of the kittens.  One in the trap IS a kitten, maybe six months old.  Both will go in for neuter and spay today, and returned to this spot.  Which really isn’t a spot, but now I have to make it a spot.  Those kittens won’t survive the winter.  They are too little.  I must try to get them trapped and rescued.  I need help.  I just can’t do this alone.

If anyone would like to sponsor a spay or neuter of a cat, please call 585-288-0600 and make a donation to my account.  Right now its on the plus side.  And another $120 will be added today.  Thanks very much in advance!

Have a great day!

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”


  1. Great job getting 2 kitties! I will add it to you totals! I think you now have 31 TNRs and 31 rescues this year. 62 cats that will not be reproducing on the streets because of one person. if each of those cats had just 5 kittens this year (a really conservative amount) that would be over 300 more cats!! Boggles the mind. Great job Janine! I hope everyone plans to attend the fundraiser this Saturday!! -Kristin

  2. I don't know what's wrong with me. I stated my account at clinic is on plus side. It was negative. Today my bill paid was $220. I find that scary for my wallet, and insane to boot. This should be paid for by the city. This is a huge problem that needs to be addressed.