Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jessica and Baxter

Well, I did something I probably shouldn’t have done.  I rescued Petie, my TNR from yesterday.  I renamed him Baxter. It’s a great name, and he looks like a Baxter.  A friend of mine’s cat got out of the house two days ago – friend was frantic.  He ‘came home’ (was brought home by a neighbor apparently) yesterday.  His name is Baxter.  Bad Baxter.  J  So glad her kitty is safe and sound.

Reunion!  Gail and Baxter

SO GET THIS!  WAIT til you see the Baxter I just rescued!  They could be TWINS!  


Wierd, or what???

MY Baxter – he was brought home from the clinic yesterday evening after being neutered, dewormed, defleaed and given shots.  I was on the phone with someone – we were both on the porch – I was having a glass of wine unwinding – and I heard this sound coming from the covered trap next to me.  After a while, thinking he was sneezing – I opened up the cover and saw he had a long blade of grass stuck in his nose!  I put my fingers through the side wiring, and tried and tried to get it out.  Several times he came close enough to allow me to pull it out, and after a few attempts, I did it.  Pulled it out of the little guy’s nose.  That was the first indication that this was no feral.  Then I began to stroke his head and nose with my fingers, and there was no hissing, biting or fear that there normally is.  After a while, I wished him a good night, and went to bed.  I woke this morning, layed down next to the trap (at 3 am.!) on my porch, in my nightie (TMI?), opened the door on one end of the trap to get the food dishes that had been moved, and petted him.  He let me, no problem.  I said then and there, ‘there is no way I am putting you back on that hell hole street – Parsells’.   I brought the trap into the bathroom, opened the trap door, and pulled him out slowly.  As with any cat, he was confused, and became a bit scared, but after I placed him in the litter box to know where it was, and then plopped him in front of food in the tub, he relaxed a bit.  I then placed him in the window, the only recognition of anything he knew at this point – the outside.  He began to relax more and more.  So much that I kissed his forehead as he bent his head low enough to allow me.

This is the plight of so many animals out there.  PLEASE consider opening up your home to one of these lost babies.  I know of TWO others right now SO ready.  PLEASE spread the word.

As I drove to place food for the mailbox kitties (yes, I am feeding two-three unaltered cats under a mailbox on my route), there was a young blond girl there on the corner.  As I pulled up, she came over to the window.  I motioned to her – sort of waved her off to say I was not a ‘customer’.  I got out as she walked away, walked over to the mailbox, and called her over.  I told her she shouldn’t be out here like she was.  I asked her how old she was, she looked 15.  She said she was 25.  I then stood and had a five minute conversation with her telling her how dangerous it was what she was doing, how she didn’t have to do it, asked her about her family - she stated no one cared about her – asked why she was there – her boyfriend beat her up and she had no where to turn to – my heart just sank.  I told her there that there WAS help out there.  I asked her if this was what she wanted to do with her life – she was so young and pretty and innocent.  Her name is Jessica.  I told her she was very out of place at this location, and that someone would hurt her.   I wrote down my phone number and asked her to call me today.  She said she would when she got the money and also to eat.  (I don’t carry money).  I gave her a hug, and told her to be careful.

My problem is, I DON’T know who to refer her to.  Where DOES one go for help when they have nothing or nowhere to turn to?  Anybody know?

As far as the upcoming MEOW and CHOW fundraiser on October 1st, I am asking my friends and family for donations.  We (Kristin and I) would like them to be in the form of anything you personally would like to receive/win – with a maximum value of $25.  It could be a restaurant gift certificate, a Wegmans gift card, nice wine, plastic ware, there are so many things.  If you would like to win it, its something we are asking for.  Thanking you in advance!

"Remember that everyone
you meet is afraid of
something, loves
something and has lost


  1. Alternatives for Battered Women (ABW) isnt there a shelter?

    1. it used to be called's now Willow Domestic Violence Center. Why Willow?

      The willow tree is sheltering and a beacon of hope. A willow tree will prevail with grace under all kinds of pressure. Its branches can be woven together to create something entirely new and incredibly durable. For us, a willow represents a vast, underlying strength that comes from within and radiates out.

      Lynne (Sawyer's "mom")

  2. You truely are an angel of the streets - not just to kitties but people as well. Kimberly mentioned you yesterday about 5:00; someone is trying to get chickens removed from a neighbor's yard; said they're attracting rats. She mentioned you and how you're fighting stupidity about rats and cats. She mentioned your name and everything!! Nancy C.

  3. You are amazing - helping everyone you meet. I will definitely be donating items to you for the fund raiser and I hope everyone who reads this will consider doing the same. Should I drop the items off at your house? What is the best way to get them to you? Bless you Janine!!

  4. She can call DSS if she's homeless. Or just go to 691 St. Paul.... they should be able to steer her in the right direction to get some help. I'm not sure if it's Waring Road or St. Paul where she could get help with living accommodations. I know sometimes it's hard to get through to DSS butt if she calls and leaves a message and explains her situation they may be able to get her into something right away.

  5. I know of a place that help Jessica. It's the
    Willow, formerly as Alternatives for Battered Women. They helped an awful lot for me in May and June. Their phone number is 232-7356.

    The staff are very nice and everything you need,they have.