Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Blues..............

I'm just plain tired!  I get up at 2:45 am. every day!  What do you expect, right?  Quite in the hood this morning.  But it sure was ccccccold.  I have been placing shelters here and there.  I am so grateful to my friend Sunday Sheryl who has been building them for me, and grateful to the folks that have been donating styrofoam boxes so that Sheryl can build them.  And the cats will be grateful when they begin to use them.  No sign of the baby baby kittens we saw Saturday morning.  FIVE of them.  All crossed the street to eat the food I am placing under the mailbox on the corner of Central and Second.  I really need help catching these babies!

What a weekend!  Lots of stuff going on.  It started Saturday morning with a pre-meeting to the Mayors meeting on Thursday – we are pretty much prepared to meet with the Mayor Lovely Warren.  I am very impressed with the folks I have standing beside me.  Kristin is an awesome presenter, and will do a fine job.  We will each be speaking, but Kristin will start.  She is a teacher, so she is confident and has prepared some really great speaking points.  Its getting closer and I am finally starting to feel nervous. 

I then met with a friend who brought over two sawhorses and a circular saw to try to cut some very large boards someone dropped off to me, that are too big to transport in the Jeep.  I will be using these boards to build up the shelters for the winter.   Her circular saw died not even midway through, so we will finish this up another day.  I was quite impressed!  Here is this ‘chick’ with sawhorse and saw.  And she knows her stuff.  J Thanks Melissa!

 (Click on pics to zoom in!)

Jinx and Abby
Jinx was also picked up Saturday morning from his fosters house and brought to my porch, as a family was coming to meet him later in the afternoon.  Well, they did come, and little Jinxy was adopted into a home that just lost their kitty cat, and their dog, very close together.  The little girl in the family was SO excited.  A very quiet excited, but nevertheless, thrilled.  I could not believe how quickly Jinx fell for the girl.  Jinx layed right down next to her and never moved.  So very sweet.  Another successful rescue and adoption.  Thanks Tracy (my neighbor who arranged everything!)

Sunday I was invited to attend a brunch being held by The Gay Alliance at the Rochester Yacht Club.  Fancy Schmancy.  They give away scholarships to the youth each year, and my Meow and Chow flier was in their brochure.  I met a lot of very nice people, told my story many times, and am hoping to hear from one or two sometime soon regarding help, or even adoption of one of the cats on the street that I leave every morning with a promise to rescue them.   One of the many notables that was there was James Sheppard, police chief.  I was SO tempted to run over to him, tell him who I was, and ask him for any advice he could give me as I had a meeting scheduled with his boss! J But I chickened out.

In the meantime, Peaches, Baxter and Cookie are up for adoption still, and the kittens I recently rescued from Bay Street are still being socialized, but are beginning to purr and are getting used to the human touch.  I am afraid that their lone sibling is gone.  Hasn’t been seen in well over a week, but the hard-to-trap mama is there every morning, waiting for her breakfast. 

Please consider foster or adoption.  Also, please remember my fundraiser coming up this Saturday 12-5 at the Rush Creekside Inn.  LOTS of good stuff to eat and drink.  And I am still hoping to get more prizes for the raffles!  We can use gift certificates, wine, booze, anything you yourself would want to win!  :)  Maximum value $25.

Have a nice day!

"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat."


  1. Hi Janine,
    Sorry I can't make it to your fundraiser, but I still have that camera for you, also seven large styrofoam boxes for you. Call me sometime & we can arrange a time for me to deliver them. Thanks

    Kathy M.

  2. Hey girl Chief Shepard is retired from RPD But involved in ethical issues he may be able to help he is on my FB page friend him and ask what he can do! His son James is a senior HR person at RGH too!! Julie l.