Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Only The Strong Survive!

I had to let little Melvin back on the street this morning after being neutered, and spending the night in the trap on my porch.  What a good little boy he is too.  It took a while before he left the trap, crying the whole time.  So heartbreaking that I can't find homes for all of them. 

I was thinking about wet food this morning.  And how I go through what..... at least 50 of the 5.5 oz. cans a day for the homeless.   I don't even feed most of my cats wet food ever.  I just couldn't afford to.  I feed Spencer and Baylee wet food, and Cookie.  Those are my fosters, and Baylee is special need because of his breathing issue.  They CRAVE that food each morning when I get up.  And Spencer has to have Fancy Feast Medleys chicken pate - he won't eat anything else!  And he is so skinny I have to cater to his every need!  I have to put them in separate rooms so the other cats don't get it, and I feel SO guilty not letting my own in on this yummy stuff, but what are you going to do..... 

I have someone coming to meet Jinx on Saturday.  Fingers crossed everyone.  This will be the last of that litter.  Now on to Syd and Johnny, the two little ones I trapped this past Saturday.  I have been setting a kitten trap there every day now to get the third baby, but nothing.  I don't even know if the little one even survived.  I see mom, but no baby, not in at least a week.  Mom is not allowing me to trap her to be spayed either.  I will have to call in the big guns for this at some point.  Laura.

(Don't forget to click on pics to zoom in!)

At my last stop, I noticed something on the ground.  Yes, a rat.  A dead one.  And who said what about cats and rats?

More pictures from this morning:

Ferndale Kitties

Parsells this a.m. (just some of the 15 I counted on Sunday)
The countdown begins...  The Mayor, and then the Fundraiser.  I am looking forward to both, I think, but after that, I need a break.  I think I can speak for Kristin too.  :)

Have a great day everyone, and please, consider foster or adoption, and spread this word around to everyone you know.  We can considerably reduce the number of homeless cats out there if you do that simple thing.

"The world is not dangerous
because of those who do harm
but because of those who look at it without doing anything."

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