Tuesday, September 13, 2016

TNR Tuesday

I set a trap on Parsells this morning and BLAMO!  Gotcha little one. 

Petie from Parsells
I set a trap next to the auto repair shop for the momma, and when I finished rounds and went back, still nothing.  She was there for sure, but she is smart.  I left the trap hoping that she will be hungry enough to go in there before I go to work.  Nothing.

Melville Street, between Culver Road and Webster Avenue, has been a source of contention for a while now.  There are no vacant lots, and this one vacant house - the neighbor next door has been complaining to the city apparently – so I just found out.  Almost daily.  Same chick I had a confrontation with weeks ago.  We had the one confrontation but she then took it to the next level.  I am now being asked to stop by someone in the city.   I haven’t yet been asked, but I heard I will be.  I have been thinking about this – and still undecided.  It’s a hard decision to make.

If I could write a note to this woman, it would say something like:

"I want you to know that for now, I will not be feeding cats here.  And let me tell you that it was not YOU that stopped me.  When it comes to animal in need, NO ONE will stop me from helping that animal.  Not you, or by you hounding people in the city government on a regular basis to try to stop me.  I see very few cats now here on Melville.  I have rescued at least 10 in the past year/two years here on this street.  It began when your neighbor, prior to you moving into your rental next door, left a few years back and left his four cats to fend for themselves on the streets.  Cats were multiplying.  I stepped in after knowing about all these cats and began to trap them and get them spayed and neutered here - with my own money!  Cats were everywhere.  I see barely a few now.  I remember you shouting that I was bringing more cats to the area- and raccoons.  When I am gone, good luck.  Sister, the raccoons will always be here.  Its ignorance like yours that plagues this community.  And by the way, sad that your child will grow up with your beliefs about animals.  That's what keeps ignorance going.  Uneducated and mercilessness people like you teaching your children your beliefs."

So, that is where I am at today.  The window of the Catmobile now won’t close.  Its always something.  I am beside myself with worry about money.  As usual.  I hope that in this lifetime for me, I get one period of time that I have no fear of debt.  That might be the day I die, but …  hey, you never know.

Have a great day!


  1. Janine did you check the vacant lots/City owned lots map and the property owners links I sent to you? Maybe you can get permission from the owner of that house or find somewhere nearby to move the feeding to? I know, I am sure you have tried finding someplace else. How about asking permission from other neighbors? Hope you can find someplace and you dont have to abandon those poor kitties.

  2. 25, 27, 67, 179, 195, and 207 are all CITY of Rochester owned, vacant lots.

  3. Apparently that woman has nothing better to do?? Sheesh.

  4. New here. I try to help out in my neighborhood where I can. Of course, like you, there is always somebody who SEES a cat and feels an uncontrollable urge to hate and complain. I am just curious about something that you wrote here as I have noticed a pattern, why is it almost always the renters who complain?

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