Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hump Day!

Hump Day.  I had to release the babies that spent the night in my trap.  Two girls.  One lactating, the other was just about ready to get pregnant at six months old.  Just a baby.  So sad.  I hated letting them back out as one of them cried in the back of the Jeep on the way to release them back to the wicked corner of Central and Second.  Hate it hate it hate it.  I SO wish I had a place to take the cats once I’ve trapped them.  They don’t deserve to be on the streets!

I had two people reach out to me regarding fostering.  It would be their first time fostering, at least for me.  I kept a watchful eye out this quite and uneventful morning, to see who I could rescue that would be a nice kitty for someone.  There are so many.  I think right now, there is a beautiful boy (unneutered, as I discovered this morning – I thought he was eartipped, but turns out his ear was ripped) with fluffy black and white fur, sidles up to me, very very sweet, on Seventh.  And there is a desperate skinny needy sweetie – red tabby, on Baldwin.  I TNR’d this boy a while back, and had to release him.  So, fingers crossed this all goes according to the plan I have yet to make!

Please lets not forget the sweethearts waiting for their forever homes.  Please spread the word.





Please consider one of these angels as your next pet.  They will love you unconditionally. The kittens need a little more time, but they can be put on a reservation list!  HA!

I will not be writing any posts tomorrow, or Friday, as my days will be insane.  I have a class at work to attend tomorrow, and then the MAYOR meeting!  Wish me luck!  Friday I have a vacation day and have a million things to be done before the big day on Saturday!  I hope to see you all there!  Rain or Shine!   MEOW and CHOW baby!  :)  xo


  1. Congrats - 2 more fosters!! You don't need it but good luck with the Mayor; I pray something positive comes from it. Nancy C.

  2. I've been thinking of you all week! I know everything will go well; it sounds like you're all organized and know pretty much what you're going to say. I'll be praying for you!!!

  3. looks like people are hearing more about you Janine.. they are looking at your adopting page.. perhaps someone can help you keep it more updated. I volunteer if someone shows me how...