Thursday, September 15, 2016


For the fundraiser, someone commented on how to get donations for the raffles to me.  Well, if you would like to message me at, we can figure that out!  Again, we are looking for gifts to donate with a max amount of $25.  Gifts in the form of anything you might like to win yourself.  (i.e., wine!, gift certificates!  there are a million things I would love to win! :) ) Thank you very much!  Also I added the tax exempt language at the bottom of the flier above.

I think I saw a rabid raccoon this morning.  The poor thing.  I heard some rustling next to one of my shelters where I feed around 5 or 6 each day, and suspected a skunk.  Instead, I looked over and scared the bejesus out of this raccoon.  Small.  He looked into my eyes as he fell over on his back.  At first I just thought he was frightened, which I am sure he was, but as he got up, he stumbled and fell nearly a dozen times as he tried to get away from me.  He hissed first though.  I felt so bad for him. If I had a gun, and a silencer on it, I probably would have shot the poor thing.  I also thought of calling 911 to report it, but then thought I would be exposing my shelter, and once again, the City would remove it.

There is a woman who reads this blog and we've become 'never met' friends.  She wrote me this the yesterday, and it made me feel good.  Not much does these days, so I welcomed it, and share it with you.  :)

"I was bummed to read about your knee, and so happy to see you had some helpers! It's busy work season for me, but maybe one day I can learn your route and help. I'm in Virginia this week, and one of the customers is big with helping the kitties! He said a 'neuter scooter' comes once a month and takes cares of fixing the kitties! He was showing pictures of some of the kitties he watches over. thought you'd like that story!"

Neuter Scooter.  How about that!

Butterscotch first rescued
On another great note, I was in the kitchen, fussing about getting my salad ready to take to work, and I walked out to the porch - door was open - the cats love to congregate out there in the morning and watch the birds - and guess who was out there.  BUTTERSCOTCH!  Now, I got feral kitten Butterscotch two years ago November, and haven't held in him over a year.  He has remained elusive while I am home, hiding in the basement or upstairs under the bed, rarely seen.  I could see the TERROR in his face as he tried to figure out how he was going to get through the door that I was standing at.  I slowly closed the door, and I could hear him crying and crying and running about, knocking things over.  I slowly sat down, and started to talk to him calmly, and believe it or now, he slunk down and allowed me to pet him.  My he has grown!  And SO fluffy!  I even held him on my lap.  He purred, but he was still terrified.  I think he almost was saying 'ooooooh this feels so good, the human touch....  her soft paw is making me feel soooo good...."  I was ecstatic.  I miss that little guy!  Finally, I opened the door and let him fly.  :) Back into the house.

"God didn't promise days
without pain, laughter
without sorrow, or sun
without rain, but He did
promise strength for the day,
comfort for the tears and
light for the way.  If God
brings you to it, He will bring
you through it."


  1. I LOVE that about Butterscotch!! It reminds me of how I tamed my then feral barncat Jake, who is now 12 years lster my very favorite boy. I hope he will let you pet him now, but if he doesnt, my advice is to try to replicate the exact situation in which he let you pet him this morning-on the porch, close the door, sit in same place etc. Repeat same until he gets to where he trusts you in other rooms.
    Please be SO careful with the raccoons. You should look into rabies vaccinations seriously.

  2. If you see a rabid animal, it is best to call it in--even if it means your shelters will be destroyed. All you need is for an unvaccinated cat to be bitten and then all hell will break loose. The City will come in and start the killing. In fact, if a rabid raccoon hisses at an unvaccinated cat and the cat grooms itself and ingests the saliva, the cat will contract rabies. Please protect yourself and your kitties.