Friday, July 15, 2016


Just a quick note today.

Thank you Nancy for purchasing that rat product for me.  So far the rats have not been crossing the road to eat the food I have temporarily placed next to a boarded up house.  Soon though, I will have to move the food back to the shelters, and this might do the trick.  Its kindness like yours that keeps me going.

I thank those few who make occasional donations to me.  You know who you are.  I would say 85% of the food and vet bills I spend on the cats that I rescue, TNR and the cats I feed each day in the Beechwood section of Rochester comes from my own pocket.  Its the few of you that make a donation that makes up the other percent.  I am grateful  I was thinking this:  I have .. lets say...  550? "friends" on Facebook.  If each of those friends gave me $1 every two weeks, I wouldn't be as financially strapped as I am now.  Just $1 every two weeks. 

Someone asked about adoption fees:  I normally ask for a minimum of $40 donation that helps me continue doing what I do, although the cost of rescuing and veterinary services for one cat is much greater.  There are other times where the adopter hasn't given me a dime because of their circumstances.  In those situations, all I ask is that they give the cat love. 

I just need to find homes for these angels, so that I can rescue the others out there that are so desperate for me to take them home with me.

Thank you Jessica for making this poster for me, and distributing at your doctors offices!

Please consider either foster or adoption.

Have a great day!

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  1. The poster is up! I saved it in JPEG so that anyone can print it out and post it.

    I hope that rat repellent works. It's mind boggling that the cats don't go after the rats. Maybe they're scared?