Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Copy and Paste

Today was TNR day.  One of the kitties going in under the two spots I have weekly at Rochester Community Animal Clinic is GAEL.  That is the red kitty that Laura helped to trap on Gael's porch Saturday morning. Gael believes it to be pregnant, but we are still not so sure its even a girl.  Once fixed, kitty will be going back into that neighborhood to fend for itself, unfortunately.

I set the trap on Parsells this morning, where I feed close to 15 cats daily that have no shelter at the moment, on the vacant house porch.  There are at least four or five cats that are still not fixed there.  I set the trap, went about going to my other shelters to feed up and down this area, went back and found one of the six baby racccoons (not so little anymore!) inside the trap.  Let it out, chased away Rocky, reset the trap, did some more spots, went back, and another Rocky was inside the trap.  Gave up, had to move on.   Set the trap on Central and Fifth, and this is who I got.   Meet Connor.

Connor from Central
Connor will be going back to his 'spot' when he is fixed and has an overnight on my porch tonight.

I posted my blog on Facebook yesterday, and someone shared my post on their page.  Thank you Lois.  I received this nice comment from someone whom I've never met.  I responded, but should have mentioned all the folks who support me verbally, emotionally, mentally, physically, and every other way there is to support someone.  Here is what she wrote:

I commend you on your work and efforts in the feral cat community. In response to a post I just read regarding your feeling bad because someone thought you were trying to make others feel somehow guilty I say this.

I read many pleas for help and not once have I been made to feel guilty. IMO feeling guilty would mean that I felt I could be doing more and wasn't. I'm happy to help knowing that "little" on my part is contributing to the greater good----helping homeless, sick, abandoned cats and kittens in our communities. I'm certain there are others out there that feel the same way.

No one person can do this kind of community service alone, nor should they be expected to. The fact you and others like you are out there aiding these poor, innocent , helpless and abandoned felines in the first place demonstrates the love, selfishness ness , commitment and compassion you possess as human beings and animal lovers and advocates.

I'm happy to help whenever I can and you never need worrying about offending me or making me feel guilty in any way with your pleas for support. As an animal lover I thank you for bringing these issues to social media. Before reading them, I had no idea of the feral cat issues in our community. It made me aware, and being aware prompted me to help! God bless you and God bless your work! Thank you for all that you do and for being the voice for all these innocent and very needy cats and kittens. ❤️
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Janine Wagner I concur that I deserve a pat on the back for what I do, but I also believe that what you Lois, and so many others do, is over and beyond commendable. Thank you so much for your words Dee. Besides you, Nancy Shutt CurrieKristin Miller McBride, Walt and Karon Simoni, and a few others I don't know because they remain anonymous, there aren't many that support or defend me when people get mean. I give a shout out to the others that do something similar to me, and the others that take in the desperate and needy cats and kittens out there, and the dog rescues, lets not forget them. There is SusieQ Dog ResQHabitat for Cats NYKeller's KatsPattie Inzer HillSheryl BeaucheminMyléne Karina López MafúzJennifer Everett,Denyse ClarkGRASPLaraine VanBlarcomElisabeth HammerElizabeth Whipple, Lori Lorine WhippleRescued Treasures Pet Adoptions, and so many others (I will add more - its 6 am. and I am still a bit sleepy! - as think about this today), that deserve pats on the back for what we do. Again, Thank you for speaking for all of us when we say we need help. We need to be noticed. The cats and dogs and other neglected critters out there need to be noticed. It everyone's duty to help us to help them. We are so few. We really are just a very small army of people. Bless your heart! xo
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I also heard from one of the attorney's working on my behalf, pro-bono, on my tax exempt status , here is the latest and greatest (of course I never forget a chance to hawk the kitties I have available for adoption!).  Not so great.  This is taking time...

Hi Janine,

What an offer!  Unfortunately, my landlord/allergies would not like me adopting a kitten J

I’ve attached a brief “acknowledgment” letter that you can use when you receive memorial tributes or any other contributions while your application is pending.  Feel free to customize as you like, we just want to make sure we keep the two main paragraphs in there.

Also, I received a call from the IRS today informing me that they will be requesting additional information in connection with your exemption application.  This is not uncommon.  They didn’t say what they would be requesting, so we’ll see what their letter says when it arrives (hopefully in the next few days).  I’m not certain whether they will be sending me a copy of the letter, so please keep an eye on your mailbox.  The voicemail said we will have to respond before August 23. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

And speaking of kindness toward animals, I belong to a neighborhood website.  I share with you someone who found a baby sparrow the other day.  There is also a guy who has commented in the past on posts that involved feral cats, rats, etc.  The guy is pretty nasty with his responses, obviously does not like animals.  The part I love about this commentary is the guy who tried to save a wasp.  Sweet.  Almost comical.  But he is serious!  You will notice as you read that I made a comment to this other creepy guy too.  I just had to get a word in because he is always saying something negative.  :)

Emergency first aid for baby sparrow 1d ago
David, Allan Eisenberg from North Winton Village
I just found a very small sparrow in my attic. It has a full coat feathers, but apparently can not fly. I'm guessing it is too dehydrated.

I have it in my bathroom away from my cat, and put several short dishes of cold water around it.

I don't think it would survive for long if I put him outside.
What would be a good snack for a dehydrated sparrow ?

Dave, we had a baby bird for a time and fed it some mushy cat food from a toothpick. We also dripped water in its mouth from a medicine dropper.

Edie Pastuch from Browncroft 1d ago
If the little guy makes it through the night, you may wish to consider taking him over to East Ridge Animal hospital in the morning. It's the one on Dubelweiss Rd. Over by Medley Center. They are View more wildlife rehablilitators and can care for him until he is old enough to be released back into your neighborhood. I have given them several over the years with a small donation (not required) to their program.

Cheryl Shepard from North Winton Village 1d ago
Mushy cat food yes but don't use an eye dropper because I think they can not swallow

David, Allan Eisenberg from North Winton Village 1d ago
After doing a lot of Googling I gave him some totally crushed fresh seedless grapes (skin removed), and wet his beak with water. I read that forcing water down their throat can be bad.

I read that the fact that his skin was very red was an indication he really was very dehydrated.

He's moving around a bit more.

Laurie Ditzel from East Avenue 1d ago
Thanks for caring. Make our neighborhood a better place.

Cheryl Shepard from North Winton Village 1d ago
They need h20 .... we need a good rain.
Paul Vogel from Laurelton 1d ago
Did you name the little fella David Allan Eisenbird?

Bob Friedrich from North Winton Village 1d ago
Place the bird in a nice garden somewhere and let nature take it's course.

Janine Wagner from Laurelton 17h ago
Geesh Bob, the more I read your responses, the more I hope I never come back in my next life as an animal.

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Bob Friedrich from North Winton Village 17h ago
Me too.... just wondering, though, which animal it might be...

Cheryl Shepard from North Winton Village 16h ago
How is the bird
Lindaandlarry Latiukandtuzzolino from Thurlow 12h ago
Just saw your post...call dr. Ballonic at Irondequoit vet...they will help

Judy Hull from North Winton Village 12h ago
Update on the little chirp?

David, Allan Eisenberg from North Winton Village 11h ago
I am sorry to say the baby bird has died. I feel bad, but I at least did something.

Years ago I found a wasp in my attic late in the fall. It was twitching ... about to freeze to death. I took
it downstairs and gave him a piece of a strawberry. I left him in a covered dish the first day. The next day I came home and saw I had forgotten to cover the dish. The wasp was still there ... and seemed quite content.

Over the next few months I rescued him again after my cat had caught him. Another time I found him stuck in a spider web. Then my cat caught him again. I saved his life a few times. When May came around I didn't think it was ok to let him out. It was still cold out. I let him out at the end if May. I could see he had aged. His head didn't move as much. He could not fly that well.

He probably did not live much longer. I did some research on that type of wasp. It probably lived more then twice as long as most other wasps live.

I gave him shelter for almost 8 months. I let him wander the house all but that first day.

A bit weird I guess. But I assume the wasp was happy staying with me.

Lola Kelly from North Winton Village 11h ago
Thanks for trying to save the bird, and for saving the wasp, too.


  1. I love that post from one of your supporters - very well written. Thank you Janine, but I do NOT deserve to be in the same thought as Kristin and Walt & Karon. I do defend you whenever I can but my support is limited and sporatic - my love is endless tho. Those 3 are the BEST allies anyone could ask for - and Sunday Sheryl sounds like a really neat person too!! Keep up the good work - love you.

    1. Nancy,

      You certainly deserve too be placed in the same category as Karon and myself. Everyone that helps Janine in any way they can is deserving of thanks even though none of us do it for the recognition. As you are well aware we all do it for the poor defenseless Kitties that were thrust into a life of literal Hell due to no fault of their own. Janine is truly Amazing ! and no doubt the (Cat Angel)! I implore everyone to please do what they can in helping Janine continue (Rescuing Rochester's Cats One At A Time). They desperately need and deserve all of our help. Thanking all of you in advance.

      Walt Simoni

  2. I LOVE the sparrow and wasp story. There is kindness going on everyday that we don't see. Thank you for sharing that.

  3. How many more red cats are going to come out of that corner at Greeley and Parkside haha. I am feeding two right now here on Vermont Street. One is the 1 year old female who has been through the feral cat program and comes here multiple times a day. She has become quite friendly and will allow me to pet her but when I try to pick her up she freaked out. The second red cat is a male who sadly has a bad left eye. He is absolutely not friendly but eat here. He also has been through the feral cat program. Both of these cats are red so I assume they both came from that corner where you are trapping more. Someone seems to be very active over there as I saw the picture of Cheeto and it sounds like there may be more :(

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