Monday, July 18, 2016


I picked up another dead cat in the road this morning.  On Central Park.  A young black and white little thing.  I don't know how many cats I've picked up from the road in this area, its many, but there is one very clear thing I've come to realize:   No one cares about these animals.  I am quite lucky I haven't been shot in this area trying to care for them.  Because its just me trying to care for them.  I know of no others in the Beechwood section of Rochester who is sheltering and feeding the gazillions of cats roaming around here.  Just this morning, I stopped on the side of the road coming from one shelter going to another to place a bowl of food and water down for some poor little creature.  They are everywhere.

The sad part for me right now is that I may have to cancel my spots for TNR tomorrow at the clinic.  I just don't have the money.  Its $60 per cat, and I have two spots - that would cost me $120.  I have been seriously thinking about what I am doing and how I can continue to do it.  I appreciate the few donations I get from the very few that do donate - your donations buys me a bag or two of food - and sometimes I am able to pay for a cat that I've trapped and had to let go, and I appreciate it when I get food dropped off from the very few who help me in that regard, but I am drowning in debt.  Its not like I am spending money on myself, but I have a single income paying some very high credit debt that just builds and builds with interest.  I have a new car payment, and my catmobile Jeep is on its last legs.

I know my 501c3 tax exempt status will be coming through soon, thanks to a very kind lawyer doing this pro bono through his firm, Harter Secrest & Emery, but even then, its not going to help much.

I had to bring the two kittens that I rescued from Seventh Street in this weekend for a check up - no one will adopt if they haven't been treated or tested, and that cost me $80.

Sorry - but this is my reality.  If I have to stop this, there will be a lot of starving cats, and the cats in these neighborhoods will multiply by the thousands in a years time.

I am just fit to be tied, as they say.

In the meantime, please consider adopting and fostering.  I have many cats to choose from.  Jace and Lucy, the cute little kittens - Cookie, Spencer and Baylee are waiting for their forever home.  Please spread the word.

Have a good day.


  1. Janine, I'll drop off the rat pellets tonight. I didn't see the pkg on the front steps until last night. I'll also give you $60 to cover one TNR for tomorrow. Love you, Nancy C.

  2. Lollypop is only $4o per cat.