Monday, July 11, 2016


The gross meter was running high this morning.  Maggots!   I went to wipe off what I thought was just wet food leftover from the day before on a plate at the shelters on Pennsylvania and Fourth, and the ‘food’ was moving.   I think I can handle anything but maggots.  Freaked me right out.   And the RATS on Short Street!  I tried placing the food dishes across the street on a vacant house’s porch, and when I went back the next morning, everything was gone.  The neighbor next door must have trashed everything.  So I set up new bowls this morning on the grass near the sidewalk, away from the rat infested shelters, and drove off.  I circled back after my rounds, and there – lo and behold – were the rats surrounding the bowls with the cats sitting on the sidelines watching.  I moved them to the other side of the vacant house and hoped the kitties would go over to chow, without the rats following.  I just don’t know how to get rid of these rats.  So far, the peppermint oil, nor the moth balls deter these pesky creatures.  Any other suggestions?

And I swallowed another bug this morning. 

Other than that, I have not heard from the man on Parsells whose steps I left a message on asking if I could place my shelters on his property.  I continue to return to this spot after my rounds each morning to replenish the water and food because there is a family of raccoons I catch each and every  time gobbling up everything.  So after I scare them away, I return home, knowing they surely will return to ruin the water for the day for these animals in this heat.

There is a new muted calico that is not ear tipped on Pennsylvania that I think may be in heat.  She was crying a lot the other morning.  She is very petite and demure, and I am sure she has already had a few litters by the looks of her.  I will need help with trapping this one because there are so many that were already done years ago.  I don’t want them to fall for the regular trap I would set, and me having to let them go.  I need an expert drop trapper! 

Speaking of trapping, my mother has three kittens she is feeding at her house in Webster.  I lent her some traps to use and will get the kittens fixed if she can get them – Momma has already been done.




These beautiful animals need a home and fast.  Until they are gone, I can rescue no others.  Please spread the word. 

Have a GREAT day.

(the following is a poem taken from the New York Times Style magazine about immortality just before slipping out of reach.)  I had just finished an article about NDEs (near death experiences) - yes, this was my Sunday.  :)

one day they showed me a dark moon ringed with a bright nimbus on a swirling gray screen they called it my last chance for never ending life but the next day it was gone it had already launched itself into the gray sky like an escape capsule accidentally empty sent spiraling into the unpeople galaxies of my trackless gray body


    Mothballs ARE poisonous to cats. and also may be repelling them from the food. I hope you will pick them up.

    there is a suggestion in this article that might work for you Janine. MINT leaves repel mice so it seems like it would also work for rats and wouldn't bother the cats. And if people accidentally bring you catnip instead of mint- obviously the cats wouldn't mind that! it says it also repels fleas,ants and flies!!