Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Over My Head

This is a very crazy day for me.  First off, thank you Nancy for offering to pay for a spay/neuter at last minute.  I decided if I was doing one, I would do two, thinking I wouldn’t get a second one.  But after trapping a pretty long haired tabby on Parsells, I went to check on the second trap on Central, and lo and behold, there were two kittens in one trap.  One kitten is not even five weeks old, and the other is a very young kitten, maybe 8-9 mos? and I think very pregnant.  Good God.  Just what I needed.


CENTRAL PARK -  ____ and Sherbert

Secondly, a woman who adopted from me back in February – Cuddles from Central and Third – was hospitalized, and left the cats with no supervision.  I am not blaming her, I just wish things were done differently.  Her original cat that was left with Cuddles was very very sick to begin with.  I finally had management go check to see if they were alive yesterday, and get this woman to give management permission to take the kitty back, which was asked of me initially last week by her adopter, but she was hospitalized before we knew it and found out when we arrived to get her last Thursday.  She and this very sick cat have been left alone in the apartment since.  I now need to wait to call property manager to find out when we can go over there and get Cuddles, and check on condition of the older sick cat.  Hopefully the owner will be back home out of hospital today or tomorrow. Will keep an eye on that situation.  I will also determine how sick the other cat is, if it is still alive to begin with.  This is a sick, and sad situation.

On top of all that, I have had the pleasure (?) of having the two kittens I rescued from Seventh Street – Jace and Lucy – for five days now.  They are dolls, just so darned cute.  But in the midst of clinic, the baby kitten, Cuddles, finding a place for Cuddles to go to, I also have to return them to their foster momma, Melissa (thank you so much Melissa) today so that I can find room for the baby kitten and for Cuddles.  This is a fiasco.  I need help.  Anybody????????????????????

On top of that, I have Cookie separated in a room because she’s a brat with the other cats, and sweet little Spencer AND Baylee are extras that I need to find homes for. 

Seriously, I need a break.  Please consider foster or adoption, or donation to the clinic.  585-288-0600.

(PS, in regard to the comment about Lollipop, my 'catmobile' is on its last legs and I just can't make the trip back and forth that distance right now.  last legs.).  :(

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I just can’t do this alone!

"One is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something."

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