Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cuddles and Lots of Other Stuffs

Yesterday, after I posted pictures of my two TNR's that were spayed and neutered at the clinic yesterday, I received a call from someone who wanted to take the black kitty, Sassy.  Feral or not.  She just loved her look.  Well, Sassy, it turns out, was pregnant.  But not anymore.  I thank God I was able to prevent another litter being born on the streets of Rochester, even though people don't take too kindly when I post about abortion for these cats I rescue but its the kindest thing, IN MY OPINION.  There are just too many out there suffering, dying, being ripped to shreds by other animals.  I thank God no kittens were born again.

After the call, I went out to my porch, where Sassy was sitting in the trap she was brought home from the clinic in, and I layed down next to her, stuck my finger and started to play with her foot.  She didn't move, and layed her head down, as if in total contentment.  I also noticed she was very young, much less than a year old.  I thought to myself, thank God someone offered to take her.   She would have been returned to Central Park where she came from this morning.  Thank you Valerie for opening up your heart and home for her, and taking a chance.

SASSY - playing with a cat nip mouse last night after being picked up by her new mom

This all happened just after I received a phone call from a woman who adopted Cuddles just five months ago.  She said she couldn't tell me the circumstances, but she had to give up Cuddles and asked me to come and get her tomorrow, which is today.  This couldn't have come at a worst time.  I have three rescues - Cookie, Baylee and Spencer - all needing homes, and taking up rooms in my very small home.  Well, Cookie is because she doesn't quiet like the other cats in the house right now.  I am glad that I just take things as they come, I try not to get too upset.  But I am very upset by this, and am not sure what I will do.  I sometimes think 'what the hell am I doing?'.  Is rescue business for me?  I get so tired of getting up every single day of my life at 2:45 a.m. and going out into the part of the city that hates cats the most, and trying to help them to survive with food and shelter.  I face such adversity with people who won't allow me to feed on thier property, or anywhere near them, and of course the rats.  Who needs all this aggravation.  I get so tired of it all.  And not to mention, I am constantly broke because of the expense of doing all this.  Yesterday cost me another $120 for the spay of Sassy, and neuter of Bruno.  I get very few donations.  I live pay check to pay check.  I just have to wonder sometimes what I am doing, and why.

CUDDLES rescued

CUDDLES on the streets

Bruno was released right after his surgery because I had 'caught' him Tuesday morning (he is friendly) and threw him into a carrier. I didn't want him to spend the night in a carrier on my hot porch, plus boys are easier after surgery to let back out.   Their surgery is not as rough on them as it is for the females.

I have tried moth balls, peppermint oil spray (thanks June and Gary) and mint leaves that I picked out of my own garden.  The rats are overtaking Short Street and they are big rats too.  I've been moving the dishes of food and water across the street to the boarded up house there, but someone is messing with them.  I figure if you move the food source, they will eventually go away, won't they? This worked for me on Second Street, behind Paul's house, the kind man that allows me to place shelters and food for the past 8 or so years now.  I haven't seen a rat in a long time now there.

Thats it in a nutshell.

Have a good day.

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."


  1. Congrats! to you Cat Angel on getting Sassy not only off the streets but preventing another litter from being born into a life of hell. You are utterly Amazing!

    Walt Simoni

  2. Sassy is one lucky girl! She looks like she's in heaven. I hope her new mommy spoils her rotten. :)

    Poor Cuddles, though. I'm making up a new adoption poster so I can put her on it. What do you know about her that I can put under her photo? And do you have any cuter photos than those? So far on the poster I have Cookie, Penny, Baylee, Spencer, Jace and Lucy.