Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy Days Ahead

I've decided to post about positive stuff today, no negative stuff.  There is too much sadness in everyone's every day lives. 

Thanks to my friend Kristin who sent me this message:  So far you have rescued 21 cats this year, and TNR'd another 18!

The rats on Short Street:  Since placing the dishes across the street near a side porch of an abandoned boarded up house, there is still food left over the next morning, and three of the cats of the five I see normally are scooting over to gobble up their wet food as soon as I drive away.  Worried about the other two, but hopefully they are going over there without me knowing about it.  Sunday Sheryl sent me a bunch of websites that have rat repellants, and I kind of like this one:  If anyone has any spare change, I sure would love it.  If not, we will keep trying to figure this out.  Eventually, I will have to move the food back there where the rats have taken up shop.  Today we are due a rain/thunderstorm so I am sure the food will get soggy and mushy and they will not be eating again until tomorrow morning.  Thats the downside of this, while trying to get rid of the rats.  Here is the link:

Here's another:

Hopefully you can open this!

Here is an updated picture of Arnie and Charlie!  Two of the five kittens recently adopted.  What cuties!

Click on their pic for closer view.

Lets not forget the ones that still need homes.







I am off work tomorrow (yippee!) so have a great day!

"Work for a cause, not for applause.
Live life to express, not to impress.
Don't strive to make your presence noticed,
Just make your absence felt."


  1. Janine, I just ordered the 1st item - the pellers. I'll drop them off at your house this weekend.

  2. What is the adoption fee for one of these cats?

  3. Please please post about whether these repellant pellets work!! I am anxious to hear. I was so alarmed when I saw mention of rat pellets until I saw what you are referring to because standard rat pellets are SO toxic and deadly to cats and dogs if they were to eat a mouse or squirrels or anything else that ate them plus it would definitely kill anything like squirrels etc so I am so glad you are trying this non toxic first! BTW I have heard the ultrasonics dont work.