Monday, July 25, 2016

Blondes Have More Fun

Its been a long four days since I’ve written here.  Nice actually.  I run out of things to say, and when that happens, its probably for the best. 

I would like to first address Katluver who wrote a comment last week.  I felt bad.  As the next comment stated, by someone who obviously knows me, its was not, nor is it ever my intention to make someone feel bad or guilty.  I have survived on my own funding since I started this nearly 20 something years ago.  It has cost me a LOT.  And I don’t mean that just financially, which is probably closer to $20K a year by now.  I have rescued, adopted out, spayed and neutered, euthanized and treated medically thousands of cats.  Last year was 80 rescues alone.  And when you tally up the medical expenses for that, its enormous. 

I may not be the world’s best speaker- I sometimes fail at saying the correct things- stuff just blurts out of my mouth.  But I am honest, humble, and very sensitive to others.  If I hurt or offend someone knowingly, that will haunt me until I can make it right. 

I know Katluver is not even reading this because she told me she would never read this blog again, but if she were, I would thank her for reading this blog after all these years up til now, and wish that she knew me as a person.   I would also tell her that yes, every rescue needs money.   I will continue to struggle as I always have, but I will also continue to say things that might offend others.  But I am not trying to do it intentionally.  As much as I care for animals, I care for humans too.  And I don’t like to hurt what I care for.  

I seem to be on a streak with red cats.  On Thursday, after several calls by the older woman who reached out to me over a year ago due to a rescue group giving her my name and number telling her I could help her.  She had  been feeding on her porch – what she thought – was a pregnant cat who was ‘friendly’ and she wanted to get it trapped.  She said her veterinarian would take kitty and care for kitty.  So I went about setting the trap early Friday morning.  When I went to check on the trap after my 4 am. rounds, I found this little guy in the trap:




I knew I couldn’t release him, and he looked old enough to be neutered.  After sending out some pleas for help with a spot for neuter/spay, the only ones doing it on Friday was Lollipop, Laura was able to contact a rescue group who gave up a spot for him.   I also was offered a chance to have him go to a home in the country where he would be caged for a few weeks and cared for – give him a chance to know his surroundings and gain trust in his caretakers, and then be released amongst other kitties who have done the exact thing before him.  And pray he sticks around.  So, CHEETOH has been neutered, and is now comfy in his cage with an awesome caretaker and her awesome family.  Same girl who adopted my Domino years ago.   Her mom, in fact, adopted a kitty from me too!

In the meantime, Gael had contacted Habitat for Cats, and with help from Laura the next morning, she drop trapped another red kitty.  I was to transport kitty to the vet in Mendon, but when Laura dropped off kitty on my porch Saturday morning, she went in to straighten out the towel in the kitty cage, and kitty bit her.  Nice kitty, feral kitty.  We knew this kitty would NOT be appreciated at the vet, so we made the decision to have kitty spayed, or neutered (could just be a fat cat) and release. Gael agreed at that time too.   What a weekend.

I then went over to visit with Jules, the little kitten that went into the trap last Tuesday with what I suspect is her mom, a juvenile herself.  WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!  From feral kitten to tame kitten.  So young too.  Thank you to Melissa, once again, who is always there to help me out with these last minute situations.  

Lucy and Jace



Tomorrow, TNR Tuesday, I need to remember to post the following updates:


Spencer (had a lovely girl come by on Saturday to meet him.  he was shy, she was hesitant, but hopefully she will take him next Saturday and give him a try!)




Have a great day!


  1. Janine - you're flying in so many directions!! I can't keep tract of all you do! Regarding Katlover's comment, PLEASE don't feel bad. Your comment "if you ..... you would want to help" shouldn't be apologized for. Anyone reading your blog does have a compassion for animals, so of course they would want to help. Everyone's level of being able to help is different and that's ok. NO ONE should take offense to your comment; you just want people to help at the level they can. Unfortunately, too often YOU'RE asked to help in a situation instead of the opposite. People read your blog and think of you when they need help. And you have such compassion, you can't turn away an animal in need. That's what those of us who really know you love about you. And if everyone who COULD help in any small way, continue to do so - it would help Janine's life tremendously. Love you, Nancy C.

  2. Cheetoh! An adorable name for an adorable kitty.