Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hump Day

Yes, I made it through another dreaded Monday, and an even more dreaded Tuesday (TNR day).  I had to release the young girl Sunshine back to Central and Fifth. She was post-partum.  I had to release Pippa back to Parsells where HE will not produce any more children on his watch.  Both were scared to death being in the trap all night until I released them this morning.


I did not, however, release the young red kitten - about 5 weeks old - back to where he had gotten into the trap with most likely his momma Sunshine.  He is now in the care of a foster who is also fostering Jace and Lucy.  The cutest three kittens around (for me right now).  Little "Jules" was very scared yesterday and did not eat anything until later in the day.  Shaking.  Hopefully he will have had a more restful and relaxing night with his step-sibs.  Can't wait to get a report.

Cuddles is going to be going to a woman's home on Friday for a little while.  She will leave the home she has been at since February because the adopter cannot care for her right now.  The adopter's older cat is not doing great, but not as bad as believed, according to the woman who assessed her yesterday.  She is still eating and drinking, but not worthy of putting to sleep.  So until that happens, Cuddles will be loved by another woman until that happens.  I am not happy with this turn of events.  Its very confusing and upsetting for the animal when their home is uprooted, or they've been left alone for a week.  But what can I do?  I have my hands full right now trying to find homes for Cookie, Spender and Baylee, not to mention Lucy, Jace and now Jules.  I appreciate another foster who is not ready to foster again for me yet, but stepped up to the plate when I needed her for Cuddles.

Thank you to those of you who donated to the clinic yesterday.  Without that help, I just can't continue to spay and neuter these cats out there.  Your donation helped prevent more kittens being born, kittens like Jace, Lucy and Jules.  I hope I can get others to donate for next week.   If you have any compassion at all for the reality of whats going on under your nose, you would want to help.   You would want to help if you could see what I see.

Thanks to everyone for your help in the past, and future.

PS, Kristin will have to update us soon on the date for the fundraiser.  Its now looking like the first Saturday of October.  

Have a great day!

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."


  1. " If you have any compassion at all for the reality of whats going on under your nose, you would want to help."

    I have much compassion for the reality of what is under my nose, however, I have family and my own animals to care for on a VERY limited budget and don't need to be chastised by you. It is your choice to do what you do and now it's my choice to discontinue to read your blog. If I ever get in a position to be able to donate it will be to a rescue that doesn't make me feel guilty.

    1. I don't think making you feel guilty was Janine's intent. I think it's a huge undertaking and it's hard to look the other way when there are so many stray animas who need food and medical care.

  2. Geesh. I guess I need to choose my words more carefully. I am sincerely sorry. :(

  3. I will try to donate something next week at Bay St. I'm on social security so it's hard for me to donate as much as I'd like to but I'll try. I did pay for 1 of your spays or neuters last month there. I wish I could donate every week but unfortunately it's just not possible.