Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Melville Kitties

I returned Connor to where I trapped him yesterday.  So sad to do, but I had no other choice.  He was not a happy camper overnight in the trap on my porch.  He ate, messed up his food bowls and water, and then didn't eat when I refreshed things at 3 am. when I got up for the day............ and went out to see how he was doing.   The weather has been good this summer, so I haven't had to let any of these babies back out in the pouring rain.

The other kitty, Gael, that was drop trapped by Laura on Saturday morning, was also brought to clinic yesterday for spaying.  She was definitely pregnant, as her 'caretaker' Gael had suspected.  We saved another litter from being born on the street.  Hurray. Laura will return Gael to her spot this morning.  She is feral.   Its hard to tame adult ferals.  Another heartbreak, of course.

These kitties below are on Melville.  There are three regular.  The red is the sweetest boy around.  The grey is sweet too.  The other grey wears a collar, but as I stated a few years back when I started feeding and sheltering these guys, the man that lived in the house above apparently moved and left four of his cats.  The one with the collar, the grey and white, could be one of them.  They are all so sweet, and homeless.  Breaks my heart to leave them each morning.


These kitties below were all waiting on Parsells for their breakfast this morning.  What you don't see is the other six hiding waiting for me to stop taking pictures of them.  This is just at one spot.  Parsells.  And you wonder how I go through nearly 40 pounds of food each day with the other 13 locations I feed at daily.

I also discovered that there is one kitten left on Seventh Street.  This tore at my heart this morning also, when I saw the little tabby.  Don't forget, I rescued his siblings, Jace and Lucy, after I buried two of his other siblings who had been ripped to shreds by what I believe was a raccoon.  Jace and Lucy are on a waiting list to be spayed and neutered and will be available for adoption.  I will be trapping at Seventh Street again soon, there are new kitties here that I see in the dark that don't look familiar, including a red kitty.


On a brighter note, the red kitten that I trapped at Gaels on Friday morning (trying to get the pregnant one), Cheetoh, is thriving.  He was neutered the same day and brought to a friend's 'barn' (a palace really), placed in a cage, and was going to stay there for weeks until he could be acclimated to being let out and hanging around knowing where his food and shelter would be from now on.  This little guy is going from feral kitten to sweet kitten.  Here are pics of him!


And if Cheetoh isn't cute enough, get a load of Jules!  Jules was rescued after I trapped him on Central, with his mom in the same trap!  Love this little guy!  He also will be ready for adoption soon!


Please consider foster and adoption!

Have a great day!

"Be soft.  Do not let the world make you hard.  Do not let the pain make you hate.  Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.  Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."

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  1. Are you going to trap the last kitten you just found- if he is now too wild to tame wouldnt it make more sense for HIM to be a barn cat than Cheeto who is so tame and adoptable? He might even get adopted WITH Jules! Just my two cents hope you dont mind.