Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh What a Night...

Was that the Four Seasons that created that song?  Way before my time, for sure...  :)

Oh what a day yesterday, and what a morning today!  The kitty that went willingly into the carrier from Central and Third yesterday morning to be TNR'd turned out to be a female, but I had named her Chuckie.  Oh well, according to Johnny Cash, there's a boy named Sue.  She was returned after her spay after she was released from the clinic.  Another heartbreaker.  The Princess did very well, turns out she was in heat, and was 'mature post partum'.  So she could have had babies at one point?  Prior to the pickups, I received a call from a woman who is fostering the four kittens.  She said that Billy was having a hard time breathing.  Panicked, we picked him up and brought him to clinic for the pick up of the other two.  The tech looked at him, said he was fine, but advised to bring him for drop off the next morning.  So he shall be seen.  He sounds like he has URI.  The others seem fine.  He is such a little nugget, doesn't seem any bigger than a pound.  Very very loving, and vying for my attention as we speak.  Purring and rubbing against my face.  Love this little guy, but he and Midget, the girl tabby, will be going to their new home on Friday.  uggh.  heartstrings  broken.

(pause) - must pick up kitten, must give a gazillion kisses into its soft fur....   must do it again.

If you will all remember Cammy, who I rescued from Central Park a month or so ago.  For a very long time, Cammy wouldn't let me near him, he kept his distance from me as I poured food and water down for him, while he waited, starving, for me to leave so that he could eat.  He was a very dirty looking cat, but had the sweetest eyes, I could tell he was a good boy, just couldn't prove it.  After many many times, he finally started to get a little closer, and a little closer, and a little closer, until one day he let me pet the top of his head, and then eventually, a full pet.  He now trusted me.  For many months after that, I told him I will find you a home, you are on 'my list'.  After posting pics of him, a girl from a rescue group noticed, and said, I will take Cammy into my home, and into my group.  I was elated.  I told her the plan, that it was a TNR Tuesday for me, I would get Cammy, and after his spay, he would be going to her house.  After a few days, he had his official photos taken.  I was never more proud of a rescue after seeing him all cleaned up and in his glory.  Weeks went by and he was brought in for testing - he turned out FIV positive.  I don't specifically remember a conversation about being asked to test him, which doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Testing is not a norm for me because it wasn't something I normally do, and I have so much on my mind this past year with rescues, fosters, adoptions, kittens - ask anyone, my mind is a million miles away - so scattered these days.  I get a cat tested if someone specifically says to do so - I ask for it on the paperwork sent in. 

Cammy tested FIV positive I received the following note from the head of the group that took Cammy in yesterday:  Hi ladies, Ok I need some info on Cammy. I was very surprised when Karen messaged that he was FIV+ after she had him for a while, because I was very clear that the testing needed to be done prior to us taking him in, and if he was positive we could not help. So I just want to understand when/where was he tested? Test once or twice?


I told her that I don't think I had him tested, and then of course felt completely bad after receiving this note. I told her that I was sorry, and that I would take Cammy back in an instant after it was eluded to me that he may never be adopted because of this. Cammy is the sweetest boy around and deserves a good home and a long life. FIV is nothing but a lessened immune system where he should be kept indoors always and away from any virus, etc. It is not spread unless through a deep bite wound - I have yet to hear of this happening with cats that are indoors and together. I have three kitties in my house that have lived very long lives so far and not a hint of problem. Healthy as oxes. Again, I told her as soon as I was able to free up a foster, or free up space in my own home of extra cats, I would take him back in a heartbeat. I tell you this just for the fact that if you know of anyone who wants one of the sweetest cats in the world, tell them about Cammy! They won't regret it! :)

Please spread the word, and have a great day!

"Be strong, but not rude.
Be kind, but not weak.
Be bold, but not shy.
Be confident, but not arrogant."

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pain in the Grass!

Good God.   Today was TNR Tuesday - it is SO hard to do two things at once.  I had to set traps, AND feed.  So I head out first thing at 4:15 to Third and Central, where there are several unaltered animals, to set the trap, and when I got out of the car, an all black, young kitty, starts to walk up to me.  I said 'this'll be easy'.  I always carry a carrier in the car, so I opened it, and went over to him, and place him in there. 

I then set the trap and drove off with Victim #1.  I then set a trap on Second St., behind Paul's house, as this is where there is a momma Calico and I ONCE saw two of her babies, both red, but never saw them again.  This is where Cloe the bitten kitten was rescued, and I believe the Cali is her mom.  I set the trap there, and went on to feed at the next spot down the street.  Went and checked on Third, no luck.  Went and fed at a another location, went and checked on Third, still nothing.  Went to check at Second, no luck.  In the meantime, time is getting away, and I keep in the back of my mind what time I have to be home so that I can prepare for the day.  Went to Third, picked up the trap, left food, and drove to Central and Fifth to set the trap there, where there is another Calico and a black and white Sylvester looking cat.  Drove off to feed at another location, check at Second, finally picked up the trap there and set food down, drove off, set the trap at Seventh where all those kittens are, and went back to check on Fifth but got nothin.  Are you following me so far?  :)

Finally, I got all my spots done on the Back Nine, and went to check on Seventh, and no such luck.  Placed food down for all the kitties there, and drove off in hopes to try once more on Baldwin, where there are two nice kitties unaltered, but I can't shove them into a trap, so was hoping they would take the bait of nice smelly tuna and go in by themselves.  Keep in mind, there are so many strays out there.  If I had THREE CARRIERS, I could have easily have had THREE cats to bring to the clinic today.  But no such luck.  They just weren't falling for it this morning.  Yet there are so many unaltered cats where I go.  I wish I had help before the fall, get them all spayed and neutered. 

In the meantime, The Princess in the bathroom will go in as a second spay today.  I appreciate all the advice from everyone, but after spending time with her, she is not as bad as I thought.  And I actually gave her two doses of Clavamox, and she really is sounding much better.  She will be fine.  I will ask the vet if she will prescribe more for me, and I will get her better, so that she is ready for a home.

IF anyone can foster, I am in desperate need to find Benson a place to go to.  His current foster needs to get rid of him for personal reasons.  Please consider.

So that's about it.  Pretty boring for you, but a pain in the grass for me.

Have a nice day.

Love the earth and sun and animals,
Despise riches, give alms to
everyone that asks,
Stand up for the stupid and crazy,
Devote your income and labor to others...
And your very flesh shall be a great poem.

Monday, September 28, 2015


That's how many cats I have rescued so far this year.  Can you believe it?  I have found homes for 58 of those.  :)  Pretty cool.  Thanks Kristin for adding all that up for me!

She is probably thinking, reading this, 'but I told her 64'.  Well, I did it again this morning.  Rescue # 65.

Meet Princess Peanut.  She has a severe URI and I could not leave her another day.  I hope that my fosters don't get upset with me, taking in another cat when I haven't found homes YET for the ones they are fostering for me.  Please.  I just can't turn my back on a cat in desperate need.  She is filthy, EXTREMELY SWEET, but she can barely breathe.  She will go to clinic tomorrow morning for spay and get a shot of something for her cold.  Poor girl.  But lucky girl now.

Little Cloe was brought in on Friday to the clinic for hopefully her second to last visit.  Her wounds have all just about disappeared, except for one.  She is doing much better though, thanks for all of your concern.

Saturday morning I had quite a scare.  In all the years I've been doing this, nothing came close to this.  I was huddled down pouring food in the back of a vacant lot on Central and Fifth, and I thought, in the pitch dark, that I heard something.  I shined my flashlight and saw a black man in black clothes and a black skull cap walking toward me.  I got up on my feet, shouted CAN I HELP YOU, WHAT DO YOU WANT, as he kept walking toward me in silence.  By now, I am pretty nervous.  I started walking to the side, and he all the sudden stopped, as if she was in a fog, looked into the flashlight, at the shelter, and turned around and started to walk away as I said 'WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING??"  Still no response.  I was angry, and frightened at the same time.  A close call for sure, but its the first close call I've had in all these years.  So no worries everyone.  I am still here.  And no, I don't have a gun, and yes, I do have pepper spray, but by the time I had to use it, after all the finagling, I would spray myself in the face.  I have too much stuff in my hands. Another hazard of the job.

After my scare on Saturday morning I brought Petunia, the SWEET SWEET kitty I rescued from Parsells last Tuesday to her new foster home.  What great people there.  Two little girls, a pug, and two other kitties all welcomed her into their beautiful home in Webster.   I just couldn't do this without adoption and fostering.  Thank you so much.  You are allowing another precious, unfortunate animal to be rescued from the streets.  Saved.  They so deserve it too.  And there are so many more.  Please spread the word about foster care.

On Sunday, a family came over and was introduced to Barney, Billy, Midget and Widget - the kittens I rescued from Niagara, along with their mother Nora.  The kittens are doing great, and are ready to be adopted.  Although they are still just under 10 weeks old, they are all thriving.  Wonderful family had a hard time choosing a girl and boy between the two boys and two girls, but they decided on Widget and Billy.  I am so happy for them. That leaves two tigers, Barney and Midget, both available for adoption.

"To foster an animal is a great gift and act of kindness.  The animals hold a special place in your heart and you make a world of difference in their lives!"

Friday, September 25, 2015

Cat Food in My Coffee

I can just hear Waylon Jennings singing that tune.  I brought my pumpkin spice coffee with me as I always do to help keep me alert in the dark doing my job every morning) and taking a sip, I felt something small and hard, like a rock, I thought.  Sure enough, it was a kibble of cat food.  Gross.  I guess its better than a bug.  One of the hazards of my morning job.

It was quiet, and dark out this morning.  I DREAD going out each day, but after I turn the corner to the back nine, as I call it, I am rolling.  Although I knew I had to go back to the beginning of my route because I saw a raccoon lurking about, and just KNEW he was going to make a mess of the water and food for poor Petey, Paulie, and the others that depend on the food to last them.  I also had to stop at the real first stop across the street (this is all on Parsells) because nearly every day, I have to chase off a family of really fat raccoons.  They spill the water, and gobble the food up when I first arrive there, after I leave of course.  This is where Parsley still resides.  Parsley, by the way, has learned to trust me all over again, after several attempts to rescue him.  He sidles up to me and just begs for a rub on the head and chin.  I love him.  I wish I could give him a home.  But I can't.  I have too many being fostered right now that need permanent homes.

People mention from time to time that they find it too sad to read this blog.  I tell them that my hopes are to have just one person say, one very rare person say,

I will take one of your most neediest;
I will do your route for you one morning - take a break;
I will build you a shelter where you can take all your cats that you need to
Here is a million dollars, do with it what you need to do.


Here is some sweetness for the day:  These kittens are available for adoption!

I haven't had a day off since May of 2014.  Then I had three mornings off.  People ask how this all started.  It started back in 2000, maybe, when I would leisurely go to the Public Market for my veggies on an occasional Saturday, but one morning, I saw a group of eyes in the dark on Bay and First Streets, and knowing they were cats, I just had to go back to my house and get some cat food and bring it back for them, thinking that they were starving. My first encounter with feral cats.  From them, business boomed.  I saw them here, and there, and everywhere.

And that my friends is the rest of the story.

Have a GREAT day!

"Rescue animals aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life than other animals.  If they were human, we would call them wise.  They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad and who responded with courage.  Don't pity them.  Do something.  Help to rescue.  Donate.  Volunteer.  Foster.  Adopt.  And be proud to have their greatness by your side."

Thursday, September 24, 2015


It feels like a Friday.  It SHOULD be Friday.  Work is tense these days, gearing up for another big event, the talk of the town, the hospital gala.  Its NOT fun for me, I have to work it – and stand in my three inch heels for hours on end trying to look statuesque and beautiful.   There are many personalities at the workplace, so you have to try to adjust your normal views on things to what others view and do it their way.  Its tough – some days you could win an Academy Award, other days, you are getting tomatoes thrown at you.

There was not much going on in the hood this morning.  But all the kitties were there, waiting for me.  I feel bad – I had some food donated to me.  Very large bags of Barn Cat type food.  Well guess what.  My homeless kitties don’t like it very much.  As a matter of fact, the raccoons won’t even eat it!  They nibble a bit, and move on in search of something else more palatable.  Its terrible.  I don’t know what to do with the few very large bags I have left.  I keep trying, I mix it in with the ‘good’ stuff, the other cheaper brands (meow mix, kibbles and bits, buju, etc.).  They just don’t like it.  Sometimes I think, ‘well you had better eat it, its all you have!’ and then I feel bad – they have NOTHING but the food I bring, and shouldn't it be satisfying to them?  I know, silly, but what are you going to do? So this morning, I dressed up the barn cat food with lots of canned food, which they love, but I sure did go through an awful lot of cans.  I can always use wet food.  Especially in the winter months, they need this food.

Awesome website in case anyone can use:

If you will recall Noodles, the kitten I rescued from Niagara Street a month or two ago.  Here he is, pictures taken by his adopters, who love him to pieces.  He was born with 'birth defects' - His earlobe, or canal, is very long, and visible on the outside, looking at his left, and he has one testicle.  Also, his mouth is a bit crooked, but these 'defects' make Noodles all the more lovable.  Such a sweet sweet boy.  I miss him to pieces.

Here is a list of the kitties we have out there that need homes.  They are all being fostered, and their fosters are being patient, but I need to move these precious babies to homes that they can call their own.  Please consider adoption.  You won't regret it.  And please, spread the word about them.








Please spread the word!

Have a nice day!

“I think I could turn and live with the animals, they are so placid and self contained;
I stand and look at them long and long.
They do not sweat and whine about their condition;
They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins;
They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God;
Not one is dissatisfied-not one is demented with the mania of owning things;
Not one kneels to another, nor his kind that lived thousands of years ago;
Not one is responsible or industrious over the whole earth.” 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Little of This, A Little of That

For those of you new to reading this blog, a little about me.  I have been feeding and sheltering cats forever, it seems.  I do this in the Beechwood section of the city, close to the Public Market.  Right now, I have about EIGHTEEN locations that I drive to in a 1.5 hour period on a nice day, starting at 4:15 a.m., SEVEN days a week.  It doesn’t matter if the snow is falling, the rain is pouring, thunder is booming, lightning is striking, or snow is blizzarding, these cats now rely on me to be there for their one and only meal of the day.  I have built little shelters, some good, some not so good, for them to use when its bad out.  Or cold out.  I wish I could build elaborate places for them, but I don’t’ have the means to.  I rely on donated shelters, which are usually made out to plastic totes, with straw inside, or when I get lucky, a wooden shelter built for them.  I do everything in the dark, knowing that in this crime-ridden section of Rochester – most of the bad guys are sleeping at that hour.    I feed behind boarded up houses, porches, vacant city lots, and behind some homeowners houses with kind hearts.  I feed – from what I can count each day – 70+ cats.  They know me, they know the sound of the car I drive, they can hear the Catmobile coming.   Most of them run to me, their little sets of eyes glowing in the dark when the headlights shine upon them.  I don’t know how many feral cats are out there that come after I leave.  There are raccoons and skunks galore that descend upon some of the sites soon after, so these cats have to gobble their food quickly to fill their bellies for a bit.

I rescue as many as I am able to.  Right now, I am over capacity with rescue because I have SIX people fostering for me, and I need to find all the cats they are fostering homes.  This is max for me.   Before, I would rescue a cat, find it a home, rescue another, find that a home.  But right now, these cats were mostly sick, but all adoptable, so I had to do something.  I am so grateful to people that offer to foster.  Its giving a cat a chance at life.  Eventually, they all find homes, some sooner than others.  So to my fosters, please be patient.  We will find homes for all – one at a time.  Thank you so much for doing what you are doing.

I also spend the spring/summer and fall TNR’g, which means Trap/Neuter  and Return (to the streets).  A lot of the times, I wont return the cat, they are too sweet.  I have found homes for a lot of them.  This past year, I think I’ve rescued 40 cats already and found them homes, and that includes kittens, I think.  My friend Kristin is trying to tally this up for me.  I’ve also, I think, TNR’d over 40 cats also.  It’s a lot for a one man band.  I have to rely on donations for spay/neuter, otherwise, I haven’t a penny in my pocket for them.  I feed over 30 pounds of food each day.  That doesn’t include the case+ I go through of wet food.  Again, I rely on donations for this too.  I have nothing left to spare after paying my bills.  I don’t know how long this will go on, but I take it day by day.  God willing, my health remains good, and my knees don’t bucket under me.  (Gotta get back on my diet!~)


POLLY in her new home!

Here is the little girl I JUST HAD TO RESCUE yesterday.  She is Polly’s mom, and is from Parsells.  She is flea ridden, had a hematoma on her ear, and as sweet as can be. She didn’t deserve to sit there by the curb each morning waiting for me to come over and put down food under the tree.  I just had to get her.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Regarding Debo, the 20+ old pit bull – I went over yesterday after picking up an anti-biotic prescription for him, and gave it to him with some yummy wet food, which he so enjoyed.  I am trying to get a friend’s husband, who is also Hispanic, to come over this week to speak to Angel, man to man – about euthanasia, and help to convince him on how it’s the best thing for Debo, who is suffering from most likely cancerous tumors and very very old age.  He also doesn’t walk well, and I am sure is in pain – wouldn’t anyone be who is over 100 years old.  I will be going over to see Debo again on my lunch today to give him some more yummy wet food (with a pill hidden inside!), another soft blanket, and a little furry toy (thanks to my co-worker and her daughter).  Say prayers for Debo, if you would.  And prayers that her owner will see whats best for his dog.

Have a nice day!

"I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.  Its when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.  You rarely win, but sometimes you do."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TNR Tuesday - And...............Another Rescue!

There WAS a rescue org out there for dogs that went around the city checking on dogs that weren't provided the best care, but were loved.  I have said this before and I will say it again, some of those people show their love in different ways that I would show it to an animal, but nevertheless, they are not abusing the animal in the eyes of the law, but we see it that way.  PAWS went and provided food and shelter to animals like DEBO.  There are tons of animals that live outside, we just don't see them.  PAWS also had a clinic, from what I recall, that allowed these animals to come and get the immunizations they needed, for a low cost.  We do have that at RCAC, but there are also owners that have no vehicle. 

I can say that the situation with Angel, who is DEBO's 'dad', he is a very uneducated man.  He lives on a dead end street which is mostly all Hispanic and black, very high crime area - there was a shooting yesterday morning that happened minutes before I passed there going to pick up the dog for his vet appt.  Three weeks ago, there was a shooting on the corner of Clifford and Portland, which is where Miss B lives.  Angel may have no vehicle, but he also probably doesn't know enough to know that the dog needed to be seen by a vet long ago.  As I said, he is uneducated, not mean.

My best advice I can give him is what someone offered, to have a vet come to his house for Debo's final moments.  I just need to figure out what to say to convince him of that.  When I even mentioned 'euthanasia' after the appointment yesterday, he lowered his eyes and seemed very sad.   I know he doesn't want the animal to suffer, but he also doesn't understand that death would be the best thing for the dog, who is 20+ years old now.  I will pick up Debo's prescription this morning and bring it over to him, and maybe hand him some literature to think about.

The decision a pet owner faces when deciding whether to euthanize a beloved pet can be a hard decision whether its right or not.  If you do not euthanize, then the pet who is suffering continues to suffer even longer.  If you do euthanize, then the suffering ends but you actually are ending the life of a dependent of yours who has the mental capacity of a small child and is therefore incapable of giving competent consent.   Our pets grow old and die before we do.  Yet, even in their advanced years and on their death beds, they remain our babies.

This is an excellent guide on Euthanasia:



TNR day today.  I 'caught' Petunia, a willing victim, on Parsells first thing this morning.  Mikey, from Melville, will go for snip snip and be released tomorrow.  There are many kitties on Melville, and I am doing my best to help the situation there.  I was able to place a couple of tote shelters there also, but need to do more. There are kittens running around here also, but I did spay the mom over the summer.  PS, Petunia is Polly's mom!  I don't believe there are any more kittens there.

I am lucky enough to have someone reach out to me regarding fostering this week.  This is what social media is all about.  Sharing and caring, to me at least.  If we share things we are passionate about, others will catch on. Thank you Kim, for sending Jennifer my way.  Petunia will hopefully go to her new foster home this weekend.

I also want to say thank you to those that called the clinic to pay the $180 bill for Demo.  It so wonderful to see that others care about animals, some with more 'passion' than others, but we would fight to the end for them.  That might sound overly dramatic but obviously, I would - I put myself out there in the heart of the city of Rochester every single morning of my life, in the darkness and evil lurks, just to care for these animals.  

I will never walk away or turn a blind eye to something that I think might be wrong, but you have to understand the situation before you make a judgment call about it.   Angel has taught me this lesson in the past three days.   I continue to learn something new, thank God.

Have a nice day.

Monday, September 21, 2015

One Less

One less cat on Parsells today.  But unfortunately, it wasn't a rescue, it was a death.  Sometime between the time I left a feeding spot, and when I returned on my way home an hour and half later, one of my babies was hit.  Its face smashed into the road.  What kind of monster can hit ANYTHING and leave it like that.   Someone with no conscience. 

Here are bits and pieces of what I wrote on Facebook on how I spent this weekend:

So, I go to Miss B's house on Trust Street this morning, to wish her well with her party for the children in her neighborhood who don't have much, and there is a pit bull across the street emaciated, with a large tumor, or hernia, hanging from in between is back legs. I say to the man - is that your dog? 'yes' I say it needs to be looked at by a vet. He says 'don't start no trouble- I have no money for a vet - don't start no trouble.' Miss B starts to get upset, crying. I soothe her, telling her I won't start anything today, but when I left, I'm thinking I will call about the dog tomorrow. I can't ruin her party today. Then I thought, I will go back later to 'see how her party is going, but will give the man a choice: I will tell him "if I pay for the dog to be seen, will you let me do that - the other choice is to call animal control." The dog has been neglected far too long. He may love the dog, but I can't turn a blind eye. The man is very poor. Doesn't drive. Hispanic. Health issues. Daughter died last year. I feel sorry for him, but the dog has no choice, no option. 

OK, update on DOG. He (TEBO?) is an elderly pit bull (very sweet). Friendly, emaciated, dirty (nothing to lay on, I got towels out of my car and placed on the dirt under the tree). I had 'Angel' get him a bowl of water, which he gulped every drop, and I gave him cat food I had in my car. I offered him the choice to take to vet and pay, he agreed. I also asked if he would give the dog up, he said 'NO'. I love the dog. He brings it in at night. Problem: The dog has a very large prostate. That is the 'tumor' I mentioned earlier. I THINK its prostate (its HUGE). I told him we would pick up the dog at 1:15 pm. Monday for walk in clinic on Bay Street. I have a funny feeling their walk in clinic isn't until Wednesday. I hate to ask, but can anyone get him into their vet on Monday if clinic isn't open (it wasn't last Monday), and pay for this poor dog? I know a lot of you offered, maybe if we all chipped in - called in - wherever we can find a place, even Emergency Vet. What do you all think? (PS, SO MAD I didn't bring my camera with me - going there tomorrow again, and will get pics).

Sunday LATER
So this is Tebo. I went over this morning and brought him a cushy rug to lay down on, and food. I got him a fresh pot of water, and bowl of food. As you can see, from the size of the tumor on his groin area, he has a hard time sitting. I told the owner that friends were trying to get him into a vet tomorrow, and to expect a call in the morning. I then said to this man, choked up with emotions, that due to the dogs age, that lump may be cancer, and it would not be an easy fix, and could end up in euthanasia. I told him the dog was in pain, and suffering, and we wouldn't want to have him suffer any longer. The man hesitantly seemed to understand. So that's where we are at. I would appreciate it a call in the morning letting me know if someone were able to get an appt. at their vet, and we will transport him. All others that offered to donate, I hope you are still able to. I will provide a number for donations. Thank you for your compassion.

The appointment has been made for 10:20 at Fairport Animal Hospital -388-1070 - Please consider donating.


Have a nice day.

Friday, September 18, 2015


First I would like to thank a few groups.  One is Habitat for Cats.  They kindly offered me clinic spots yesterday for the two PREGNANT girls that I was able to grab yesterday morning.  Habitat for Cats has been around, I think, the longest of the few rescue groups we have here in Rochester.  They have helped me out immensely over the years.  The other is Operation Gypsy, I give a shout out to them  - they were able to take in a beautiful white kitty I rescued from Niagara to adopt out in their group.  Also to GRASP, another good rescue group – they were able to take in Cammy, my beautiful sweet boy from Central and Fifth, to foster.  I appreciate all of you so much.

Trixie and Alice

Speaking of pregnant girls – no, not me.  The two from yesterday, Trixie and Alice.  The plight of these two sweet girls touched the heart of many, knowing I would be returning them back to the street – Second and Pennsylvania – this morning after healing from their surgeries on my porch overnight.  I was offered the opportunity to get them fostered!  So they are safe and sound and now to get them adopted!  Pics will be coming soon, and a few words about their temperament, which I know will be positive.  They were sweet girls with me each morning that I stopped to feed them at the boarded up house there where I fed them each morning at 5 am.!

Sweet Peaches was adopted out yesterday.  It broke my heart to have her leave me, but its something that must be done.   Although this morning, I did pray that I would not come upon a cat that desperately needed to be rescued.  And when I say desperate – one that is sick.  I actually had the chance to rescue little Polly’s mom this morning, as she sat across the street under the tree watching me.  I placed food and water down for her, patted her, and thought ‘she will be my next spay on Tuesday’.  I pray she is there that morning!  I have to work on all the kitties in foster care now before I can rescue more.  Its not fair to those that are fostering.

As I pulled up to Second Street, behind Paul’s house where I have shelters and feed – and where I rescued little Cloe with her bite wounds, a black couple were walking on the street (yes, its 5 am.).  As I got out she asked if I had cat food, she recognized me from over the years, and I remembered her – Sonya.  She was inebriated again, smelling like booze.  I gave her a small bag, asked her about her animals, she said they had no food, said she fed them the food she eats.  I tried to tell her facts about animals needing certain supplements and that is why she should be feeding regular cat and dog food.  Said she had a pit bull that doesn’t like people around her.  She said she wasn’t spayed.  I told her she needed to get this done.  Ten minutes later, I saw her walking alone, carrying the food I gave her.  I stopped for a second time and told her she needed to get home and feed the animals.  She asked for a ride, I gave it to her.  As we drove, we joked about our own drinking habits, she didn’t deny she had a problem, and I told her that she needed to get on a ‘normal schedule’ of it.   Evenings.  Ha.  As I dropped her off she promised me should would take care of her animals. 

I thought about all the people I see in these neighborhoods each day.  Shady looking characters in and out of the bootleggers house for booze or cigarettes, the girls on the corners waiting for their next trick so that they can get their next fix, Crazy Maryleigh, Crazy Lisa, homeless Will – they are all out there trying to survive the only way they know how to do.  There but for the grace of God go I.

Its Friday and I am bushwhacked.  I just said a whole lotta stuff about nothing.  Thanks for reading. 

I wish you a good day.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Planes, Trains and Skunks!

WOW!  I went out to my porch this a.m. and discovered someone left me two bags of bowls!  PERFECTO!  The Chinese takeout ones are perfect because when the water is frozen in the morning, they are easy to twist a bit and the ice slides right out so that I can replace it with hot water, the water cools and its long enough for the cats to get their sips in before it ices over again.  Oh, the thought.....  :(

The bowls are excellent, I go through at least seven a day, replacing here and there.  Thank you thank you thank you.  So many kind people helping me out trying to help out the poor animals out there, in our city.  I can't thank you enough for the kind gestures. 


I mentioned two pregnant females yesterday, and I was offered two spots at a clinic, so off I went this morning on a mission.  I just had to get 'Trixie' and 'Alice'.  Those of you younger than me (39) might not remember the names from the show The Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason.  Loved those shows (reruns - WAAAAAY before my time!) :)  Sure enough, there were the girls, waiting for me.  They were the easiest catch I've ever done.  They didn't even scare from the two large carriers I brought up the steps with me to put them in.  Way too easy.  I am fairly certain they are BOTH pregnant.  If not, Trixie is just fat.  Its VERY hard to let these girls back on the streets tomorrow morning.  Both are VERY SWEET girls, I just have to pray they are survivors.  (Their pictures are deceiving - they are just upset at being cooped up and no food). :(

Car repair for broken gas line - to patch and pray it holds up for another year:  $150.  To replace like it should be:  $700-800.  I opted for the patch job, hoping to win the lottery in the next year.  Check engine light on this morning, drove all the way out to the shop again, he said its emissions something or other, and that it should be looked at, but car drivable for now,   I told him I would make an appt. for next week and we will go from there.  I am trying to make it in this 10+ year old car through the winter. The Cat Mobile, the Jeep, is another story.  Barely hanging by a thread that one too.  Just waiting for the next boot to drop.


I pulled up to Central and Fifth this morning, where Cammy was recently rescued, and who is doing very well in his single room he has to live in until someone kind comes along and adopts him.   I noticed something black, white and furry in the dark in the grassy lot that my shelters are in back of, and shined my flashlight on it, it was a dead skunk.  Not the first I've seen, not totally unusual, but odd to see it there, and not in the middle of the road.  Isn't there a song, Dead Skunk In The Middle of The Road?  No odor either, like you would if the skunk had been hit.  Oh well.  I said a little prayer as I do for all creatures who meet their end, and went on my way.

UPDATE on Patches - the sick orange kitty I snagged Tuesday morning and is being fostered after going to vet for a wound and URI.  Here is what his foster mom has to say to me this morning:  "He is such a lover! And he loves to be brushed 😀 I'm gonna try to give him a bath tomorrow"

If anyone ever tagged along with me, and saw all the cats I feed at all the locations that I go to, your hearts would break.  You would think its a crime - ANIMAL NEGLECT - and it is.  Our city and local governments should be addressing this problem.  I know there isn't enough law enforcement at Lollipop.  Is it because of their isn't enough money in their budget to hire more people?  Animal Services, I know there are not enough officers to help them either.   I called 911 two weeks ago about a Spanish man hoarding bunnies in the back of his property in a tiny shed.  I called last week to get a follow up from Lollipop, and no one could tell me anything.  This property adjoins the vacant lot where I have shelters, where I have seen a light on in this shed for years.  I reported chickens, or roosters being on this property.  I reported that the dogs were left in under 0 degree weather in the winters, I've reported that rumor had it that the man was trapping cats years ago and feeding them to his pit bull and rottweiler.  These reports have been made over many years.  I see and hear so many things out in the wee hours of the day, sounds that would make your skin crawl.  Puppy sounds crying in the dark.  Its terrible the way some people treat animals - I just wish the authorities could do more about it.

Don't forget to spread the word, there are so many babies that need our help.  Food and financial donations are needed so that I can continue in this tiny corner of our city.  Thanks and have a great day.

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.