Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update on Kittens

Laura reports:

"Hi Janine,

both kittens are purring in my arms today, we're making good progress!"


Fort Knox

I will start off with this:  As I started to pull away from one of my spots, I heard a dog barking from across the street.  I had never heard this dog before so I took a second glance and saw a dog on the side of a house, with a chain not even long enough for the dog to lay down.  Now, if this were a 50-60 degree DAY, it would not shock me as much, but this happened to be 5 in the morning, and the winds were whipping at 50 mph, and the temperature had dropped from 50 to 30 degrees in a matter of hours. And as I lay there last night in bed listening to the rain pouring down, I never imagined a dog would be out exposed like this. I snapped this picture and immediately called 911 after finding the house number. Who knows if anyone will do anything, I have lost faith in the protection system we have in place in this city for animals.

On another note, meet Nugget, the little girl on Second Street who would really love a home! She is a sweet little fluff ball, already spayed and with shots. Also included here are a few of her companions.

Going back to yesterday, Laura was able to trap two very frightened, very young – she figures about three months – little kittens from Baldwin, and reported that there were at least two more, plus a mom. I am not sure what to do with them – I feel responsible for them as they were kittens on my route, and Laura went and rescued them. I am hoping that Another Chance will take them, and am waiting for a word from them. This morning, I went back and secured their little shelters I’ve created, and set down some more food.

I thank those that have left me bricks and cinderblocks (Maree) because they were used to hold down the plastic tote shelters that are out there. One had blown quite a distance, all the straw was gone, so I placed a cinderblock on that and stuffed a towel in it for now. This wind is terrible. I had to secure many shelters this morning. This one is from Short Street. When I pulled up, this is how it looked: everything had blown, and the picture after is how it looks after I rebuilt it. I had to find many rocks to secure the plastic tarp over it, but otherwise it has made a fine shelter for a few kitties so far.

Lastly, once again, I made the best that I could for these poor city kitties that are struggling to stay alive.  I've built up the best shelters I can to protect them, and I continue to drag my arse out of bed at 4ish to bring them their food and water as this is their only meal of the day before it becomes either blown away, or covered in snow, or drenched in rain.  Its up to all of us to help them, so please pass around this blog to whoever you can in hopes that they will also pass to whoever they can, and maybe we will have enough people who might want to at least foster some of these kitties until we can find them permanent homes.  Thank you for reading.  Have a great day!  

"The vision must be followed by the venture.
It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

It was a very mild morning out there. Still very wet, but the temperature is 60 outside, so a little more bearable for any creature without a home.

I didn’t mention that the house on Central and Third, the one that I had that surprise by Sonny, and Ray that morning – the two indigents holding up in the vacant house there, had been boarded up again. I noticed a cat in the upstairs window, so I frantically looked around for an opening somewhere so that the cat could escape. What is wrong with the city workers that they wouldn’t go inside and make sure there is NO LIVING being inside these places before they go and board them up. So, I noticed that the bottom of the board covering the door was loose, so I pulled that as wide as I could and placed a soda can there to prop it open. That solved that. In the meantime, none of my two shelters there were moved, so that’s a good thing!

I forgot my camera this morning, I could have kicked myself. The two little ones on Second Street came up to me like clockwork when I pulled up. I feel the most loved at that spot, because Angel rolls down on the ground waiting for his pat, and at least five others come running to me.

Good news!  Blogger has fixed their glitch!  Here are pics of Seventh Street, and the new sweetie that comes to greet me each morning from this little shelter built up on the back of this lot. 

As I headed to the spot where the kittens are on Baldwin, I noticed a van sitting there that is normally where I park to get out and feed the kittens. I then realized that it was Laura! That Laura is a God-send. There she was with her own invention drop trap  (I still wonder how many times she had to pull on that string to get it JUST right) set up for the kittens. I rolled down my window, expressed my gratitude, and she mentioned that she had seen three kittens and a mom. I have only seen one or two for many days now, so I was glad to hear this. I thought for sure the freezing temps last week had taken their toll on these sweet little things. I am anxiously waiting for word from Laura on how it went.

All in all, a good morning!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kitties in the Mist

It was like a rainforest out there this morning.  No gorillas, but lots of kitties.  Fog, mist, mud.  I picked up a lot of soaked towels, and replaced them with dry.  Remember, these towels go down under coverings, whether they are roofs, or boards, there is something to cover, but rain and mist seeps in under, and generally hangs in the air, so the towels get wet.  But it does provide some comfort, some dryness, for their little paws while they squat, chowing their only meal of the day.

There is a cat that has been hanging out on my porch every night for at least five months now. The only rental on my street, I believe, left this cat when they moved. I still can’t tell if he is neutered. He is an adult black male, shy but friendly. During the extreme cold snap we had last week, I brought him into my bathroom each night to spend the night. He had food, water, a blanket and litterbox. Each morning, I let him out through the window. Since I started to do this, he has become much more comfortable with me. Prior to that, he sat on my porch cuddled on my shoulder. He would tuck his feet and nose into my arm trying to get warm. Such a sweetheart. He is next on my list of hoping to get adopted. In the meantime, he has use of my porch!

Sadie and Nugget are my two next focuses. Sadie and Nugget are from Second Street – I will get pictures of both tomorrow and have Jess post them as BLOGGER is STILL malfunctioning with the picture posting! Both are around 8 or 9 mos. old.  Both now sit on my lap each morning before I get out of the car. I scratch and rub their head and neck, and they are purr balls.

I thought to myself, its so true, contrary to what others might think. These cats live on the streets, fending for their lives, and you grab them, whisk them away to a nice warm, safe environment, and they thrive! You walk in to my house and you would never know that these cats came from some of the worst streets in Rochester. They were filthy, smelly, some bleeding from wounds, but you should see them now. Some of the most loving cats I’ve ever known. All they want and need is a bit of love and attention from me, for a few minutes a day. A pat on their head, a little conversation, and empty their litter pans. That’s it! They are so easy, and oh so comforting to me after a bad day. And I have lots of those lately. I am so grateful to my kitties. They bring me such joy.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mr. Whiskers!

Well, I did it. I rescued another sweetie off the street Sunday morning. And its only because someone stepped up, didn't bat an eye to the fact that Mr. Whiskers is an adult cat, but just wanted to get another sweet soul off the street. Thank you Nancy! Nancy, my friend who I met through this blog, has now taken in five kitties from me (I think, right Nance?). One of those kitties, Buster, passed months after she got him due to leukemia, but Nancy kept him and cared for him until his end. Her recent adoption was Jack (I used to call him Morris), from Stout Street. Jack has also tested for leukemia, so Nancy is caring for him in a separate room from the others, but he is loved just as much. I visited with him when I dropped off Mr. Whiskers, and he is such a sweetheart! He is a big boy, a beautiful light red/buff color, and still full of life.

On Saturday morning I wound up tearing apart the shelter on Short Street looking for a dead something. The odor coming from it was gross. The only thing I removed was the dry, yet old towel that lay on the ground for the kitties to stand on when they ate. I added more straw to the hut and totes I have there, and closed it back up. No smell anymore. Must have been the towel for some reason! I hope they begin to use it again, as it is a good shelter for the snow, but not the wind. High winds will pick up the plastic I have covering it, because I can’t weigh it down good enough. Short Street is a connecting street from Sixth Street. On Sixth, this is where Mr. Whiskers hung, but its close enough that if he heard my car door in the morning, he would come racing down the street toward me. Short also has the abandoned house that I rescued Hercules/Cee lo from twice. Speaking of Cee lo, last report from my friend Patty who adopted him is that he is doing great! She lives in the country with her dog Macy, and has a pet door so that Macy can come and go as she pleases, and Patty tells me that after Cee lo checked out this pet door, once he got a taste of the outside, he wanted right back in! I think Hercules/Cee lo has had enough of the outdoors, and wants to live the good life. He may change his tune in the warmer months, but for now, he is quite content.

The kittens on Baldwin: I see only two now. And the one I got a fairly good look at looks sick. Watery eyes, etc. There were at least four or five baby kittens originally when I first caught a glimpse of them about a month ago. Down to two. My heart breaks to think of where the others went/are, or what they’ve endured. I have two plastic tote bins set under this little bench (pictured left), on city owned corner property. This morning I noticed a homeowner peering out their window at me. I thought to myself, if they try to trash this little shelter I have, I will let them have it. I will tell them that its not their property and that I’ve been given permission by the city, and see how that goes for me. But I will know its this house if my stuff goes missing. And I will not hesitate.

The pictures below are of my shelter that Kristin and Darrin built, and I have set up on Webster and Ferndale.  I saw four kitties coming out when I pulled up Saturday morning.  Such a good thing to see, knowing they were warm and sheltered that night.  Otherwise, for today, the brutal cold has passed, and the homeless cats on my route will suffer a bit less. It’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say.

Have a great day!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Its Friday, YAY!

I don't know why I still get excited about Fridays.  Its not like I can sleep in tomorrow morning, Saturday.  I still have to get up at 4 to be out the door at 5 to feed the hungry and cold cats that are waiting for me.  And boy do they wait.  I took lots of pictures this morning, can't wait to share them with you.  My friend Jessica will hopefully be able to post them for me so that I can share them with you.

In the meantime, back on the range, my own kitties are very grateful to have a roof over their heads. When the door opens, they don’t try to bolt onto the porch like they do in warmer weather. This first picture is Earl, the kitty I rescued from Parsells (by the way, this street used to scare the bejesus out of me – there have been some violent crimes there that I always read about in the paper, or saw on the news, and I didn’t even like to drive down it – and look at me now, I stop at two houses there, and have made friends with two homeowners there!) is doing good, minus the vicious attacks he is getting from Scooter. They have had many a fur flying incidents recently, and I just don’t know what to do about it. I’ve been locking Scooter up because he seems to be the instigator. He always has to pick on someone, he did this with Boris when he was alive. Another grey. Hmmm… something about those greys… I need to get Earl adopted. He is my little shy boy that needs a home with fewer cats and feel safe to sit on a lap.

The next picture is of Daisy “Mae”. I brought her into Petco last Saturday, a few days after her spay surgery, to show her and hopefully to get adopted, but no luck. Thanks to Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescuefor allowing me a cage there for a few hours. They get great traffic there, but poor little Daisy was in competition with a couple of other black and whites. I even included a heart pillow in her cage that said ‘Be Mine’, but no such luck. She is a sweet little girl, I figure about 8 mos. old. A real cuddler, sleeps on my bed each night.

My dog Thunder is now close to being incontinent. You remember he was diagnosed early last year with bladder cancer. He now has to wear his ‘big boy pants’, which is large adult diapers with a hole cut out in back for his tail, and a cloth wrap with a pad inserted over those. Poor baby. When do you know? When it it the right time? He still plays like a kid – after all he is only 9. But how long can this go on? My poor Thunder.

Check back to see if pictures are posted. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend!

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it.
I want to have lived the width of it as well.”

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

The number of people I've met and the friends I’ve made through this blog is truly amazing - some of my very best friends.  Some I've never even met, but I feel so incredibly lucky to have you all in my life.  People across the country, and across the world, from as far east as Florida to the west - California and even across the Pacific, to Australia!

I’ve seen such incredible acts of kindness from you all. Everything from bags of straw, plastic tote shelters, wooden hut shelters, laundry detergent, food, bowls, tarps, tablecloths, to financial donations. What I do, you can never ever have enough of any of these. In the good weather months, you have your meanies that want to come tear your stuff up, steal, and destroy. So things need to be replaced constantly. And I can’t stress enough, I go through 16 POUNDS of food a DAY – and that’s not leaving a lot for the kitties at each of the 16 or so stops I make. At the most I fill up to medium sized plates or bowls. The bowls are almost always empty at 90% of the locations I go to daily. I try to give each of them a little scoop from four large plastic containers of wet food that I bring with me each morning – that is their favorite. But wet food on top of dry food is very expensive, so that’s all I can give them – just a scoop. That is 8-10 large cans of wet food a day. And in weather like this, if they don’t eat it right away, like the ferals peeking around the corner waiting for me to leave, that food freezes almost instantly. I got off on a different subject, sort of, there… I just wanted you all to know, as much as I’ve thanked you over and over, I can never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. For the cats.

Yesterday, at one of my spots near Pennsylvania and Fourth Streets, I removed a dead rat from a shelter. I had been noticing an odor for quite some time, and I finally got a very long stick and dragged it out from way back inside, and got rid of it. What a stench. I am sure it was hindering these cats to cozying up in the straw with this dead smelly rat stuck in there. There is another hut shelter I’ve made with a large plastic tarp and rocks holding it down on Short Street, actually a very very nice shelter, but the same thing. There is a terrible odor coming from inside, so I’ve decided that tomorrow I am going to take it apart as little as possible, and open it up to figure out the stench. I have it set up perfectly, so I’ve been dreading doing it for fear I won’t be able to get it back securely like I had it. A person could live inside and be comfortable, somewhat! :)

I miss showing you pictures, I wish Google would fix the problem – actually wish I could change this blog to another site. Any ideas anybody?

All in all, I continue to remain optimistic about life – despite what I see and do each day out there feeding these cats, and I know this cold snap will end soon, and I know Mr. Whiskers will be in someone’s home soon, someone that will love him, and want to get him off the street. He is a good boy and every morning craves my warm hand to pet him. Please spread the word about Mr. Whiskers. Thanks and have a great day!

"Life is easier than you think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gimme Shelter

Love the Rolling Stones, love that song, but that’s also the reality here in Rochester.  The homeless cats need shelter, boy do they ever.  Not only do I need more – and yes, I have had many made for me this past year – and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has helped – but there are other’s out there that I don’t even know about.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that all cats have a cozy box with warm straw to keep comfortable in during our harsh winters?   Ideally, we should all place a shelter somewhere in Rochester where a large percentage of homeless cats live. 

I’ve been feeding at least three cats on the side of a house that someone lives at every day now, and all I have done is lay a towel on the ground and place bowls down for them.  Its right next door to the driveway of a man who lives in the next house.  This same house, if you will recall two summers ago, we trapped some feral kittens there.  Not an easy task either – actually a very heartbreaking situation as they were brought to the Verona Street kill shelter.  Anyways, I have a feeling that if I place a couple of totes here, the man would allow them to stay, as he doesn’t move the bowls I place down on the other side, near his house when the snow piled up, and sometimes just under his truck, when its really bad out.  At one point two summers ago, I noticed he was placing food down for the kittens himself (which didn’t help in the trapping).  I’ve used up all my shelters that everyone has made me.  I must try to get some more.  By the way, I did place down TWO shelters for the kittens and Mom on Baldwin.  I am hoping they are using them.  I looked for indentations in the straw this morning but couldn’t see them.

As I pulled up to Central and Third, there is a house on the corner that is boarded up that I place a bowl of food and water down for a couple of cats that hang there.  A couple of days ago, I noticed the door to the house was open, which I’ve encountered from time to time in the past, and I would try to close the door somewhat knowing there could be cats inside so I didn’t want to shut them in completely, but I also didn’t want to attract vagrants.    I could see a cat in there the first day so I didn’t’ shut the door, and had nothing to keep it ajar slightly, so it stayed open, and I did my thing – layed down food and water, checked the little Styrofoam shelter there, and went to my next spot.  This morning, as I was there, I heard some noises inside the house and just thought it was a cat moving about.  Well, lo and behold, all the sudden I hear ‘ooh you scared me’!  I looked up and saw two black dudes bundled up to the hilt.  I said, ‘ooh, you scared me too!’.  We started to talk, I told them what I was doing, they said I did that all over the neighborhood, and I said yes, and I asked them if they needed anything, if I could bring them something tomorrow, and I asked them their names and one was Sonny and the other was Ray so I laughed and said I would remember that like SUNRAY and they laughed after I told them my name.  I knew I was somewhat safe from the start because there was a big door leaning blocking us, and right off the bat I just felt like they were decent.  I told them to make sure when they leave to try to close the door somewhat and to make sure there were no cats left inside.  I said the city would come and board it up and leave a cat in there if they weren’t careful to check.   These guys must be spending the nights there for a bit.  I felt sorry for them.  Really.  We are so blessed in comparison to others.  We have to remember that, and to try to always show the kindest side we can to others. 

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."  ~ Confucius

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Doing my cat thing this morning, an hour after I left my warm home, and as I pulled up to the last spot I feed at, I just wanted to cry.  I thought, I am in the depths of sorrow.  I see so much sadness in the morning, as kitties run to me, hoping for food, and hoping for comfort.  It was 5 degrees this morning as I left the house.  It was surely well below that as I heard the winds howling throughout the night.  I have cried many mornings driving home, thinking about them, when I should be forgetting about them and thinking about my day ahead.  And most times I do, but days like these make it hard. Thankfully, I am not clinically depressed.

We, as people, are not well designed for that level of cold. The cats living on the streets, while they might be slightly better armed against the elements, still suffer and the shelters I leave for them seem so inadequate. The blankets and the straw help them. The food fills their tiny bellies and they are better prepared for the day than they might otherwise be.

Today is the coldest day for such a long time and, hopefully, will be the coldest for a long time to come. There is no snow. There are cats with food to eat and little houses in which they can shelter.

And so I turn to my day. Thankfully I can laugh. I laugh at most things. I can laugh all day and I laugh at the silly things some people do. Mostly I laugh at myself because I can be very silly, and very childish, and they say if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?  Reader’s Digest said that laughter is the best medicine and today the medical professionals will tell you the same thing.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Stop and smell the roses. When they are in bloom of course.

Monday, January 21, 2013


co·coon/kəˈkun/ [kuh-koon]


1. the silky envelope spun by the larvae of many insects, as silkworms, serving as a covering while they are in the pupal stage.

2. any of various similar protective coverings in nature, as the silky case in which certain spiders enclose their eggs.

3. a protective covering, usually consisting of polyvinyl chloride, sprayed over machinery, large guns on board ships, etc., to provide an airtight seal and prevent rust during long periods of storage.

4. any encompassingly protective or hermetic wrapping or enclosure resembling a cocoon: a cocoon of gauze.

verb (used without object)

5. to produce a cocoon.

Back to my reality, not that it ever leaves my mind, but I’ve been focusing on the dog abuse situation so much last week that I’ve neglected to share my mornings in the hood with you.  I pray that the powers that be are following up with this situation, to see if any of these poor animals have been returned to the old man on Dana Street, and how the old man's own dog is faring in this weather. 

The weather outside is nasty. Its very very cold. Temperatures in the teens, and single digits forecasted for nighttime. We all have our little cocoons - some are bigger than others, but its a place for us to relax, kick back, cuddle, be ourselves.  Then again, the homeless don't have this luxury.  That includes animals.  I sat and watched my animals this weekend, and how lucky they are to have what they have.  I am blessed to have them, and they are grateful to me for having them.

Each morning, after my hour and half of driving to 16 different spots, and placing down food, water, and securing shelter for at least 30 cats, every single day, I leave the last spot thinking to myself, ‘OK, now forget about this for the next 23 hours, go about your day, and make it a good one’. And its not easy to do, but I try my best. Of course I still have to go home and prepare the food for the next morning, so it hasn’t really ended yet, until I leave for work. Then I have to try to forget. Yesterday, the wind was in excess of 30+ mph and a few of my shelters were displaced. Towels had blown, bowls were gone, boards were down. I am still in need of plastic water dishes, and plates. I am also in need of fleece towels – I would normally say blankets, but I don’t want anything too large. I like to secure, as long as the weather is dry, fleece that these cats can cozy up in. Its much better than the cotton towels that I have too many of. I brought my bag (thanks Carole) of straw with me and restuffed some of the plastic totes – its always nice to lift that lid up and see an indentation inside the straw, knowing that a cat has used it to keep warm.

The baby kittens on Baldwin have somewhere to hide, but I am sure they are freezing now. I don’t know what they are sheltered in. I left a small carrier, with straw stuffed into it, and a rug over the holes on top of it, but I am sure they can’t all fit in there, if any are using it at all. I could use several of these small containers because I could stuff them under the bench wrapped around this tree.

So, my updated wish list would be garbage bags of straw (easier to transport to my locations), small fleece blankets (even the very thin, cheap kind), plastic water bowls, and heavy plates. And of course food food food… !

Thank you for continuing to read my blog. The following was sent by Julie of Another Chance Pet Rescue –

For Jesus told his Disciples: that his Father sees the little Sparrow when he falls from the sky. And to consider the lillies of the field as they neither toil nor spin yet his Father watches over them. So, like yourself, I know that God does watch over his creatures. And there are many animals, which he directs to humans for help. Especially, humans which God has called to help them. Some are called to help fellow humans, others to help nature, and than we which are called to help the animals. We are blessed.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vacation Day - Yay!

Just a quick note before I have to walk the dog.  I have a vacation day today, and its much needed.  The house had a lot of clean up to be done as I had my floors refinished this week.  Furniture all over the house, but at least I got the couch out of the kitchen.  Boy these kitties and doggie with bladder cancer can do a number on your woodwork.  But it looks beautiful, and I am so glad I had it done.  Reasonably priced too. 

The latest news to share regarding the recent animal abuse case is this - My officer friend met the Humane Society officer yesterday morning at the location with the intent of removing all the animals.  The only animals that were there were three puppies and the owners own 14 year old dog.  There were no charges filed as the owner gave up the puppies willingly.  This abuse has apparently been going on for years, and could very well happen again by this slap of this man's hand.  He is apparently an old man too.  I will quote from Matt - Founder of PAWS (Providing Animal Welfare Services)'s Facebook page: 

We want all of you who kept persisting something be done about the welfare of the animals, and made sure your voices were heard, to know we applaud you. We ask to always remember to keep the message positive, do not attack or bash anyone, just demand accountability and answers, and if all of this is considered 'harassment and constant complaining,' well so be it. We are all these animals have, a...nd they can't speak up loud and clear and so they deserve us to do so on their behalf. We strongly advise those of you looking to doing anything illegal to refrain from doing so, and please do not do anything which would jeopardize the goal of what we are all trying to accomplish here at PAWS and as a community; which is to enhance the welfare of all animals within the city of Rochester, and everywhere in which there's a need.

This story is heartbreaking, and we still want answers, as to why was this man not held accountable for the current conditions of animals at his home, forget about what has been going on for over a decade? Why was any animal, including the cats inside his house allowed to stay at his residence, let alone a dog who has more than likely lived its entire life in agony? What type of insulated shelter was left, if it was an igloo, sorry, that's not sufficient in these freezing temperatures, as I'm sure this poor animal living in the freezing cold has a hard time retaining its own body heat? Are you going back every week to provide straw, because that would help the dog retain it's body heat, because this man is obviously is not going to bring this dog in the house, because he didn't do it even after you left? How much can this poor dog endure between all the extreme temperatures of the winters and summers its had to endure? We've been told the caregiver for those dogs doesn't even live there, so what kind of life is saw bread left out, did you leave the pet owner with dog food to provide for this dog? Is there an ongoing investigation as to all the information you've been provided with thus far, which clearly shows this pet owner has been violating numerous animal cruelty laws? Are you reaching out to all the neighbors who have been reporting and documenting all these incidents for numerous years as part of your ongoing investigation?

Bottom line, we want to know these animals suffering all over in our community have the law enforcement, put in place to protect them, are stepping up and holding people accountable.
We always remember our first meeting with one of our well known advisors, who is active and well known in our community. The first thing he warned us when starting a non-profit was the fact we will get heat from other organizations thinking, 'you are stepping on their toes, you don't need to do this because there are already programs or things in place for the animals'....well if there are, show us, if we've been wrong we will work beside you. However, bottom line, our city's animals and their welfare was abandoned long ago. That's why we are here with our chests out, nothing to hide, and moving forward to keep working to make sure the people and the animals in this community are better off. PAWS has been able to make such strides, and gain the wonderful support of our community, and with limited resources, because it takes heart and integrity to do what this program and its members are doing.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Goodmorning - I wanted to give you an update to yesterdays post regarding the animal abuse situation on Dana Street here in Rochester - I am reading most updates and hearing about them through Facebook.  I had requested that Matt, the founder of PAWS (Providing Animal Welfare Services) to call me and he did.  We spoke briefly - I asked him for the address and told him I wanted to do what I could by calling someone at RAS and my cop friend.  He gave me the address, and as I always do, I researched but could find nothing but the map image of the house on Google.  I couldn't find a name or anything.  I also sent a note to the supervisor at Rochester Animal Services that I am familiar with, and he sent me back a note copying Officer DiDomenico of Humane Society that they were investigating it, which meant NOTHING.  I then contacted my cop friend who called me later after going to the site, and speaking with her fellow officers.  Everyone is concerned, but with the Humane Society's DiDomenico's ruling that the guy has until MONDAY (that was a full 7 days these dogs had to continue to suffer) to clean up his act, law enforcement's hands are legally tied.  My friend will keep me updated this week.  I pointed out that she should be checking to see if this guy has his dogs up to date with rabie shots.  That would be another way to get them removed if they were not.   In my opinion, if everyone DID something - anything for the good, and not just comment on it, more would get done.  I cannot just sit back and do nothing.

Several years ago, on Short Street, where I have a feeding station, a woman let her Rottweiler starve to death in her garage in zero degree temperatures - the dog was seen discarded by the road for garbage pickup.  Her name was Love Jackson.  I attended her 'trial' on behalf of the dog, and almost had a fistfight with her in the courtroom because she and her homies were laughing and I felt she had no right to be laughing about anything so I continued to glare at her and she started up with me with 'you got a problem?' and I said 'yea, i do, your a dog killer'.  and on and on, and the deputies told me to stop looking at her, and told her to leave the courtroom until the judge came in.  I couldn't help myself.  Anyway, the arresting humane officer, Josh Muller, was there also and spoke to me later.  Nice guy.  Caring man.  Here is a post from yesterday's Facebook page where he is apparently on the Board of Directors for the PAWS group.  You will see my comment to him also below that.  Its somewhat lengthy, but its very interesting, and worth the read it if you care about animal abuse issues.  Just to clarify - I couldn't watch the video.

JOSH MULLER:    I wanted to take a minute to clarify some issues on this thread about the NYS Ag and Mkts laws and what and how certain things are enforced and how things work. First of all let me say that I will base what I say off of the video posted as I have not seen first hand conditions or animals in person. I was an SPCA law enforcement officer here from 2005 - 2011. I led numerous investigations and arrests at an high conviction rate of nearly 100%. That is actually how Matt and I met years ago. I currently sit on the Board of DIrectors for PAWS. Many people talk about laws and penalties and say the the laws are not strong enough or don't give officers the power to truly enforce them. This is simply not the case. It is clearly stated here the powers of a SPCA officer: § 371. Powers of peace officers. A constable or police officer must, and any agent or officer of any duly incorporated society for the prevention of cruelty to animals may issue an appearance ticket pursuant to section 150.20 of the criminal procedure law, summon or arrest, and bring before a court or magistrate having jurisdiction, any person offending against any of the provisions of article twenty-six of the agriculture and markets law. Any officer or agent of any of said societies may lawfully interfere to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any animal in his presence. Any of said societies may prefer a complaint before any court, tribunal or magistrate having jurisdiction, for the violation of any law relating to or affecting animals and may aid in presenting the law and facts before such court, tribunal or magistrate in any proceeding taken. With that being said once we actually get into Article 26 and start looking at the law you will see this section: § 353. Overdriving, torturing and injuring animals; failure to provide proper sustenance. A person who overdrives, overloads, tortures or cruelly beats or unjustifiably injures, maims, mutilates or kills any animal, whether wild or tame, and whether belonging to himself or to another, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, food or drink, or neglects or refuses to furnish it such sustenance or drink, or causes, procures or permits any animal to be overdriven, overloaded, tortured, cruelly beaten, or unjustifiably injured, maimed, mutilated or killed, or to be deprived of necessary food or drink, or who wilfully sets on foot, instigates, engages in, or in any way furthers any act of cruelty to any animal, or any act tending to produce such cruelty, is guilty of a class A misdemeanor and for purposes of paragraph (b) of subdivision one of section 160.10 of the criminal procedure law, shall be treated as a misdemeanor defined in the penal law.
The most important and most frequently overlooked work in this section is sustenance which is defined by websters as: Definition of SUSTENANCE

a : means of support, maintenance, or subsistence : living
b : food, provisions; also : nourishment
a : the act of sustaining : the state of being sustained
b : a supplying or being supplied with the necessaries of life
: something that gives support, endurance, or strength So with that said here is my observation of the video: The first thing is the conditions are unsanitary, the dogs are living in feces and the dogs on chains have no clean area to escape their own feces and waste. Second is the body condition of the brown female. On the TACC(Tufts Animal Care and Conditioning) scale I would say she is a 4 out of 5(very underweight). She may be a 5(emaciated) but its hard to tell from the limited view. Third the chain is dangerously close to being imbedded. Just looking at how thin the dog is and how tight that chain is it poses a potential life threatening problem. Fourth, All the dogs are clearly in violation of the NYS shelter law. The shelters are not insulated per the climatic conditions/needs of the breed/puppies. there is no room for normal postural movements and no way again to escape their own waste. Fifth: There is no drinkable water and bread in no way constitutes proper sustenance. This is clear by the current body condition of the female. SIxth: the puppies are living in an unsafe condition and are exposed to the unsanitary conditions. If you were to ask my opinion would I have seized the dogs and charged the owner and the answer is yes. These violations fall under both the violation for the shelter but also the misdemeanor for the overall conditions and animal health. An SPCA officer has other tools at their disposal as well. A notice of intent could have been issued, This is usually issued to let the owner know if immediate corrections are not made they will be arrested. Depending on the officer it can be anywhere from 24 hours on. In this case I would say it wouldn't be warranted as I believe it is a chargeable situation. If the officer issued a vet slip that mandates the owner take all the dogs to a veterinarian within a certain amount of time along with a notice of intent I could see that being done. Usually the financial pressure of treating and transporting the animals forces the owner to surrender them. I cant say if any of these things were done simply because I don't know I tried not to get too involved with all the legal stuff but I can say that I personally made arrests and secured convictions with less than is on this video. Normal course in a case like this is once all the paperwork is filed and a preliminary hearing is done it is most likely sent to a grand jury for indictment. Then to trial at a later date. Hope this helps

Janine Wagner Josh, I remember you showing your support for me in court when I attended the 'trial' of Ms. Love (forgot her first name) when she starved her dog to death on Short Street a few years ago. You are a good man. Thank you for all you have written above. I wish there were more like you in law enforcement.

Josh Muller Janine, thank you. That was a horrible case and a dog that suffered a slow and terrible death. I can honestly say this though, with a person like Matt at the helm of PAWS, the amount of good things coming to this community are endless.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Animal Abuse!

I caught wind of this story yesterday, and commented on Facebook about it.  I woke up thinking about it.  I spoke to Matt, the founder about it this morning.  It seems everyone is turning a blind eye and I can't understand it.

This property location is 39 Dana Street in the city of Rochester.  I won't implicate anyone by printing their name, but this is a horrific crime happening right under the noses of all law enforcement, and they are all aware, and not doing a thing about it. 

I just don't understand the mentality and politics of the Humane Society, Animal Control Services, and most police officers, when it comes to blatant animal abuse, and turning a blind eye.  If someone can set me straight, I would love to hear.  Am going to try to post the story here, and I hope you are able to view the video that PAWS (Providing Animal Welfare Services) took.  They are a group that goes around the city trying to make a dogs life a little more comfortable by providing it shelter in its own yard, and trying to educate the owners on responsiblity ownership of an animal.

Here is the story on PAWS facebook page:

Many people have no idea of the state of animal welfare in our community. PAWS was founded on the basis of changing our community through helping people become responsible pet owners. We realize we cannot help everyone and certain situati...ons require the assistance of law enforcement. Unfortunately, we felt the need to bring this particular case, and this story, presented in the video, forward. We will tell you the facts about what happened on 1/14/2013 at a residence we were called about in the City of Rochester.

Matt was contacted by a concerned resident about possible severe neglect at this residence and an opportunity to provide assistance. After contacting the dog’s owner and offering assistance, the owner decided he did not want any assistance from PAWS. Matt felt without outside assistance, the dogs at this location, were in severe jeopardy.

So Matt contacted 911. Both Rochester Animal Control and the Head of Law Enforcement for the Humane Society arrived to investigate;

What happened next is deeply disturbing to us. After a brief cursory check, the owner was given a week to make corrections to the situation. We are deeply concerned as the current situation these dogs are in requires immediate action.

1. The first thing you notice in the video is the condition of the dogs’ living area. It is obvious the dogs live in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

2. There is dangerous trash and debris that numerous puppies are living in.

3. A severely tight chain is around the one female’s neck, which can very easily become embedded.

4. Concerning the body condition of the female, it is clear she is severely underweight. You can see all her vertebrae and bones. You can also see she is provided bread to eat and there is no water available for her or the puppies. This is in no way proper nutrition to keep herself, let alone her puppies, alive. It is also evident she is nursing, and she and her puppies are kept outside in these conditions.

5. There is no adequate shelter, per NYS law, at the location. The dogs are living under a pickup truck canopy on the dirt. This provides no means for the dog or puppies, who appear to be about six weeks old, to stay warm. The temperature at 1:00 pm yesterday was 34 degrees. Certainly, this was not an acceptable temperature for puppies to be out without proper shelter.

6. There is also another dog in the back of the yard who has no shelter at all and is lying on the cold, muddy ground.

7. Over the next five days the fore casted lows for Rochester is 29(Tuesday) 28(Wednesday) 21 (Thursday with snow) 31(Friday with snow) and 28(Saturday)

To PAWS, this is a case of severe neglect, one of which we work hard to stop on a daily basis. Are these dogs and pups in danger? Yes. Is this abuse and neglect? Yes.

The video attached was taken the previous day, Sunday 01/13/2013. Please watch and decide for yourself.

What makes this all the more disturbing is the fact when a call was placed to 911, by one of PAWS representatives, two of PAWS representatives waited for 40 minutes for anyone to arrive. During that time, they watched from another location a vast amount of activity take place involving the puppies, in which they were being shuffled and carted off the property into neighboring houses by means of duffle bags, backpacks, and a stroller. Even during the time Law Enforcement was there, it was blatantly being done. After our one representative had to leave the scene, our other representative stayed on and pointed this out to an RPD officer. Nothing was done. Unfortunately, we were also informed by a neighbor, after Law Enforcement left, the owner began to hand out the puppies to people on the street. What further worsens the situation is not only by the fact when giving away puppies too young and without any veterinary care,you are endangering not only their lives, but the lives of other animals in which they come into contact with by being put back into the community. The ones who survive will most likely contribute to the overpopulation and vast amount of unaltered dogs this community is already facing. Also, it is putting the mother at risk of mastitis from not being able to nurse the puppies.

So the dogs continue to live as they do in the video. More dogs are on the streets. No license checks, no tickets, no accountability.

Matt did leave straw on Sunday, in hopes the owner would use it to help keep his dogs warm and dry. We were recently informed the owner did use it and put it out, as we are being updated on the situation regularly. This is due to our strong connections rooted deep into our city.

Many people want to know the true nature of animal welfare in our community. This is just one case that shows what is really going on. PAWS continues to work in order to change our community. We will be assisting neighbors in this area with both spaying and neutering, vaccinations, alongside proper education.

Matt wanted to express the following:

“I have been informed by a neighbor, this activity of litters being constantly produced at this property has been going on for two years, and nothing has ever been done. I have seen hundreds upon hundreds of situations like this and worse, and for 11 years, outside of one former SPCA officer, nothing was often done. It’s sad to say I came to a point in which I had the utmost confidence when I placed calls on every situation I came across, often such as the one in the video, and often times worse, nothing would be done. I have been around animals my entire life, and in this video you can see the one female dog is desperately trying to direct us to look under the canopy.”

“This entire scene is what I’ve endured countless times, only to be let down with local law enforcement designed to protect the animals and their welfare. This city’s animal welfare is only going to continue to spiral out of control, if we don’t get the community behind us and make a change. I am really sorry if I am offending anyone, but it is what it is. I have endured seeing this for many years and nothing has changed. It is beyond critical, at this time, to put a stop to it immediately and change the face of animal welfare in our city.”

We are and will always be "boots on".

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

365 Days A Year!

Not ever, ever, never do I not get out of bed every single day, no matter how I feel, or what kind of weather it is out there, I get up and go out and feed cats. 

It could be raining, sleeting, snowing, pouring. Knock on wood I haven’t had too many sick days in my life – I am a relatively healthy person, despite being a bit overweight, and lack of exercise. Although I must say, my legs are in decent shape because of the hour long route I take each morning, in and out of the car, walking to the shelters I have built up for these cats.

I miss those days where I could sleep a bit. That was a long long time ago. I do dream of the next time I am able to. Most people take that for granted. Try walking in my shoes, knowing there are animals waiting for you. Try staying in bed, knowing they are waiting for their meal. I dream of the day when all the animals find homes. I don’t know when that will be, but I can dream and hope for it for someday soon to happen.

There is so much controversy about feeding stray cats. Not only nationally, but I myself encounter so many mean people who think I shouldn’t be doing what I do. When I feed strays I don't JUST throw out some food. I also catch the cat, get the cat spayed or neutered at my own expense and get the cat its shots or whatever medical care it needs. Then I try to place it in a home.

I've fed strays for years and I have often not been too popular for it. I don't really know why they care. The cats don't do anything destructive. In fact, in a few places in the United States, there have even been city ordinances passed to make it a crime to feed strays. This is definitely not right. I often wonder what sort of uncaring people would pass and support these laws and how they'd like it if they were out of the street with no food or shelter.

As far as cats getting into someone's garden, I say who cares? People are the most destructive animals on the planet, but I don't see these same people whining about that. I can see where it might be annoying if a cat tears up your garden, but there ARE worse things. If this is your only real problem then you are doing very good.

These domesticated cats don't survive very well outdoors on their own without human intervention.

The best that stray cats can usually do is to eat from garbage cans. Every now and then they may find a mouse to eat, but in general most stray cats are starving. Especially during the winter.

Also, remember that it isn't the cat's fault that he or she is a stray. Often strays are cats that have been abandoned by their owners for some reason. Other times, the strays are born outdoors to other stray cats. In any case, it isn't the cat's fault that they have no home. Also, cats are intelligent animals with feelings and individual personalities and it is cruel to let them go hungry.

So, I hope this sparks something within each of us to know that it IS our responsibility to help these poor creatures, in any way we can.

Have a good day.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday!

Oh what a weekend!  We had some amazingly warm weather, and boy does it look ugly out!  Most of the snow has melted but what is left is small dirty looking mounds of it.  Lots of mud!  Its not fun walking the dog in this stuff because as much as you try to have him steer clear of it, and you wind up practically giving him a full bath when you arrive back home.  I whip out the wipies, the towels, etc.  I HATE MUD AND DIRT!  Would rather have snow on the ground, bite my tongue!

Each morning I've had to change towels.  I place towels down for the kitties little paws so that they can stand on something comfortable while they eat, and when the snow melts, the towels get wet.  So I scoop up the wet ones in the morning and replace with dry ones.  This is why my dryer is on the fritz.  It now takes two hours to dry a load of laundry.  I am shopping for a new more economical one as we speak.

Regarding the baby kittens on Baldwin, I know that someday soon I need to trap the mama, who comes out when I get back in the car after placing down food and water under a wooden bench that wraps around a tree in the vacant lot there.   My heart broke Saturday morning though, as I went to place food down for the kittens that I've rarely seen, and I must have startled one that was under this bench, and when it began to run away, as it is a feral kitten at this point, it had a plastic bag wrapped around its tiny body.   All I could see was a bag flying frantically through the vacant lot on the corner trying to get away.  This morning I did see two of the baby kittens, but no bag.  I am just not sure how many kittens there are, but the one with the bag either freed itself, or was not there. 

Another sick kitty out there is on Garson. His name is Neck Wound Kitty (I know, not a very pleasant name, but the only one that stuck with me due to his constant injury on his neck that never quite properly healed over the past couple of years that I've been feeding him).  He has a severe upper respiratory - I can hear his breathing, and constant sneezing.  But he is eating - he waits for me each morning with Talkie and another kitty.  This morning Bugsy was at this spot, which his normal spot is just around the corner on Hayward.  I thought - 'OK Guys, four of you are too many here', so I scooped up Bugsy in my arm, got in the car and drove him around the corner to where Boots was waiting for him.  Bugsy was not at his normal spot yesterday, so I knew something might be up.  And it was!  He had been travelling around the hood!

As I was feeding the two black cats on Stout this morning, the one that is not very friendly, but also not very shy, took a good swipe at me and drew blood.  Normally, I have no fear of any of 30+  cats I feed (that I see! - I know there are more that come out when I leave), but this one has done this twice now to me.  I can't tell whether they are teeth puncture marks, or his claws, but it hurt pretty bad when he did it.  I will have to be more careful with him in the future - I will have to scare him off a bit while I lay food down for his hungry soul.  BRAT.  The other black cat is sweet as can be, and now more afraid of the other one after this morning too.

I can't wait for my picture thingy to work again!   Dear Blog, get on it!  With all the computer geniuses you have working for you, you would think this would have been fixed a long time ago!  Phew!

Friday, January 11, 2013


I have been really slack at writing this week.  I apologize.  With my picture thing down on this site, and with work, I am just swamped. 

I wanted to let you know that I saw a few of the kittens on Baldwin yesterday.  They are absolute babies.  I don't know how many of the four or five I spotted before the storms we had mid-December, but I only saw two yesterday.  I know they've been eating from the bowls I've placed for them every single day since.  I am hoping someone will volunteer to try to trap them.  There are so many new kitties out there.  There are three I am now feeding on Pennsylvania under a guys' truck in the driveway that I am almost positive are not neutered.  Two I can't get close enough, but the other now runs to me, a Sylvester cat lookalike.

I did get a good picture of Bugsy this morning, but need to download.  Maybe my friend Jessica can help me out with that until this stupid blogger thing is fixed!

Otherwise, its wet out there.  Lots of wet towels that I am gathering up and replacing with dry.  They will at least be able to eat their breakfast on a dry towel.  I know they get wet with the thaw we are having, but for the few moments they are eating, their little paws can feel the softness and dryness that the towel provides.

I just love these little babies, and want to make their miserable lives a little less miserable. 

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged
by the way its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Gandhi

The picture above is of Hercules, now named CeeLo by his new mom.  She reports that he is a very happy kitty since she adopted him.  And he loves his canine sister Lacy!  Hercules was obviously crying out literally for a home, as he was rescued four times from abandoned ones!   Such a happy ending!

If every individual did a small act of kindness, we wouldn't have as much suffering of our homeless animals as we do now.  If everyone placed a plastic bin with dry warm straw in it, and placed a bowl of food and water down some where protected, and if everyone took responsibility for neutering JUST ONE cat, our country would be a better place to live in, knowing the population of sick and homeless cats is dwindling.

According to estimates, tens of thousands of homeless, stray and free-roaming cats live on the streets and in alleyways, back yards, and abandoned lots throughout the city. Many of the cats live in groups known as “colonies.” The winter months are particularly difficult for these cats, when bad weather creates serious and life-threatening challenges, including finding food, water, and shelter.  Shelter is vitally important, especially during the cold winter months.

FUN FACTS:  Lifetime TV did a survey in 2008 and here are results.

87% consider their pets members of the family  (THATS ME)
59% would risk their lives to save a pet (THATS ME)
13%, if stranded on a desert island with just one companion, would choose a pet over a person (THATS ME)
28% name their pets as the best listeners they know (THATS ME - AND they don't talk back!)
12% have sacrificed relationships for their pets (hmmmmm...  no need to sacrifice, wouldn't be with a person who could make me choose in the first place!)
28% put their pets' needs before their own (uh huh)
49% allow their pets to sleep on their beds (and kick em off if overcrowding occurs!)

I reiterate my creed:

"I am an Animal Rescuer. My job is to assist God's creatures. I was born with the need to fulfill their needs. I take in new family members without plan, thought or selection. I have bought dog or cat food with my last dime. I have patted a mangy head with a bare hand. I have hugged someone vicious and afraid. I have fallen in love a thousand times and I have cried into the fur of a lifeless body. I have Animal Friends and friends who have animal friends. I don't often use the word "pet." I notice those lost at the road side and my heart aches. I will hand raise a field mouse and make friends with a vulture. I know of no creature unworthy of my time. I want to live forever if there aren't animals in Heaven, but I believe there are. Why would God make something so perfect and leave it behind? We may be master of the animals, but the animals have mastered themselves-- something people still haven't learned. War and Abuse makes me hurt for the world, but a rescue that makes the news gives me hope for mankind. We are a quiet but determined army, and making a difference every day. There is nothing more necessary than warming an orphan, nothing more rewarding than saving a life; No higher recognition than watching them thrive. There is no greater joy than seeing a baby play who only days ago, was too weak to eat. I am an Animal Rescuer, My work is never done, My home is never quiet, My wallet is always empty, but my heart is always full. In the game of life, we have already won."

AMEN.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Picture Time!

Thanks to my sweet Jessica who was able to help me download pictures to this crappy Blogger thing, which by the way, is STILL not working.   You would think that such a huge site such as this, their engineers would be able to figure the problem out by now.  Below is a picture of Daisy, who is doing well in my house.  She is a little lover girl.  She loves to be held and cuddled.  She has the roundest eyes I've ever seen, and the cutest little button nose.  She is grooming more and more and soon her white will be a brilliant white in comparison to when I rescued her last week , when she was a very dirty girl.  She looks to be between 7-10 months old.  Her spay appointment is next Wednesday - she has already tested negative for both FIV and Leukemia.  She is ready for a home!  Please spread the word!

 My Third Street shelter looks like a mess, and I am not 100% sure that Grady and Bully use the totes and straw placed behind the board on this porch, but they are there if they want to.  I have noticed that something is burrowing into the straw behind the lean-to board here, so thats a good sign!  Grady and Bully continuing to run to me when I pull up at this stop.  I worry about this house being demolished.  This is their only home.
Third Street

I pulled up yesterday morning in front of this house and as usual, Mr. Whiskers and another black cat came running up to me, as usual, for their breakfast.  I pulled up this morning, and this house was GONE.  Demolished.  There one day, gone the next.  Amazing.  I pray that the house I feed them at next door to this is not demolished any time soon.  This house that is gone is where I rescued Hercules for the first time.  Or where my friend Lt. Officer Laura and her firemen friends rescued him.  I wish I knew someone in the city that could check the addresses of some of my spots and tell me if they are due for demolition.  Anyone know of anyone?
Sixth Street
Mr. Whiskers:  He is SO ready to find a home.  Such a good boy.  And so needy.  He walks with me from the time he hears my car door open, til we get to his little cubby I have built up for him.  Please spread the word about Mr. Whiskers!  It would be wonderful if Hercules' (Cee lo) new Mom could take him, they use to be roomies!  :)
Mr. Whiskers (6th St)
Again, this is the little shelter I have built up for Mr. Whiskers.  There are three totes here, with a board over two, and another board covering the opening.  There is another tote as you can see in the front.  Cozy, and I pray these are being used.  They must have been very upset yesterday when they heard the noise of the house coming down next door!
Sixth St. Shelter (Mr. Whiskers)

Same location, different kitty.  I see this kitty almost every morning, very hungry, waiting for me to leave so it can eat.  You can see how deep the snow is for them.

Sixth St. Kitty

This is the Central Ave. shelter I have on the porch.  Its a very rickety little shelter in comparison to the one in the back of the house.  I know that this house will soon be rented out this year.  This is where I once called Animal Control to check on a dog that a man who lived here last year used to keep outside with no shelter food or water on many occasions.  It was one of those little white fluffy dogs. My friend Mary and I contemplated taking the dog, but after the call, and a visit by the officers, we never saw the dog again.
Central Avenue
 This is behind the house, where I have a plastic dog house and a nice wooden shelter next to each other.   I know a few kitties use this as their house and feeding station.  
Central Ave 2nd Shelter
Another shot of the same shelter on Central.  The snow protects the boards and insulates the inside.

Central Ave. Shelter
A better view of the whole shelter. 
Central Ave. Shelter

This is where Talkie, neck wound kitty, and another hang.  This is where the mean man keeps coming by and trashing their shelters.  I know that the pink blanket might not be attractive, but the neighbor's don't care.  This jerk who owns this dilapidated house lives elsewhere.
Garson Street

This is the Hayward Avenue location.  Here we have Bugsy and Boots who are waiting for me every morning.  Behind them is a new frail looking kitty that is there each day now.  There is a wooden hut here, and a very large board leaning against this occupied house.  I spoke to the landlord/owner years ago and he has never bothered the shelters since.  I wish they could all be like him.  
Hayward Avenue (Bugsy & Boots)

Where the basement window is I used to have a shelter, but someone trashed it.  I now have it placed in the back of this boarded up house.  You can see the tracks of the kitties that use the basement as protection,. when not in the shelter in back.
Pennsylvania Avenue
This is the shelter in back, where I have an old clothes dresser with a board covering the open space where the drawers used to be.  I then put straw down.  I then put a plastic tablecloth over it with bricks to hold that down.  I then placed a plastic tote in front of the opening and placed a board over that.  And voila, a shelter!
Pennsylvania Avenue Shelter
Picture below is of the Stout Street shelter.  Its quite disgusting looking, but its home for these two black kitties.  This is where Morris (Jack) came from (Nancy).

Stout Street
 This is where some young kittens, their mama and a few other kitties come to sleep and feed in.  It has a wooden hut, and a plastic tote across from it, with a board covering it, and a board to cover the front.  Its home sweet home to these kitties for now.
Seventh Street Shelter

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesdays Tails

Yesterday was a washout.  It started at the dentist and wound up with a whole lotta work to get done - at work.

I am pretty upset at Blogger – I can’t download pics. Apparently it is a ‘known issue’, and apparently Blogger is “working on it”. Here is what they say.

Best answers

Katney - Blogger Top Contributor Post reply
Jan 3

This is happening on IE-9 today. You can upload from the html mode. Once the pictures are uploaded, switch to Compose and you will see the pictures and the menu will be the same if you click the picture to size and position it.

The problem is not happening with Chrome or Firefox, so using one of those browsers will resolve the issue as well.

Please be patient. The problem has been reported to the engineers, but recognize that it is near the weekend of a holiday week and you should not expect an immediate resolution. Please use one of the workarounds until it is fixed. We hope that it will be addressed quickly.

I am upset because I cannot share some great pictures of my shelters covered in snow, some update pictures of recent rescues, like Hercules, Daisy, Earl and Butters (Thurston). So, I will continue to try to figure it out, or wait for Blogger to figure it out. Hopefully they won’t damage too much more!

It all began at 5:10 this morning. I start off by getting myself together at 4:15, and by 4:50, I am sitting having a nice cuppa coffee and watching the national news. At 5 am. I am packing my bag with hot water in large containers, and heading out the door. My first stop on Parsells a pretty torty awaits me. I have two little shelters made out of plastic totes on that open porch. This is where Crazy Lisa was taking my shelters and moving them across the street because she didn’t want the cats to get hit. She put them under people’s bushes. She placed the bowls on the grass. Lot of good that would have done them once the snows and winds came. She has stopped doing this thanks to Brenda, a woman a few houses down that I did a favor for in the summer, had one of her outdoor cats neutered, and brought her a bale of straw for the winter to keep them warm, as she can’t bring them indoors because her boyfriend won’t ‘let her’.

The next stop is where Earl was rescued from, and where big Sylvester looking kitty, and a few others run to me. This is where John, the man on Parsells allows me to shelter behind his house in the back of his lot. I brought him a Christmas card with a Wegman’s gift certificate before Christmas thanking him for his kindness. I then head to Stout where the hissy black kitty is, and a very sweet other black kitty hangs, and feed them. This is where Jack was rescued, Jack with FIV that my friend Nancy adopted.

Directly from there, I go to feed where Big Red (Sandy) was rescued, where Talkie, Neck Wound kitty, and another still reside. Here we go again, with the owner of the dilapidated boarded up house comes to check on it every few months, and decided Saturday morning to trash the shelters to the curb. What is it with this guy? It only takes an ounce of compassion to know this meager shelter is harboring three cats that are HOMELESS. That are only trying to survive the weather on a day to day basis, let alone eating to stay alive. When I gathered up the stuff trashed by the curb, and placed what I could back to the way it was, I poured water in a bowl, and Talkie lapped it up like she had stumbled upon an oasis. This man must be cold and heartless. Even if you don’t care for cats, can’t you see that these animals depend on whatever a kind person can do for them. I hate this person, and hope to someday make his acquaintance to I can try to reasonably discuss the situation. Whatever good it will do.

Then its onto Hayward where Boots and Bugsy run to my car. I glance up here to see the HUGE icycles that hang from the rafters. One of these could pierce right through my body if it decided to drop while I was bending down to pour the food and water. So far, so good. Then onto Baldwin to place bowls down for the kittens I discovered, that I haven’t seen since. I know they are there, I have seen their baby footprints in the snow around the bowls on the sidewalk. I must make a plan to trap them. There are SO many new cats around that are unneutered.

Then its on to the second half of my feedings as I head to Webster and Ferndale.

And now its time to say goodbye for the day, and continue the second half of my run tomorrow! Have a great day!