Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Muffin - if you will all recall, I rescued Muffin from Parsells Avenue last fall.  Muffin was one of a few youngsters that I suspected were born in the springtime.  He and the other seven or so cats were the remaining cats I could not trap during the big sweep a while back to remove these cats and get them out of there (barns) due to me having no place to feed them anymore after being tossed off the porch to the vacant house that was now being renovated.  (whew, that was a mouthful!)

Muffin was the only youngster brave enough to allow me to pet him.  I knew he needed fixin', so when the time came, I could not let him back on the streets after he was vetted.  In walks Melissa, who is known to help socialize semi feral cats, and does a darned good job of it.  She offered to foster Muffin.  She worked her miracles on him until he was ready to be adopted out. 

In walks this family around Christmas time - they wanted to adopt Muffin, had dogs, but were sure all would work out.  Eventually they brought him home, and Muffin proceeded to hide for the next two months until he was returned to me a few weeks ago.

In walks Karlee and her 15 yr. old son Tyler, who had seen Muffin back up on my adoptable kitties list.  They wanted to take a chance on Muffin, and they were aware of his story, even though they had a pit bull they raised from infancy.   When I met Karlee and Tyler, I fell in love with them, as we had an extensive conversation about how it would go, slowly introducing Muffin to Jade, the dog.  Muffin would be mainly Tyler's kitty, and as mom explained, they both needed each other.

Muffin has been with them for a week and a half now, and here are some updates I've received - each paragraph are different updates.

"Hi Janine!  We made it home, he was so good in the car, he fell asleep.  He's found a quiet place in Tyler's room to hide and we are just letting him be for a bit."

"He came out of hiding a little bit last night, got some love, ate some food, and went back to hiding in a spot we could see him.  This morning, he's still hiding.  Hoping to bring him to the living room and put him in Jade['s kennel this afternoon for a bit so they can get used to each other but still be safe."

"We got him out of hiding and put him in the kennel in the living room.  Jade barked at him, he hissed at her and swatted at her (I'm glad he did, I was worried he was going to cower and try to hide.)  She barked on and off for about 15 minutes.  I finally got her redirected with some potato chips and all has been quiet for about 45 minutes.  She's chewing her bone and he's hanging out getting used to our household noises."

"Tyler adores him.  Tuesday we got him out from under the bed and Tyler carried him down the hall saying '"Its okay, your safe, I've got you."  We put him in the kennel, he got out before I could close the door and he got under the couch.  So Jade went in the kennel until we could get him out and then they switched places.  She barked at him, but again I could redirect her with food.  He stayed out for about an hour, then Tyler took him to his room and they played video games.  H/e was also playing with a bird toy because I could hear Tyler laughing at him.  It was a good sound.  Yesterday we let him be, didn't make him come out.He started letting Tyler pet him.  This morning I went in and he came out to play, eat some treats, and let me pet him.  Jade barked at the door a couple of times and he didn't react.  Tyler asked me to wait till the weekend to bring him to the kennel again, he said 'mom, he needs to trust me first'.  I'm not arguing with that!  I'm ordering him some Feliway and Jade some Adaptil today.  And some more treats because they both love treats!  Also, I've been leaving Jades food bowl in the hallway about 3 feet from the door so they can smell each other but associate it with good things like food.  His is about the same distance away.  W are slowly making progress, but we are in no hurry.  We know we'll get there eventually, and Tyler is fine with having his cat spend all his time with him."

"I wanted to share this picture with  you.  We came home tonight and he came out, was so amazingly affectionate and decided to sit and play video games with Tyler.  His Feliway collar and extra large container of treats came today,, so he's going to go in the kennel tomorrow.  We love him to pieces already!

"He was sitting there willingly (see picture).  Last night he was very outgoing and lovable. He just wanted to be pet and held.  It was amazing!  Tyler has changed his name to Hawkins.  I call him Mr. Muffins Hawkins or Mr. Hawkins."

So, as you can see, if you work at it, it can be done!  I am not saying that Muffin's last family did not work at it, but there is something with the way its being done by this family that is making it work.  Stay tuned for more of this wonderful story!

Have a great day!

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."


  1. What an AWESOME story !
    Yay Muffin !
    Yaay Tyler !
    Thank you for making him your best friend !
    He appreciates it !
    (how do I know this ? because I tell all Janine's rescues stories from the cats themselves)

  2. What a great post. I am so happy for Muffin and Tyler and the whole family. Hurray!!!!!!!!