Monday, March 5, 2018

Labor of Love

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So let’s start with the snow.     Friday morning was HORRIFIC.  I know that’s a big word, but that’s the only word I can think of to describe it.   The city of Rochester had close to 2 feet of snow, if you count the drifting as well due to the winds that were whipping the heavy snow that was falling throughout the night into the morning.    And that snow was HEAVY.  So think about having to walk through your back yard, and even further in some places, and in that amount of dense snow.  Its very hard on your legs.  And when you get back there, you have to shovel the shelters out.  And they were BURIED.  INSIDE and OUT.  I saw very few cats that morning.  I could only pray they were OK.  At most spots, I didn’t even leave wet food, it took all my strength just to shovel a path for them to get in and out of the shelters for food and water.  I saw a few cats, the ones that were brave enough to either run from or to the shelters when I arrived, and when I say run, I mean HOP.  The snow was way over their heads, so in order for them to get to the food, or away from me (the feral ones that took shelter in the shelters), so they either followed my trail, or had to hop through the snow.  It was a hard thing to see.  If MY legs were hurting from walking in the knee high snow, think about their little muscles aching…. 

SAM - follows me back to my car every morning...  :(

I shovel outside their shelters so that they at least have a little space to walk around, use ‘the facility’, and stretch.  I had never seen so many cars stuck either.  It was sad, knowing these poor people in these poor neighborhoods HAD to get to work, and their attempts were thwarted by getting stuck in the snow.  I saw a police car, a flatbed tow truck, an 18 wheeler, not to mention a car on every street I passed, stuck.

By the time I finished my THREE HOUR shift (3:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.), the snow and wind had not let up.  Work closed, and I was just too whipped to write this blog.   I am so thankful that work closed.  It gave my body a chance to heal a bit, until the NEXT morning.

Thank you Saturday Sheryl for helping me.  She drove 20 miles at 4 am. to help me.  I thought the hard part was done on Friday, but it was JUST AS BAD Saturday morning.  HORRENDOUS.  That was the word of the day for Saturday!  Sheryl did most of the digging for me, but it was like there was no footpath to follow as the storm dumped another four to five inches after I left the previous 24 hours ago.  Sheryl is a trooper, and I thank God for her.  My body hurt so bad, I just couldn’t do it a second morning in a row.

We are due another storm at the end of this week.  Say a prayer it doesn’t happen.

For some good news!  The girl in Caledonia who was first fostering Marti from Melville, the all white cat, and wound up adopting him, and renaming him Simon, who went missing close to a month ago when someone let him out by mistake, called me early this morning (as I was walking in a field in the dark to tell me that SHE FOUND SIMON!!!!  He’s been found!  I get quiet about things that upset me, that sadden me, so I never spoke much about this, but this news certainly made my world a bit brighter.    Someone saw an ad on Craigslist about feeding this white cat, and remembered that Amanda was looking for this white cat, put two and two together and reached out to Amanda.  She and I are over the moon.  Here is Simon, home at last!

In other good news, Chewy may be adopted!  More on that story tomorrow.

Have a GREAT day!

"Stop pushing
so hard on
the Door looking
for Happiness.
It opens inwards!"

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