Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fostering Saves Lives!

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Another update on Muffin:

"I came home tonight and went into Tyler’s room to see Mr. Muffins Hawkins and he came right out and wanted to be loved on. I pet him for a bit and scooped him up to take him to the living room kennel. Jade barked, I called her and gave her treats. Cheese worked the best. She’s smart though so she decided she was going to bark and bark so she could get more cheese. I had to get a little stern with her, and she only wants me to be happy with her. I know my girl thought and I know she won’t hurt him, so I tried something new. The kennel door open, me between them with treats and petting and they both relaxed- especially Mr. Muffins Hawkins, he wound up going to sleep. We are getting there, slowly but surely."

And finally:

I love the blog and have a new update for you!

"Tonight I brought him out and put him in the kennel again. I opened the door a little like last night, the dog barked a few times, he hissed a bit and I closed the door for a few minutes while I calmed Jade down and gave her some treats. I opened the door again and Hawkins kept trying to push out, so I took a chance and opened it. He ran out and under the bed in the spare room. We got Jades leash and put it on her so she couldn’t chase him. Two awesome things happened: 1) She stopped barking at him and was extremely easy to redirect. I think it bothered her more that he was locked in a kennel than he was a new cat.  Around 7 Jade and I went in my bedroom and she went right to sleep. 2) About half an hour after I went in the bedroom, I heard running up and down the hallway. I went out and there he was sitting st the end of the hallway, I walked into the kitchen and he followed me, then ran in the bedroom and jumped on the bed, then into the living room and onto the couch.  He kept pausing to flop himself in the floor and roll on his back......this boy was oozing confidence! I’m telling you he was like a different cat.   So tomorrow he will be in one of the bedrooms during the day when we aren’t home because Jade hasn’t been in her kennel for over a month (and I don’t want her thinking she has to go back in because of him) but once we get home I’ll put the leash on her and let him out to run around again. 

It’s funny that he decided to push us into the next step- Tyler says he tricked me into letting him out of the kennel- but what a wonderful trick it’s turned out to be!"

Another update - MILO!

"Hi Janine, just wanted to let you know Milo is doing great. He’s my boy!
Hope all is going well,



I absolutely LOVE these pictures!  Remember, this little girl is a kitty I never thought I would be able to rescue.  She is coming along nicely, and hopefully will be adopted in May!  :)  thank you Amanda, for fostering! 

Fostering creates happy endings!  Fostering saves lives!!!  



Update - the kitty I rescued last fall:  Since Simon returned home yesterday morning, after being missing for a month - has made himself right at home again - he was very dirty and had lost a lot of weight since he'd been gone - oh the tales he could tell!!

Have a nice day!

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  1. What a great post!! Mr. Hawkins' family sound wonderful!