Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TNR Tuesday

Well, today was trapping day.  The day I dread, but the day I know I am doing the most good for the pitiful overpopulation of cats in this city.  Two cats out of thousands.  It doesn't seem much really but in the big picture, especially the kitten this morning, and the kitten last week, they won't give birth in two months from now under a porch.  Last week's kitten was a girl, and I suspect this nearly identical one, its sibling, is a girl too.  The other guy - his ear looks like its already tipped, but it could be ripped.  From a fight long ago.  Plus, feeling 'back there', he feels like he still has his you know whats.  He is a very friendly guy, and I may make the decision to make him rescue #....  ???? 40 so far this year?  Not sure.  Have to recount.  There have been quite a few lately.

Please consider sponsoring a spay or neuter.  I/they could really use the help.  The more I spend of my own money, the less I can help these kitties out there that need help.  The clinic's number is 585-288-0600 and just tell them you would like to make a donation to my account.  Thank you ever so much.

SUGAR from Seventh

PAISLEY from Parsells

I was notified last evening of someone interested in adopting Baxter!  Yay!  Great news!  That would leave Peaches, Cookie, Baylee, and the two sets of kittens that need homes.  C'mon guys, spread the word!  So many more to save out there!

I picked up another dead kitty off the street this morning, on Parsells.  Its terribly sad.  I will get out to feed at one location there, and watch a car speed nearly 100 miles an hour down that street.  Its scary actually.  I just want to shine my light in their face as they go past like they have those laser beams that blind planes.  I know that sounds a bit violent, but I hate people that don't think of the animals crossing roads, especially after having to remove the dead one off the street this morning.



For some great news, if you remember Penny and Pepper, the two red kittens I rescued, and found good homes for them in Webster.  Well, here they are!  Happy still, years later.  Thank you to my adopters!

When Penny and Pepper were kittens!

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

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  1. Every little bit counts! Keep up the good work.