Thursday, October 13, 2016

Name That Cat!

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Yes, I am still not crazy about Paddy's name.  I need something a bit cuter.  I love cute names.  :)  I love people's names, but there are only so many boy's names that begin with P.  


After taking a gazillion photos this morning of Paddy, I think I finally got one.  Boy, is he camera shy.  I tried to capture his gorgeous golden eyes, he just wouldn't sit still!  I am still amazed at his sweet temperament after being out on the streets for so long, and unneutered no less.  Its just amazing.


This morning was just beautiful.  At 4 am.  No one is 'lucky' enough to be out that early except for me.  I get to see the stars, feel the wind, hear the quietness of the neighborhood - a scary place indeed for most people that live outside the city limits. All kitties were waiting for me at each of my stops.  I have six locations on the 'Front Nine' - and once I cross over Webster Avenue, I have 11 more on the 'Back Nine.'  (yes, I love golf, but haven't made the time to play in a while).  That's 16 stops!  Lordy Be!  And at each of those stops, there ranges from 1 to 15 cats.  I noticed on Garson there are new young ones and I need to start trapping there.  All my locations need trapping.  But how can I do this alone?  And with just two appointments per week at the clinic?  And remember, the Catmobile is on its last legs, so I can't be driving all the way out to Lollipop, where many of you have told me about their cheaper rates.  And from what I found out, there is a waiting list until end of November, at least.  But we MUST get these cats spayed and neutered.  We must!  Anybody want to help me?

I want to talk about my fundraiser a little bit.  Not many pics have been posted, I am sorry for that. My girl Yesenia has not sent me any from what she took, I am sure she is busy, and will eventually.  It was just so well organized, thanks to Kristin, and the others that showed up to help decorate.  The band turned out to be great, and the food and drink..  well, my favorite part!  The gifts that were donated, just so many!  And so many different things to choose from!   Thank you all for coming out and supporting the event , I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see so many of my cat-minded friends, who together helped  to support our mission. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Update on Riley and Squirt.  Both are purring!  :)  


And these two rascal girls, Sydney and Joannie, are playing and eating and loving life right now with their foster family.  Lets get everybody adopted!


Have a great day!

"Don't be pushed by your problems,
Be led by your dreams."


  1. Janine,

    How does Paulie sound instead of Paddy?


  2. Love the second picture! He looks like he's posing! In keeping with the "P"- there is Purrcy. But getting away from the P idea there is always "Ditto" because so many Kitties look like him. I like Dewey too.

  3. What beautiful babies! I hope they all get homes soon.

    Just keep doing what you can, you can't do it all alone. You are making a difference.

  4. I think Paddy's a cute name, but Purrcy is cute too. I also like Dewey! Getting good photos of animals is frustrating. I was trying to get a cute one of Charley today but a certain little dog thought I was on the floor to play and she wouldn't leave me alone! LOL! Most of the photos had some part of Penny's body in it.

  5. Pboy, Ponyboy, Paddington...