Monday, October 10, 2016

Gimme Shelter

Photo by Kevin Tubiolo
Phew, what a weekend!  First off, the weather was pretty gorgeous, despite the rain Saturday morning.   It came down in buckets at times, but my hair remained pretty decent. J  Thank you Sunday Sheryl for enduring the dark, the dreary and the danger with me every Sunday for three years now.  Happy Anniversary Darling!  J  Ha Ha.  Actually, she is now Saturday Sheryl until further notice.  She has enjoyed stopping at the public market on Saturdays with me when the rounds are finished.  So she switched her dates until further notice.

But alas, it is fall now, and with that comes the cold weather.  We are supposed to see our first frost tonight.  The kitties out there are cold.  I set one shelter I had at one location where the shelters I had were trashed this year – but realized I am down to nothing now, except one or two really nice ones that I am hesitant to place in fear of them being taken.  So, I have been offered Styrofoam boxes in the past, and could really use some shelters pre-made for me.  If anyone is so inclined.  IT would be so appreciated by these kitties I am trying to make as comfortable as possible while trying to live their lives on the streets.

Saturday morning, my plan was to rescue Bugsy/Peanut from Baldwin, and bring him to the woman in Caledonia who kindly offered to foster a desperate kitty from the street for me.  I thought of him first because when I arrive at this spot each morning, he is a head butter and gorges the wet food I place, as if he hasn’t eaten in weeks.  And the black cat, Blackie #2, is not too pleased with him.  Bugsy could care less who gets in his way.  So I thought he would be the perfect candidate. Well, I grabbed him, put him in carrier, brought him home, opened the carrier door in bathroom, and he went berserk.  He was climbing walls, etc. and I knew he would probably bite me he was so scared, so somehow, I knew I couldn’t give this cat to this first time foster.  I knew in my heart he would eventually be OK, but it wasn’t going to happen right away.  I decided then and there, even though it broke my heart, I had to take him back.  So I did.  It did break my heart.  But for now, I need to find another kitty that I know won’t be as frightened.  There are so many, its very hard for me to choose.   But I will.  Bugsy was there the next morning, all over me again, as if nothing ever happened.  L

Riley and Squirt!

Sydney and Joannie!

Riley and Squirt, the two tabby kittens I rescued a few mornings ago, spent the weekend with me, in a cage.  They are so sweet that I was able to hold them, and kiss them on the nose!  J  Not bad for feral kittens!  We figure they are about 8 weeks now.  Mama was spayed last week, and her other set of ‘twins’ that were rescued two weeks prior, Sydney and Joannie, have really come around also.  Thanks to Melissa, the kitty whisperer.  I wound up taking Riley and Squirt to her house yesterday so that she could work her magic and get those two more socialized, while Sydney and Joannie went to a new foster home as they are close to ready as far as socialization.  Thanks Joy and family! 

Baxter needs his nails clipped so I am working on that – looking to have some help there.  His foster family reports that he has scratched their daughters – not out of aggression, but out of wanting to eat, constantly.   We need to get him adopted.  Fast.

Peaches is doing well.  Loves to sit with his foster mom on the couch, and even tolerates her dog. 

Spencer is pretty much holding his own right now with me.  He is eating like a horse, could be the Prednisalone he is on.  He is lethargic and not very cuddly right now.  He just wants to lay at the window by himself.  My poor boy.

To top the weekend off, I flooded the basement – or my broken washing machine did.  So, on top of everything else, I had to order a new machine, to be delivered Wednesday.  What else could go wrong?  Much, I am sure of that.

Have a great day!

"The weak can never forgive.

 Forgiveness is the attribute 

of the strong."

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  1. Aww, that's a bummer that Bugsy didn't work out. Poor thing. :( At least he forgave you the next day! I'm sure you'll find another kitty more suitable for a first time foster.
    The kitties were the first thing I thought about when I heard it was going to frost tonight. Stupid winter!