Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Another Rescue!

So this morning, I had to let the little kitten back out on the street.  Just as I suspected, its a girl.  She was spayed, given her shots, and was scared to death.  I had to really coax her to get out of the trap on Parsells this morning.  BROKE my heart.

Meet Peppercorn.  AKA Sugar.  I like Peppercorn better, so now, thee is Peppercorn!  He was brought into clinic yesterday, neutered, tested negative for all, and is good to go.  As a matter of fact, this sweet little boy - between 1-2 years of age, is a total LOVER!  I've been feeding him in the early morning hours on this vacant lot on Seventh for close to two months now.  His one ear must have been ripped in a fight - so it made it look like he had been ear-tipped and neutered.  So now he has matching ears!  :)  I am so grateful that someone has offered to foster this kid.  Off he goes to Caledonia this weekend, fingers crossed!


I also am hopeful that someone is interested in Baxter.  We need to relieve his foster family as I think they might want a break.  They do, however, report that Baxter is wonderful with the kids, the other cats, and the pug dog they have, so he is really quite a catch!

I also received a call last evening in someone who is interested in meeting Sydney and Joannie! Hurray!  Fingers crossed.  Friday, my day off, she can meet the little girls and hopefully fall in total love.  Paddy's foster is falling madly in love with him, everyday telling me how he is coming out of his shell with her.  He has yet to meet his canine foster family, so fingers crossed.  Peaches foster mom has already said maybe she'll keep him but I told her NO!  You cannot be a foster failure.  We WILL find him a home!  Our other gal who is fostering the two recently rescued kittens from Bay Street, Riley and Squirt, is finding that the two are still a bit skittish, but she is the resident cat whisperer, and until she goes on vacation in early November, I have full confidence they will be much more tame, and ready for adoption.  Can't wait to get the little buggers then.  :)

This little one below has been running across the road each day - Pennsylvania Avenue - he is just a kitten, maybe 7 months old?  With a plastic flea collar.  He is also unneutered.  Lets see how long it is before he becomes actually homeless due to being unneutered, and spraying in the house soon - and his ignorant family who let him out unneutered, when the low income clinic is just down the street.  Sorry, but there is no excuse.   They may love cats, but they have to realize, or talk to people, don't they?  This is why there are so many displaced cats out there that I feed every day!  I think its criminal to own a cat and not have it fixed!

This little girl I've been feeding for many years now on Pennsylvania.  She appears to have a mouth issue.  Drooling a bit.  I am keeping an eye on her.  Would love to get her off the street and into a safe home.  She is a tiny little petite muted calico that I've now named Catarina.


I think that's all I have for right now.  I must get to work.  Appointment at City Hall this Tuesday.  Lets see how that goes!  Fingers crossed for good outcome!

Have a great day!

"There is no royal road to anything.  One thing at a time, all things in succession.  That which grows fast, withers as rapidly.  That which grows slowly, endures."


  1. Peppercorn is beautiful! And he's just letting you hold him like that. He's so pretty he should get adopted quickly.
    Fingers crossed for Baxter and the kittens! Baxter looks like a soulful boy. Praying he gets his forever home this weekend.

  2. Welcome Peppercorn - a real beauty!! I'm so glad you have more foster people Janine; it sure makes it easier finding them permanent homes. Keep up the GREAT work. Nancy C.