Friday, October 7, 2016

Double Trouble

As most of you know, I rescued two kittens at the auto garage on Bay Street a couple of weeks ago, knowing there was still a kitten and the mom that had to be rescued/fixed.  That momma was SO hard to catch, and I had been setting a kitten trap ever since each day for the kitten.  Well, Momma was trapped on Tuesday and spayed, and I continued to set a trap for kitten.  Same thing this morning.  Set the trap.  I got back into my car and could see with the headlights that a baby and momma were milling around the trap with the yummy wet food in it.

I drove off to complete my rounds - I think I am stopping at 18 locations now to feed and fix cats.  I drove back to the auto garage, and lo and behold, TWO kittens were inside the one tiny kitten trap!  Poor momma was sitting there, probably traumatized that her babies were inside the cage.    I felt so bad, but so relieved!

Now, to find a foster!

I will continue to monitor my baby Spencer and when he seems like he suffering, I will take him to the vet.  I plan on rescuing 'Bugsy' from Baldwin and Grand tomorrow morning and he will go off to a wonderful girl named Kim to be fostered.  He must be removed from the streets.  He is in too much competition with the other eight cats or so that feed and shelter here.

Have a great great great day!


  1. Does thep pred seem to be helping Spencer at all?

  2. Are the kittens male, female, one of each??