Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TNR Tuesday!

Couple of things before I forget.  Commissioner Jones, who was interviewed by the Democrat and Chronicle, and Channel 13 stating the rats and the health department was responsible for the removal of my shelters, was at the meeting - and GUESS WHAT!  He told us he feeds the cats at his house!  He said he loves cats!  I thought that was something..  a nice man, but now we need to get the health department on our side.

As far as profits, for one thing, I don't know what the grand total was - Kristin's dad takes the money and divides it up.  Some goes to the restaurant owner, per head, for the meals.  I don't get all of it.   I can tell you from past years, its enough to buy cat food for maybe two months.  (lets see...  $150x52=$7,800).  That's food alone. That's it.  Its not a big money maker, but bigger than I would ever see at one time, so I am still extremely grateful I have this, and that Kristin has stuck by me and continued the tradition for three years now.

This morning, lucky me, I had the skills of expert trapper Laura put to use for trapping the mom on Bay at Syd and Johnny's auto garage.  This is where I trapped two of her three kittens a few weeks ago, but couldn't for the life of me get mama and the third baby.  Well, Laura got mama this morning, but no kitten.  I will set a kitten trap for her/him tomorrow.  If I had a wish, it would be for someone to go sit there with a trap and wait until kitten goes in, no matter how long it takes.

Caeser from Second
Meanwhile, I set my new trap - thank you Melissa!  Melissa is fostering Syd and Joanie kittens - on Second and Central, where there have been sightings of FIVE kittens, and several female adults.  I set two actually, as last week, I got a kitten in one, and a lactating female in the other.  This time, a black kitty went in but was already ear-tipped, which means it was already fixed.  Let him go, and then within 10 more minutes another kitty went in.  I think he's a big tomcat.  He will go to the clinic for his neuter, and shots, and returned to the streets.  He actually looks like a big sweetheart.  So sad.

WARNING:  Graphic pictures.


Spencer is not doing well.  He is bleeding all over from his excessive itching and is now vomiting blood.  I am waiting for the vet place to open (Southtown Vet) where he has been seen twice before and treated for suspected hepatitis.  I love this little guy so much.  I just don't know what I will do.  He is skin and bone.  He never left my side last night. 


  1. Poor Spencer. Vomiting blood doesn't sound good :(. What is he itching from?

  2. Norman Jones lied to you. He never liked cats and certainly doesn't feed cats. Did he give an excuse why the Mayor couldn't attend the meeting?

    1. The Mayor DIDNT attend the meeting? Really?

  3. It MIGHT just be stomach irritation from the antibiotics given for the liver infection.Fingers crossed and prayers said for little Spencer.

  4. Poor Spencer. Please let us know what is going on after his appointment. Poor little guy. I am so thankful he is with you and not having to go through this alone on the street. great job on 2 more TNR kitties too. I will find out from my dad this morning what the total take home is for you from the fund raiser. Stay tuned.... - kristin

  5. Poor little guy. I hope it is not cancer or pancreatic issues, but the fact that he is skin and bones and you can't get weight on him no matter what you are feeding him (is he eating?), it does not look good. Been down this road before--and am having to go down it again, with another one or possibly two, of my cats. His itching could be related to liver issues and/or food/environmental allergies. Praying for Spencer. Please let us know what happens.

  6. Aww, Spencer! :( That's no good. I'll be praying for him. Hope the vet can figure out what's wrong with him and get him feeling better! He's such a cutie.