Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6th

Each morning when I get home from feeding the city cats, I go downstairs to the dungeon – its not really a dungeon – it’s the basement, and there is a room that is rather cozy.  Its got my computer, a printer, floor lamp, a futon, chairs, my cookbooks (A TON), and dry cat food.  Right now there is a LOT of dry cat food (enough to last for a couple of weeks)!  So many of you brought a bag or two of food to me at the fundraiser.  THANK YOU so much for that.  By this time its about 5:30 am. in the good weather (spring/summer/fall) so I begin my blog, check emails, and then go over to the food area, and start filling up the bags of dry food I will need the next morning.  I go through four of the 2-gallon zip loc bags of food, plus always keep a small amount on top of that in the Jeep.  I usually wind up spilling half on the floor as I am pouring from the bags to the smaller zip loc bags.  Get out the vacuum cleaner.  This is a daily routine part of my life.  Refilling the bags.  Then the wet food.  I rinse out the six large sized yogurt containers that are filled with the wet food.  I rinse out the dozen cans that are inside these containers after I’ve used up the food….  Wait, this is getting too confusing for some of you, its confusing me…  needless to say, I rinse out a LOT of cans in the morning to then place in the recycle bin, and those containers are filled up and placed in the fridge for next mornings use.  That’s a lot of wet food also.  But this is the daily chore that gets done first thing, so that I don’t have to think about what I have to do the next morning, until the next morning.  Day after day.  Good God.  How did I get myself into this?  J

I set the kitten trap this morning at the auto shop on Bay Street, but nothing, again.  Poor kitten.  I will just have to keep trying, but I don’t think it's going to happen if it hasn’t happened by now.


Here is what I found when I went to feed on Niagara this morning!  We were nearly nose to nose.  I sure have been lucky so far with these cute, but stinky critters!

Now I see a lot of skunks, raccoons, opossums, cats.  Also this morning, I had to bonk a raccoon on the butt to get him out of the shelter.  I surprised him eating the cat food on 7th, and he was not too quick to move.  He was humongous.  Ginormous.  As always, when I scare raccoons away, they always come back.  So I have to.  To refresh the food and water for the cats for the day, otherwise, they go without.  Those rascally raccoons!

Another thing I want to say is thank you to those of you who respond when I have a situation, like the one that Paul, the man on Second Street, had/has this past week.  This man's home is a dilapidated structure, but its still his one and only home.  Apparently the city did a roof job on his house over 8 years ago, but its now leaking something bad.  The guy that did my roof two falls ago offered to help Paul out with Paul making installment payments.  He is very poor.  Paul also allows me to feed cats and provide shelter for them behind his house and has for a long time now.  So I feel its my place to help him out when he is desperate.  His house now has a number of leaks, and I asked on for help for him on Facebook, because my roofer never went back to finish up his job.  Two people really stepped up to help.  Thank you Nancy, and thank you Darlene. Darlene will hopefully be able to get Paul help soon.  You are both DOERS and I am forever grateful for your help for Paul.

Finally, thank you Carrie, for these creative pictures of all the kitties in need.   And there are still so many more out there!  

Have a great day!

"Be happy... 
not because everything is good, 
but because you see the good
in everything."


  1. Now that you have your 501c3 status you can register on and hopefully that will help with adoptions!

    1. She's already on petfinder

  2. Thank you very much Carrie for taking the time in creating those beautiful Adoption posters. It is people like yourself and everyone else that helps Janine in her mission that makes it the success that it is. Bless you all for helping Janine the(Cat Angel) in Saving Rochester's Cats One At A Time.

    Walt Simoni

    1. Thank you. It is my pleasure to be able to help!

  3. I agree that Carrie's designs are beautiful! I will share them for sure.