Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Back Nine

Here is what I encountered as I walked out the door this morning:  Our first snowfall.  :(

Pennsylvania babies:  This is where I just rescued Paddy, and where Spencer came from prior:

OK, lets see if I can get through descriptions of my spots on the back half - from Goodman up to Niagara, which isn't far from Portland.

So after I cross over Goodman, I get to........

7.  Sid and Johnny's garage.  This is where I've just recently rescued four babies, and had their beautiful black mama spayed.  I have set a shelter on the side of this auto shot (which is fair and reasonable for auto repair!) thanks to the kind owner.  His wife and I went to junior high school together!  Sydney and Joanie, Riley and Squirt are all up for adoption.  And thanks to Rochester Animal Services, who have provided me with a few free spay/neuters, all four kittens will be done next week.

8.  Seventh Street - I now have no fear that the City will take these shelters, so I can mention this city lot!  Here is where I just rescued Peppercorn.  There is still Mama bear and a few other newbies, all of whom have been spayed and neutered (I think).  I rescued Mama bear’s kittens a few years back.  She is still around.  These shelters consist of a cargo cap – the kind you put on top of a car for transporting stuff – Kristin and her husband Darrin found it on the side of a road and crafted it to make a shelter.  It is not insulated, but has some straw in it that will need to be refreshed this Saturday when Sunday Sheryl rides with me.

9.  Short Street – I feed on a porch across from vacant lot here – there was a kitty that cried a lot a month or two back, but wouldn’t come near – a newbie – so I decided to leave a shelter and bowls here on this porch, on top of going to vacant lot where I have built up my shelters under a tree back there.  Baby Buttons, Buttons son, I’ve caught him sleeping when I cross the lot to leave food here.  Its really gratifying to see them using these shelters when the weather is like this.  I would love to reunite Baby Buttons with his mother, who is mine now.  She is an old girl, still a bit frightful, but sleeps next to me every single night. I had to rescue her a year or so ago from here because she was losing a lot of weight and I thought she was gravely ill.  Turns out she just needed some teeth pulled.  She is a love.  I am sure her baby boy, identical to her, is too.  He has come a long way with me over the years, now not nearly as fearful as he was.  Mr. Whiskers #2 is still  here, along with a pretty calico, and Milly, the black and white who was just a kitten when I first spotted her here.

10.  Central and Fifth.  Trying to build these shelters back up also.  Here we have several kitties, the most recent rescue here was baby Jules.  He was trapped at the same time as his mother, who I had spayed.  She is now very friendly, lets me pet her. There is a black and white kitty, and a grey kitty that has been here for years, along with another tabby or two. 

11.  Third and Central – placed another shelter here this morning. Thank you Elisabeth for leaving in my yard overnight!  It came in very handy for the kitties I feed here, at least three that I see every day. 

12.  Second and Central – the mailbox kitties.  I saw the kittens out again on a morning like today.  Sad.  The mailbox protects a small area underneath so that I was able to leave the bowls of water and food for the three kittens, and some adults.  I still can’t trap the calico, who could be the mother of the kittens.  I went to check on some shelters I hid in some bushes on the vacant lot across the street, and one was soaked.  The lid was somehow either blown off or removed.  I emptied out the wet straw and placed some towels in it until tomorrow morning when I can replace with dry straw.  I will then try to cover this area with plastic sheeting for protection, if this is the only shelter for these several adults and kittens. 

13.  Niagara.  I have not seen the sick little kitty in two mornings now.  I feed at least eight cats here.  Under the tree outside the gates of this low-income apartment complex that borders 1st street, central and Niagara.  Remember I had trouble with the huge black guy a year ago?  No more.  Glad we sort of ‘made up’ after the police had to get involved.  He just didn’t like me putting food inside the gate.  Who knows what I will have to do now this winter!  These cats live in a crack between two buildings.  One is a Laundromat where I am sure it’s the heat source from here for these cats.  Across from there I have permission to keep my beautiful shelters there from the business owner, who has sold the building.  Fingers crossed the new owner allows me to keep these shelters there.

14.  Onto Second Street behind Paul’s house – rats.  Yes, rats.  Trying to figure out this situation, but in the meantime, I feed a black cat, and a white with black spots.  This is where I rescued my baby Cloe, the FIP kitten who had deep bite wounds when I rescued her.  Thanks to Sue for giving her so much love and attention in her final months on earth.

15.   Pennsylvania and Second – picture here of three kitties I feed daily.  The red kitty has half a tail.  He and the grey kitty have been here for years.  They’ve had their shelters removed and trashed so many times.  They are tough cookies.

16.  FINAL!  Pennsylvania and Fourth – Catarina has been missing for well over a week now.  I am so sad about this. Sweet little muted calico.  I was going to rescue her next.    Big Red #2 still remains here, a beautiful calico, a tabby, another red guy, and now the white with black spotted kitten are here.  I might have to rescue that kitten even though it has one of those plastic flea collars.  He is unneutered, and doesn’t belong outside.  This is a very busy street, and I feel that Catarina life might have ended because of that.  She might have gotten hit.  She was always running into the road when she saw me coming in the Catmobile.  So sad.

OK, any good news?  Its Thursday!  And despite the weather, its going to be a great day!  I hope yours is as well.

“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural. They show us what’s missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally. They connect us back to who we are, and to the purpose of why we’re here.”


  1. Behind Paul's house, the cat's name is SPOT. He has only one round black spot. It's dead center on his left side. -SS

  2. So many kitties! :*( That's great that RAS gave you some free spots. Every little bit helps.

    Awww, hope Catarina turns up. Praying she shows up this weekend!