Monday, October 24, 2016

Manic Monday

It was cold and chilly this morning.  There was a light drizzle. The rains over the weekend were not pleasant either.  I had to hurry to each spot and pour the food and water.

Lets start with the good news.  BAXTER was adopted on Friday.  Hooray!  He is still a bit spooked in his new surroundings, but he will come out of it. He has a good new mom who will devote her time and attention to only him.  Because that's all there is.  Just the two of them.  Hooray!  Thanks to his foster family for getting him ready!  :)

Now we need to find homes for Peaches, Peppercorn, Riley and Squirt, and Sydney and Joanie.  I am hoping to get the kittens spayed and neutered in the next week or so.

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FOR SALE: This is a GREAT tool for introduction of a new cat with your existing dogs or cats. My friend's husband, a master carpenter, made a couple of these for me years ago and they have been INVALUABLE with the introduction of newly rescued cats acclimating to other cats, sounds, and gives them more attention rather than being closed off in a room. I told him he should sell them, and said I would put it out there. $20. Fits all doorways, and has attached doohickeys that fit on side to ensure a tight fit. Please let me know your interest! 


Doohickey for Gate
The following are pictures of three of the five kittens that are/were living on Central and Second Streets.  I feed them under this old mailbox.  I had the one long haired beautiful tabby TNR’d – she has maine coon features with the whispy haired ears and all – just a beauty.  In fact she is now rolling over on the sidewalk for me.  But won’t get too close.  I say are/were living, because I don’t see the other two.  Saturday morning, an elderly black man stopped – on his way to the bootleggers house just across the road – and told me that the house just down the road on the other side is where the kittens ‘belong’ to.  He said they have a ton of them.  So, there lies another problem.

Someone asked me about Spencer. Spencer is doing OK.  He continues on the Prednisolone, daily for four weeks, and then cut it to every three days after the four weeks.  He is thin, but the yellowing of his mouth, nose and eyes is not too bad.  MUCH better than it was.  He seems to be constantly hungry, but is also very finicky.  Chicken.  He must have the expensive chicken dishes.  I left him having fun this morning playing with some toys.  So for now, he is good!

Tomorrow is the meeting at City Hall, and I hope to make some progress, especially with several articles pointed out to me lately addressing what other places are doing with their cat/rat  problems.  I am hoping that there will be a health department official there, as that is what was suggested at our last meeting.  Do you know how many DEAD rats I see?  The Short Street rat problem was an isolated problem exacerbated by the house filth and from the trash next door to that.  My shelters should never have been REMOVED.  Its humans that are causing the rat problem, not the cats.

I did have SOME fun this weekend.  See below.  Thanks Jacqueline and Mary.  I loved the Dark and Spooky drinks I made too!  PS, I WON!  (guess which is my pumpkin!)

Kitty below on Niagara I discovered Sunday morning.  Very sick, like something stuck in its mouth.  I got its picture, and was hoping to help it out this morning, but no sign of it.  Poor thing.

Sick Cat on Niagara

Peppercorn was brought to his foster home.  He is just the sweetest, best cat.  A true lover.  Just loves to be held like a baby and loves his belly scratched too.  His new foster mom is WONDERFUL!  Thank you Kim!  Lets get this boy adopted!

We also have some real cuties - Kittens Joanie, Sydney, Riley and Squirt - that will be ready for adoption as soon as I can find low cost spay and neuter for them, which I am working on.  They are READY.



The Girls - Sydney and Joanie

Make it a great day!  Don't forget to smile - everyone you meet is struggling with something.


  1. Good luck with the rat problem. The hatred of cats runs so deep in the hood that even being over run with rats is considered preferable to most of them than the mere thought of a cat living among them.

    Also be very prepared for the use of rat baiting with poisons that is a favorite with health departments. The cats will eat it too.

  2. IF the Health Department decides they can safely put rat poison in those highly populated neighborhoods (which I think is debatable because children can possibly get into them) they would no doubt use those self contained ratbait boxes which cats do not normally eat because they are treated GRAIN blocks. The real danger to the cats is secondary poisoning from eating a sick mouse or rat. Squirrels etc will eat the bait too and die. These new generation poisons have no antidote either and a totally horrible. I hope you can convince the HD that trash cleanup and cats are a much healthier alternative for the PEOPLE in those neighborhoods too. I dont know whether it is legal to use them in highly populated areas.

  3. It IS legal for a paid pest control company to put bait stations in populated areas, but must be within 50 feet of buildings. I dont know if they would have to get owners permission but it would be legal to put on city property. Quite a few children are poisoned even with using "contained " boxes. i read that this happens most often in inner cities poor neighborhoods. So I guess you HAD better be prepared for this insanity and just keep pointing out neighborhoods and businesses using feral cat rat control successfully!

  4. Thank you for updating us on Spencer. Regarding the rat problem--didn't humans learn a lesson from the Middle Ages when they had the plague? Killing off the "witches' familiars" certainly did not help the problem--screw with Mother Nature and that is what you will get. It always amazes me how much rabid hatred there is for cats and it is always the humans who usually cause all the problems. As far as I am concerned, there is no better company than that of a cat.

  5. I love Doohickeys :) Is that gate kitten proof? I'm guessing not, and I'm guessing getting it up to maine would be cost prohibitive anyway.