Monday, October 17, 2016

Rainy Days...and Mondays...


Friday Morning:


I've been fascinated with the moon the past few mornings.  I tried to take these pics with my cell phone, and of course, they never turn out as well as the naked eye.  And I tried to chase the moon as I was out at 4 am.  The trees were usually in the way.  At one point, the moon was HUGE, and I tried to get a shot of it before it went down, and I wound up getting the dude that was walking past at the time.  I am sure he thought I was nuts.  You can see the moon, its the furthest right round white ball in the picture.  :)

A few notes of observation from this morning at my feeding locations.

1                feeding a sweet little grey kitty that I don’t if it belongs to the house next door.
2               I’ve set up shelter behind this store on Parsells, big red and black and white kitties have been partaking in the food I’ve left there all summer long
3               I brought a whisk broom to sweep up the tiny shards of glass that were there two days ago.  You have no idea how many cats I see limping out there.

4               There is a beautiful fluffy white cat with a few markings here and there  and there was also a black and white kitty that came up on the porch - starving - while I was serving the food and I felt her belly, her milk ducts were full.  UGGGH.  :(

(RAN OUT OF TIME TO FINISH THIS POST ON FRIDAY - but will continue my notes another day)

Monday Morning:

I decided to keep Paddy's name - thanks to all of you for the suggestions - they were great!  Its on his paperwork, and it would be funny to change his name midway.  I thought of another name that I will use in the future - Peppercorn.  :)  Love that name.

Paddy was brought to a foster home on Sunday.  What a lovely couple they are.  And their two cute dogs - one a big lug - Gracie - a black lab, and the other a Chihuahua.  Cuter than cute.  Of course Paddy wont have the pleasure of meeting them for a while until he settles in to his new surroundings.  Better than my bathroom, that's for sure.  He is such a good boy, he will make a good companion for just the right person.  Right now he is still in hiding, according to his foster mom this morning.  I pray he comes around soon.  He's been through a LOT.  Now to get Baxter and Peaches adopted first.  Then our little brat babies Sydney and Joannie, and then Riley and Squirt.  Cutest kittens ever.  :)

It was raining and miserable out there today.  My hair is a mess.  I did my rounds in record speed.  Just over an hour.  I timed my spot at Baldwin and Grand - 4.5 minutes.  That spot is a pain because I am now medicating Bugsy - he sounds very very congested.  But I think these pills that a friend provided me with are doing the trick.  I have not seen the unneutered black cat - Blackie #2 in a very long while now, maybe two weeks.  And Fluffypants #2 was not there this morning, which makes me worry.  He is there like clockwork.

Saturday Sheryl pointed out this little footprint.  What do YOU think it belongs to?  Speaking of, I found a opossum curled up on my chair on my porch this morning when I got home from feeding.  Cutest little bugger, but he had to go.  He was slow moving, and wouldn't budge at one point.  So I got out a cat toy, the wand type, and tried to pry him out the door by lightly tapping on his butt.  He was stubborn, but out he went, finally.

I am trying to get my shelters built up for the upcoming days.  Straw, shelters, tarps, pallets, heavy rocks or pavers - we are expecting high winds tomorrow or the next day so must make sure these tarps stay in place with the pavers.  Thanks to those of you that dropped some off to me.  Saturday Sheryl helped me this past Saturday, we did the Front Nine.  Next weekend, the Back Nine.  We had to open the shelters, and put fresh straw in, etc.  Found a lot of dead little animals, and Sheryl saw some creepy spiders.  Other than that, its good to freshen them up. 

I took a picture of my city garden.  It is overgrown at the moment, but still looks beautiful, even at 5 am.

I am still waiting for the city to call me back with another date and time to meet, along with the health department.  I will reach out to them again today.  We need to make changes, and I won't stop until we do.

Have a nice day.

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, 
but tomorrow is ours to win or lose."


  1. That moon sure has been something the last few days. When I took the dogs out the other night I was wondering who was shining a spotlight on my house and it was the moon!

    Have you ever considered mixing a gallon jug of water with antibiotics and using that bottle to water at that location for 7-10 days? It really works well especially with ferals or hard to pill cats.

  2. Footprint is raccoon definitely!

  3. I bet the Mayor won't show again. Be to busy!