Friday, October 28, 2016

TGIT - And That Ain't No Joke

Man, I am just waiting on that lottery to hit.

Sydney and Joanie!
Its Friday, and as always, whenever I plan on having a nice, relaxing weekend, it always gets full.

Saturday, Paddy will be leaving his beloved foster home, spending the night in my bathroom again, and then going to his hopefully forever and ever home.  And of course, the people that adopt cats from me seem to live a million miles away.  I've noticed that everyone who has expressed interest in adopting are from the 'other side of the river'.  The west side.  While I have no issues with that, I wonder why the eastsiders don't adopt from me.  :)

Paddy's foster parents have been so good and loving to him.  I know they will have a hard time parting ways - Paddy was now sleeping on the man's lap.  With the little dog next to him.  It IS sad when you think about it.  But I told his foster mom that with this adoption, I am able to save another's life from the streets.  She agreed to foster again.  I am thinking this time it will be Fluffypants #2 on Baldwin and Grand. I picked him up this morning whispered "are you ready to be rescued?"  He's been around so long.  I just know, like the twin before him (I rescued another cat at another location - Fluffy Pants - from Pennsylvania and Second a couple years ago) that he will be the star of the house.  They might be skitzy at first, but Fluffypants #1's family is totally in love with him.  Last I heard.  I just know #2 will make a great pet.

But in the meantime, we must get these others adopted!  Spread the word about Peaches, Peppercorn, the kittens Riley, Squirt, Sydney and Joanie!  The kittens will all be spayed/neutered this week and ready for their new homes!

Have a great weekend everyone!

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile."


  1. I hope things go smooth for Paddy. He deserves a permanent loving home.

    I have am in awe that people aren't knocking down your door to adopt those adorable kittens!

  2. You just do the best stuff. Bless Paddy's foster family and his forever family :)

  3. God bless Paddy and his new family; may they live happily ever after!
    Those little black and white kittens are just the cutest! If only we had more room...