Monday, November 23, 2015

Boot Scootin Boogie!

Yup, break out the snow boots, its winter out there today!  uggghghghghghghghghhghghghghghghg.

It was a huge reminder of what is to come, and how desperate I am to find more people to foster these sweet animals out there that are waiting for me to sweep them off their feet.  I looked at Buttons earlier, when I went in to cuddle him and give him his wet food, which is all he is still eating since his teeth extractions last week, and I rubbed the pads on his rough feet, looked at him, he looked at me with grateful eyes, and I told him how lucky he was, how warm and cozy it was for him now, that he would never have to suffer another night in the cold again.

I saw Parsley this morning, jump down from his wet blanket from the porch on Parsells as I pulled up, as he does every single day, and runs to greet me.  I give him a pat, and tell him I will be getting him someday soon, and say that with guilt as I look at the five or six others that are waiting there also.  I tell this to Prince on Parsells, and to his two companions there that run to greet me, all waiting for a pat and food.  Their water bowls all iced over this morning.  I fill three jugs of warm water each day, HOT when its really cold out, so that they can have quench their thirst while the water is still warm before it turns to ice.

Their very favorite is wet food.  Sometimes, I feel sad because I can't leave them very much, I just can't afford all that wet food - enough to feed over 70 cats that I encounter each morning.

Cammy (from Central) - needs a home
And then we have the ones in foster now, the ones that are waiting for their forever homes, but I know how very grateful they are.  I have Patches, Minnie and Buttons that I am fostering.  Cammy is with Karen P., Ciara has Buddy, sister Karen has Nora and Violet, Hermie is on his way out from his foster who can't keep him any longer, and Francie who has been waiting a long time for her forever home is with her foster mom Pattie.

Parsley (Parsells) needs to get off the street
Prince (Parsells) - still on the street
Please spread the word about these animals - we need more people to step up and foster the ones that aren't so lucky today.  I will take care of all medical bills.  You just provide the warm home and love.

Adopt.  Rescue.  Foster.
Transport. Sponsor.  Donate.
Volunteer.  Educate.
Don't walk away.

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  1. I thought of you and the kitties when I saw that white stuff this morning. :( Thankfully it's warming up later this week. I"m praying this winter is a lot milder than last winter!