Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TNR Tuesday and SO MUCH MORE!

There is a girl, her name is Carrie, she is sweet, funny, SMART, and caring.  She has started a fundraiser for me, its a tab on this blog, up above, and you can feed a cat for a day, for Christmas.  You get a lovely gift certificate for doing so, and you can also donate in honor or in memory of someone, or your favorite kitty or doggie (or snake or hamster, whatever).  I thank her so much for starting this for me.  I can't wait to see if it takes off.  Please consider feeding a cat for Christmas.  Remember, these are not my cats, these are ALL of our cats, they belong to us, and we need to care for them, together.  I am out there doing the dirty work, but I need help on the sidelines. Read all about it on the tab above.

The only home these cats know
Today was TNR Tuesday, where I have two slots open to me each week, and I've been doing this since early spring this year.  There is a beautiful calico girl that cries when she is there, and I am there to feed it, on Webster and Ferndale, where Crazy Maryleigh lives close by.  I drove strait there to set the first trap.  As I was pulling up, guess who I saw - and this is 4:15 am.!  Maryleigh.  So, I slowly follow her, and she turns around to see me, and then starts to walk back toward her house.  I called out to her and said I hope she is not burying cats in the vacant lot that I have seen her go back and forth from.  Her footprints were there yesterday morning, you could see them in the snow, at 4:45 am.  She is doing something back there.  Anyways, the trap was set, I went and set the next trap behind Paul's house on Second Street for another calico and then went back and voila, there is a pretty fluffy tabby feral kitty.  I named him FRANKIE from Ferndale.

I then finished up the back nine - I did not get a kitty behind Paul's house so I packed up the trap and headed back to Parsells to finish up the front nine.  I decided to set a trap at my second stop on Parsells, as there are a few kitties that sleep in the shelter I have on that porch but run when they see me.  I set the trap, and as I was headed back to the car, there was LISA!

Lisa, taken several years ago with poor kitten in her arm - the cops were called this day too, as she wasn't allowed animals in her house
Lisa is the other crazy woman in my life besides MaryLeigh, who both have been thorns in my side when it comes to cats.  Lisa is also mentally ill, and lives just a few houses down from where I feed these cats.  She came walking up to me and noted that I was feeding cats on that porch, and asked why I didn't feed cats under her tree anymore.  I said because you take the food and throw it out.  She then said something about the owner of the house being a *expletive* and how they kill cats by pulling their limbs apart, etc. (meanwhile, she must be thinking about the torture she has done to cats in the past) and how much she hated him.  The house is vacant by the way.  She THEN started to say how she didn't appreciate me feeding the cats on her block, and how she didn't appreciate how I feed cats several blocks down from there, as she pointed to my next stop where Parsley and the others hang out.  I told her that all that was none of her business and she said I don't want you here, and came at me and said I will hit you, and I put my arm up and she hit my arm, otherwise it would have been my face as she is as tall as I am.  Normally, I would have retaliated, no one hits me and gets away with it.  But I knew I had the law on my side this time.  After she threw a bottle at me, and turned around to go in her house, door slamming, I called 911 and made the report.  Within five minutes, two cop cars pulled up (meanwhile, I had gone on to my next feeding spot).  Two nice officers, McDonald and Armstrong, pulled up, I told them what happened, and I gave them a bit of history about Lisa.  Without much hesitation, they asked if I wanted to have her arrested.  I hemmed and hawed, but then realized that YES, I do want her arrested.  I don't need her harassing me and the cats and the food bowls now that she knows its me feeding the cats, plus I was trapping and I didn't want her messing with it.  They asked me to stick around and said they would go talk to her.

Meanwhile, I picked up the trap.  There was no way any cat was going into the trap with all this commotion. The officer did explain to me that if she didn't open her door, they couldn't arrest her.  I don't really understand that, but I said, OK.  I had also asked if she would be arrested under mental hygiene, or go to jail, and they said jail.  After five minutes or so, I drove up to her house and could see them talking to her in the dark.  An officer came up to me and said that she wouldn't come off her porch, so they couldn't arrest her.  I still don't understand that, but in the meantime, I said well I gotta get going, he took my information and said if anything further happens, to call them.  I still don't understand how a person can come up and intentionally hit you, with you having done nothing wrong to them,. and get away with it.  Anybody familiar with the law here?

So that was my excitement for the morning.

Patches will have to go back to the vet, his mouth is not getting any better.  He has bloody smelly saliva hanging from his mouth, the tongue slipping out a bit, and you can tell he generally just does not feel good.  I have a feeling they may have to remove his teeth.  I looked and his gums are very red.  I have spent so much money on him and Violet lately.  These are not my cats, these are Rochester's cats, and I sure could use some help.

Have a wonderful day.

"We make a living by
what we get...

but we make a life by
what we give."


  1. Holy cow. Unbelievable! I too don't understand why the police can't arrest someone if they stay on their porch. What is it, like the "safe" in hide and go seek? Well, hopefully just having the cops talk to her will help. Crazy world...... I hope Patches gets his mouth fixed soon so he can be a happy kitty. Let me know if I can help with that. Also, I picked up an entertainment center off the side of the road yesterday that will make a great, heavy shelter! Be thinking of where you need one. it will have 2 or 3 "apartments" in it. Talk to you soon! xoxo -Kristin

  2. Sure sounds like assault to me! WTH. You are dealing with "crazy" out there so be super careful honey.

  3. Gotta be the full moon!

  4. Sadly, it's a harassment or dis con, which are both violations, unless they see a mark, redness, swelling, etc.. Jail time is 7 days max, which rarely happens. (It's like a parking ticket, even less 'cause I'm sure she will claim poverty on a paying the fine.) You should carry pepper spray and painted her face with it if she ever does that again. Simply say "I was in fear' or 'I felt threatened & was defending myself' when the police show up. Getting sprayed with that will change her tune very quickly. Be careful.... AWESOME job with the Feed a Cat for XMas! I hope anyone that follows you will share.

  5. I hate to tell you this, but the police were not doing their job and were giving you a lot of BS. They probably think we crazy cat ladies are mental, too.

    I had an incident where a neighbor came over and called me things that were not nice and the police offered to arrest him for just verbally abusing me...