Thursday, November 5, 2015

ADOPT! Save a Life!

CAMMY - so ready!

FRANCIE - so ready!

HERMIE - just about ready!

NORA - so ready!

PARSLEY - Needs to be RESCUED!

PATCHES - so ready!
Well, it was a MUCH better morning out there.  I am renewed.  A sweet girl that rode with me a few weeks back was supposed to go with me this morning, but never showed.  I am sure she had good reason.  So in the meantime, off I went all by my little old self.  I wasn't even scared!  :)  It was a beautiful breezy morning, nice and warm.  I did get a little frightened when I was headed to my fifth stop on Garson, all the lights were out for part of the block.  It was pitch dark.  It was like out of a horror film, with the girl carrying the flashlight not able to see anything but the view from the light.  I kept thinking some bad guy was going to jump out at me, but it didn't happen.  All was well.

I saw the two kittens I had to release back to Melville, so that was a relief, because when I let them out of their trap, they bolted.  There have been times where I have released a cat that I had fed for a long time, and I've never seen it again.

I had Patches overnight, after his foster mom dropped him off the night prior.  He went to the vet AGAIN yesterday for checking on his uclerated tongue, and got another couple of shots to see if they might work this time.  He spent the night in the bathroom, well, half the night.  He jumped the gate I placed in the doorway!  I found him in the morning sleeping on the living room chair.  No problem with my own cats, they are so good with strangers.  So Patches did not like to be isolated!  So he is in another room with George today while I am at work.  He is still hiding, so we have to get him to overcome his shyness!

Thanks for the kind words about about the little kitten killed violently by the dogs yesterday.  It was a horrific thing to see, and stayed with me all day.  After digging her little grave and burying her, I was more at peace. I know nothing can be done about it, a cat unknowingly wanders into a yard where there are dogs that instinctively want to kill it, its not against the law.  Its just tragedy.  Hug your dog, hug your cat.  Be glad they are safe and sound.

My car is at the repair shop again today.  Another set of brakes.  When you have two vehicles with both over 100,000 miles on them, things are bound to happen.  I just pray they go another 50,000, at least, as a car payment would kill me, as if these bills aren't already.  If anyone knows of a vehicle for sale in good condition similar to a Jeep, please let me know!  I would be lost without a vehicle like this to transport traps, boards, shelters, and all the accoutrements that go along with cat feeding and rescue!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

"Its not the load that breaks you down,
its the way you carry it."


  1. How are Elvis and Jelly? Are they still up for adoption or is the foster mom keeping them?

    Hope Patches gets some relief soon. At least he has a buddy to hang with now. :)

  2. ??? The prey drive in dogs is complex. Hunt Stalk Chase Bite Shake Kill, to put it succinctly. What sets domesticated dogs apart from wild animals is that most of them have had the Bite Shake and Kill portions genetically bred out of them. That is what makes them good pets. In the case of dog fighting breeds, the Bite Shake and Kill sequence has been bred to be an overwhelming drive. The bottom line is that it is NOT normal for domesticated dogs to kill cats or other wildlife that comes into their yard while it is expected behavior from dog fighting breeds.

    I am so sorry that you had to hear and witness what I have heard and seen so many times before, as I live in the hood. Please don't blame all dogs for this horrible behavior and PLEASE don't pass this behavior off as normal dog behavior. It is not.