Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Some of you may not read today's post.   I wouldn't if I didn't have to write it.  And I write everything I witness so that I can get it off my chest.  And to raise awareness of the plight of the cats in this city.

First thing, I had to release the two kittens that I trapped yesterday morning back onto the streets at Melville.  It was heartbreaking.  I don't think they were much older than five months.  One beautiful calico (not pregnant), and one black with a little white.  Both frightened.  Barely ate overnight.  Its a horrible thing to have to release them.  That's one thing.

I then went about my business - this is a full time job almost, really - MEDS - I gave a Clavamox pill to Prince at my second stop, he takes it so well, I can put it right into his mouth and he swallows it.  Then I am giving one to Parsley at the next stop, as I believe he has URI also, but not as bad as Prince right now.  The next pill I give is to an older tabby I've been feeding for years now, behind Paul's house on Second Street.  Since the Tuffy days.  Tuffy, I have not seen him in well over a year now.  I remember having him neutered.  Someone else trapped him for me.  I so did not want to return him.  He was an old soul, with many injuries over the years.  But I had to return him, and I regret it still to this day.  I am sure he is up in heaven with all the other little ones that I know have passed through this life.

I sit here, my eyes welling up still, because its hard to forget the sounds I heard on Seventh Street when I was bending down to feed.  Remember, Baby Mama has been here for years, I rescued two of her three kittens, Seven, the black and white kitty I just released after neuter here two weeks ago, and a host of other adult cats.  This is also where five kittens were born in the spring (I spayed their mother), and I tried my best to get help in trapping them, but it never happened.  I now see two, maybe three kittens left.  I don't know where the others have disappeared to.  What became of them.  I was pouring food, and all of the sudden I heard a cat cry behind the fence next door, and then I heard the sound of the dogs behind that fence - one Rottweiler, one Pit - and then the sound of the cat again crying, and then the sound of dogs fighting - they were fighting over the now dead body of a cat.  I had already run over when I heard the cat cry - there is a hole in the fence, and I saw the whole thing.  I screamed out, kicked the fence hard, tried to get them to let go.  I then ran to the front of the house - POUNDED so hard on the door - the wife finally came, I was in tears now, telling her to go get the cat from the dogs, and she said her husband was coming down and would get it.  She apologized many times to me, I know she felt bad.  This is the PuertoRican couple that don't speak much English.  The property where the Chickens, and the Bunnies, I've reported to authorities about in the past.  I ran to the other side of the house, pounded on the fence there to get the dogs to turn their attention to me, and then ran back to the house, pounded again, and this time the man came out.  I asked him, sobbing, to get a box and go get the cat and give it to me before the dogs ate it.  I gave him my flashlight, he got a box, I then heard the thump where he threw the cat in the box, and came back and gave it to me - said something like 'dogs and cats (don't get along)' or something as I walked away with the box.  When I got back to the truck, I looked at the cat, and realized it was one of the kittens.  This just tore me apart.  Its little legs dangled, like a rag doll, they were broken.  I didn't know if it was alive or dead.  I felt for a heartbeat, nothing.  I will bury this little baby in my yard today. 

I drove off feeling so helpless. 

I don't write this blog to sadden people.  I just want to raise awareness about what is happening on our streets in the city, and to help make a difference.  If every one did something, we can help to overcome the suffering of these poor babies.

Please do your part.  Anything.

Sorry for the sadness, and thanks for reading.


  1. Oh Janine, :( what a sad morning!

  2. Animal control,should be informed, can't imagine this will,be a "one of"

  3. I really hate dogs like that. And people like that. I can't imagine seeing the whole thing. It's probably a good thing you don't carry a gun.

  4. PLEASE put this reality on your fb page Janine and I beg all of your readers to do the same. NOTHING will change if people don't start acting. If you do not have money to donate, tell people about Janine. Post flyers with her webpage or talk to anyone that will listen about her. Put it on your fb page, on your friends' fb page, whatever. No one wants to read about this horrific thing that happened to that poor kitty, but that's the reality that will happen again & again until people start caring enough to do something!!!! That worthless Governor of ours refused to sign the TNR bill so it's up to US. You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem. DO something for those innocent little critters that are forced into this fate. For those that say they don't want to hear about this type of thing, you are part of the problem so please crawl back under your rock.

  5. Janine,

    So sorry you had to witness such a horrific act. Perhaps you can convince the owners of the fence to cover(repair) the whole. You truly are the Cat Angel. I implore all the readers to please help Janine any way you can. Please donate food and or money if you cannot foster or adopt. Janine desperately needs all our help in order to save these poor creatures from the mean streets of Rochester. Janine bless you for your daily sacrifices. You are certainly making a big difference in the lives of every Kitty that is fortunate enough to cross paths with you.

    Walt Simoni

  6. Janine, I am so sorry. Unfortunately, in society today, many people believe that the life of a cat is worth nothing. It sickens me that so-called humans feel and act this way--some of them even think it's funny. On TV, when the boyfriend "accidentally" runs over his girlfriend's cat, there is laughter. The general media would never run a scene like that with a puppy (I would not want that to happen to any animal). Whenever I see a cat that has been hit by a car, I always think that someone did not love it enough to keep it safe and I say a prayer for it. Some people may think I'm crazy, but I feel very blessed to have my cats in my life. I don't know what I would do without them.

  7. Janine...there are no words, but tears running down my face....keep getting back up Janine...keep getting back up.. keep showing love. and how it is done..