Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TNR Tuesday

Well, it was quite an interesting morning.

VIOLET (this a.m.)

To begin with, an update on Violet.  After speaking to the vet where Violet was kept all day, there are no definite conclusions as to why she cannot handle solid food without regurgitating.  The doctor suspects congenital sliding hyatel hernia, cannot rule out esophageal stricture.  She did gain .4 ounces, so she is retaining some of what she is eating.  What she CAN tolerate is KMR - kitten milk replacement, but she cannot live on that.  She recommended Flamazine? for the script (for gastric reflux?), and to feed meat flavored baby food and KMR mixture every three hours.  She said Violet is regurgitating, not vomiting, there is a difference between the two.  I am not quite sure where this is all headed, but I pray something gives soon.  She is a playful little girl, loves the big kitties, is as sweet as can be, and will make someone the finest, little cuddler ever.  So while she is under my roof, she will be spoiled rotten.

I headed out, as I always do, at 4:15 am.  It was a nice morning, maybe high 50s, low 60s, stars in the sky.  I set out to trap two cats, as I have had two standing appointments every single Tuesday since early springtime at Rochester Community Animal Clinic.  I have probably rescued more than half the cats I've brought in, but have also returned a large number back to the streets - most of them I know would have made a good kitty for someone, so its always heartbreaking to do for me.  I think I've rescued and found homes for at least 70 cats since January of this year.  And TNR'd maybe 50?  Kristin can confirm those numbers.  :)  I am proud of this, but it has certainly taken its toll on me, my pocket, and my friends pockets - those that have helped either with finances, food or adoption/foster.

I set my trap on Melville Street, knowing there are still at least two more kittens from the litter born in the springtime to a mom, who I have since had spayed.  Two of the four have been 'captured', and are with people who are trying to adjust them socially.  Magoo (Mikey is suffering a terrible URI right now and we are trying to figure out how to get a feral kitten into a vets office for vetting).  He will have his second dose of Doxycycline today, but not sure if that will work.  His eye is swollen shut.  Melissa, the other kitten that turned out to be a boy, is in the care of another friend who actually can hold him now.  He may always be skittish and frightened, but the feral stage has lessened, which CAN be done, it just takes someone who is not fearful, and will handle the cat authoritatively.  I am not sure that is the right word, but you get my drift.

Anyways, I set a trap hoping to get another kitten, or one of the other older cats that hangs there, there are so many, and then drove off.  I drove off and set the trap at the next spot on Parsells, as there is a calico that I don't think has been spayed.  I set the trap there, and drove off to do the next couple of spots on Parsells.  I went back to Melville to check on that trap, and you would NOT believe what I found.  Look for yourself.  :)

Mary and Malcomb
YES!  Both kittens!!!  What an unbelievable stroke of luck!  :)  So there was my quota, and two kittens never to create babies, ever!  Although sad as it is, this kitten looks pregnant.  I am still amazed that this happened.  SO THANKFUL it was so easy, and such a great catch.  Although you can imagine how I am going to feel when I have to return them to the streets tomorrow.  Its going to be heartbreaking.  Say a little prayer for them please.

As I pulled up to Pennsylvania and Second, my heart sank.  Every once in a while, I've been seeing a beautiful white and orange spotted cat on Second, and it waits for me to pour the food down and leave.  Just yesterday, I saw him and he waited for me to leave.  This morning, I saw him first, dead in the road.  I hovered over his beautiful, unmarked body and stroked his back, knowing it must have been a head injury that killed him, there wasn't much blood and he was intact.  I hate people that leave the scene of an accident like that.  HATE them.  I fear Parsley will suffer the same death if I don't rescue him soon.  I wrapped this little guy in towel and gently placed him under the tree there.  Bless his little soul.  No more suffering.

Please consider foster or adoption.  We have Francie, Patches, Cammy, Hermie and Violet who all need homes.  Have a good day.

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."


  1. Glad you got the 2 kittens, they are adorable! Sorry to hear about the orange and white kitty :(

  2. I will tally your number tonight Janine and report back :) I too am so happy you got the kittens - and heartbroken about the orange and white kitty. Poor sweet baby ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Poor little Morris. Bless you my friend Bean💝

  4. Poor little Morris. Bless you my friend Bean💝

  5. Awww. how old do you think the black and white one is? is it a boy?

  6. Violet is soo precious! And so are the two you got in the trap! That calico is very pretty.

    I'm so sorry about your orange and white boy. :( Such a tough life for these babies.