Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Well, guess what.  Another rescue!  Nehemia is going to be adopted!  His new moms name is Azure - such a beautiful name, and obviously a big heart.  She also has renamed him Barney!  I will be bringing him over to meet his new mom this evening!  Hurray!  And thanks Julie for finding Azure for me!  Azure was one of Julie's fosters for Another Change Pet Rescue, which Julie was the founder/president of.   Its disbanded now, but thank goodness the compassion is still in every one of its member's hearts to continue to care for animals. Barney was picked up at the clinic, extremely doped up, and spent a very restless night at my house.  Crying all night.  This is truly a street cat, that knows nothing about love, gentleness, warmth, and kindness.  He just sits and cries and wonders what is happening to him.  He is a very beat up cat too.  He has lived through quite a few turbulent years being homeless with the weather and just trying to survive the street life.  He, along with all the others, surely deserves a home, but its going to take a little while for Barney to get used to it.  I pray this girl has nothing but patience and love to give him.  Patience is key.

Niles will be put back on the street today.  So will Polly, the second twin that Laura successfully trapped yesterday for spaying.  Thank you Diane and Laura for your help in cleaning up the area that I feed, shelter and do my best to control the population of hundreds of cats that need help 365 days a year.  I do my best with what little resources I have, and most of the time, its just little old me doing it.  I am so grateful.

Tomorrow, I set two more traps on Parsells, where I feed under a tree just before my REAL first spot/shelter is.  There is another pregnant kitty there that I saw a few days ago, and at least two more cats that have not been spayed/neutered. I have two more appointments scheduled at the clinic tomorrow.  Thats four more cats that will not be reproducing in just one week!  Wish me luck.

Vanessa just rescued with her black baby

Vanessa Today

My little Vanessa had to go to the doctor yesterday.  She has been 'coughing' - almost like she is going to spit up a hairball, but it never comes up.  This has been going on for a while before I decided she should probably be looked at.  She may have asthma, they say, and/or an upper respiratory, so after an extra, she was sent home with steroids and Clavamox.  To the tune of $191.  Thanks Vanessa.  And thank you MasterCard.  She actually seems to be doing better this morning after her first round of pills!  I had some litter donated to me that was very dusty, and that might have triggered it a few weeks ago.

GEORGE and SCOOTER (loving their new bed (and each other!))


If you all remember Butterscotch, the kitten I took in from the Roberts Wesleyan College situation.  She was semi-feral, and still is. Its been months since I held her.  She loves her home here with me and her brothers and sisters, but won't let me get too close to her.  She runs, she plays, she does everything a kitten does, but with her feline buddies.  Not me.  Sad, but hopefully someday that will change.  I snapped the pic above walking past the steps, she had her head in her 'hands' looking down from the top stair.

I leave you with more pictures of some of my brats.  Don't forget to click on the pics for a close up view.



Have a great day!

"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up."


  1. Great news on another adoption! Sweet/Princess Alice is doing well in her new home. She is terrorizing her new brothers & sisters (dog included). Each day is getting a bit better as she realizes she is off the streets and no longer has to fight for her food or safety. We just love her to death! -carol

  2. This is just a fabulous blog today! I am SO excited for little Nehemia! What an angel Azure is for adopting him. Wow - so uplifting to hear. And from my count you have TNR's about 18 cats in 2 months and of those 3 have gone on to be adopted. Simply incredible!!! Janine, Diane, Laura - you guys are seriously kicking a** this year!!!

  3. What. A beautiful day it is, news like this just makes me forget all that was getting me down ! Love you girls Xoxoxox

  4. Aww, I'm so glad Nehemiah/Barney is getting a real home! If his new mom is an experienced foster, no doubt she has the patience required to help him.

    Poor Vanessa! I'm sorry she's not feeling good. Keep an eye on that coughing, she may need steroids if it's asthma. My Kokanee died very suddenly from an asthma attack and it totally blindsided us. As far as we knew, he just had mild asthma once in a while for the previous six months. It took me years to get through that horrible trauma. And now I'm tearing up. :(

    Anyway, Charley is so adorable there. He still sometimes has that same expression. He's a big doofus. :)