Friday, May 1, 2015


So I got a call from Brenda last evening asking me (telling me actually) to come pick her cat up for spaying in the morning.  When I went there this morning, her brother came out of his place which is in the front of her place in back - a duplex - to try to get her - she said she wasn't in her house but in his.  After TEN minutes of standing there - with some young girl dressed up like a hooker who was standing in the entryway - silent, not wanting to converse, he finally came out to say she was incoherent and sleeping and to come back later.  I also had a call from a rescue group asking if I needed any TNR spots because she had a few extra at Lollipop for this morning.  I thought, perfect, I will bring Brenda's cat - a new mother - I am not even sure how old the one surviving newborn is - I still need to check.  Just ask I was driving away after telling Sam for Brenda to call me, out comes Brenda, not incoherent, but drunk.  I told her I had an appointment for the cat, and she said she didn't want to deal with it, she walked away saying 'I'll think about it'.  I drove away so angry.  Did I even get a thank you for the litter and food I had left her the morning prior?  Who does she think she is.

When I see a person of a different color, I don't even think to treat them a different way than I would anyone else.  I am and never have been racist.  But there are some people that you just can't change, and you just can't tolerate.  She is one of them.  I drove away thinking that I AM PAYING FOR HER TO SIT AROUND ON HER LAZY ASS AND DRINK ALL DAY, WHILE I GO TO WORK AND MAKE THE MONEY AND PAY THE TAXES SO SHE CAN DO JUST THAT.  Its welfare mentality.

Just this morning a guy walked past me asking for a quarter.  Yesterday, a dude said he just got out of jail and asked if I could loan him any money.  An attitude of moral right pervades what used to be called the lower ranks of society.  Even where the legal right to other people's money does not exist, the moral right is thought to.  Those who have lived on welfare expect handouts to continue from anybody who possesses any advantage, earned or not, which they don't possess.  There are those with real problems.  But until I run across someone like that in the mornings, I assume the person thats asking for a handout does not really need it.  They are working the system, and I am their latest mark.  As nurturing as my own mother was growing up, she was also responsible, and there is no way she would raise a child to rely on the charity of others, especially not the charity of American taxpayers.

Be sure to click on pics to see up close!

From Maree, a friend who took in Big Red/Sandy and Monkey (I named her this because of her curved tail) from me years ago:

"I would like to see Veterinarians give out a fact sheet on cats like Sandy, (Big Red ) that test positive for FIV/FeLV,  I think it would change the way potential adopters think about these cats.  Sandy was an old boy, about 13 years old, on the streets, unneutered, until you trapped him.  We kept him away from my other cats till he got used to us, and then when  "Monkey" became available, we decided to let Sandy keep the glass sun porch, as he loves it there :)  for him and little Miss Monkey to share.

They are now a bonded pair, with never a days sickness or injury over the four years I have had them.  They swat each other, wrestle, groom hard to reach spots for each other, eat together, sleep, litter box, drink, and laze in the sun or snuggle together on heated beds in winter. 

I will not hesitate to take another of these cats that have tested positive, I am no expert but I do believe that being indoor only cats as all of mine are, has largely contributed to the health of Sandy. He is a lover boy, with many years of fun ahead of him.  If not for you, I would never have known.   I see many cats like him desperate for someone to take them home, continuously passed over, and most likely it is lack of knowledge about the condition."

Here is Charlie and Pumpkin.  They are both boys, both children of Vanessa, who I have as mine.  I rescued all three from the streets three years ago.  Pumpkin and 'Magic' as I had originally named him, were both about 3-4 months old when I got them.  Just puny little guys. They ran right to me on Pennsylvania Ave, the public market area. Of course the can of food I had just opened helped!   And so did Vanessa.  Jessica adopted them after Pet Pride of NY rescue offered to take them into their fold as they would be adopted out easier than I could at the time.  Here they are as babies, and here they are now.

Here is my Vanessa:


Here are Vanessa's babies: THEN

Pumpkin and Magic (Charlie)

AND NOW - I am so grateful they were adopted together.


The Pumpster

Have a good day everyone.

"We should measure welfare's success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added." 
~ Ronald Reagan


  1. Celebrate your successes. Focus on Maree - an angel here on earth. And how can someone not smile when they see Vanessa's two kids; one orange and one black. Too darn darling. I say, "Illegitimi Non Carborundum" (don't let the bastards get you down.) Happy Friday. -carol

  2. Tell her you'll pay her $25 for her cat & kitten, bet that gets an immediate response from her. (I'll fund it.) The cat & kitten would be better taken care of by you on the street than what little care they are getting from her I'm quite sure.

    1. Hell no do not give her $25.00 !!!!!!!!!!!. A bottle of Mad Dog will suffice.

  3. Well, what a surprise that woman has backed out. Pan Handlers come in all shapes, colors and sizes, And I have a friend related by marriage to a Rochester multi millionaire, who's familly sponge the bejeepers out of him, file Law suites for tripping in a public place, 4 of them on sickness benefit, 2 generations ! They are not poor, but have a liking for the good life, know how to work the system for free schooling,,,they run the gamut. I have had to avoid them in social situations now, I find how they live cringe worthy

  4. I love my boys!! I wish I'd had them since they were babies. They were so cute. Do you have any more video of them as kittens? Pumpkin is so proud of himself now that he has learned to opened cupboard doors by himself. It took him a two years to figure it out!