Thursday, May 21, 2015

Scenes from the Morning

Some pictures from this morning.  Don't forget to click on each one to zoom in.

Above is the black kitty that I was feeding over the winter that had a head wound.  It seems to have healed up.  He is a friendly boy that needs a home.  Hayward.

This gorgeous, unneutered male has been hanging around this feeding spot for a while now.  VERY friendly.  I assume he is a stray.  He needs neuter, and rescue.  Hayward.

Below is the black cat with white markings that has been hanging around this feeding spot for a few months now.  Shy.  Unneutered/spayed.  Baldwin.

Below is a sad case.  This little guy is starving in the morning, waiting for me to leave so that he can gobble his food.  If you zoom in, you can see the scars on his nose.  He's had it rough out there.  This is about as far as he will let me get to him.  Reminds me of George, and George the Second.  Central and Fifth.

Here is Baby Mama on Seventh, the kitty that I've been feeding for years now.  I rescued two of her three babies and they have gone on to wonderful homes.

I have the day off, so I must get to my chores. I will be picking Barney up today from the woman who adopted him to bring him to the clinic tomorrow to see if he has any issues after he has a urine analysis done on him.  I pray that's the case, and that its treatable.  We must keep him in his home.  I have no other planned alternative for him if this doesn't work out.  Prayers, please.  This girl and her son have been very patient with him.

I will be bringing more fliers over to the girl that adopted Gemma, so that she can pass them out to businesses and post more on side streets near her home.  We cannot give up on Gemma.  More prayers please!

Have a good day!

We ask you to help us find Gemma
 my beloved kitty who is now lost.
We know that you
placed animals on the earth
for many reasons,
including companionship for man.
We therefore ask you
to help us find our lost companion,
and pray that You will keep her safe
and protect her from harm until she is found.
We join our prayers with St. Francis,
St. Anthony of Padua, and all the saints,
and pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


  1. Janine, I remember an episode of My Cat from Hell where an inside cat was peeing and spraying because of the stress caused by the feral cats outside the house. He was just marking his territory. After the ferals were relocated he no longer marked inside. Good luck with Barney.

  2. There really are some good products on the market that can solve the problem you. Ight have to,try a few, but as we know, an outdoor cat has a short life....

  3. Barney could also be given low dose valium. My parents cat Hugo was a nervous Nellie and had peeing issues and the valium helped him relax. He was on it his whole life with no bad side effects. they even have it in trans-dermal form where you just rub it on the cats ear/ No pills!! :) -Kristin