Friday, May 8, 2015

Dumb and Dumber

Lilac - My Very Favorite Flower!
I firmly believe that cats have different IQs.  Some are smarter than others.  Laura was out there again this morning trying to get the pregnant twin on Parsells.  She just notified me that she did get one sister, not visibly pregnant.  NOT the one I was hoping for, but a good catch nevertheless.  I am afraid that thats it.  This poor angel will have her babies on the street.  :(  I am sick over this too.

These cats are smart.  They know its a set up.  :)  But I could go down the street to any other corner and set a trap and boom.  There would be a cat in there by the time I circled back.  The trap would lure any cat with my smelly tuna.  :)  Don't forget, there are at least three more locations that I feed at where there are a ton of cats left to be done, pregnant too.  Niagara is next.  There is a pregnant black kitty there, and another but I can't remember the color, brown tabby I think.  Diane will concentrate on that spot Saturday.  I have two spots at the clinic on Tuesday.

I received a call back from Officer DiDimenico from Lollypop Farm Humane Society who told me that his officer went to the location of the generator that was running on some guy's back porch on Sixth, who had dogs chained up in the back yard - that I witnessed at 4:30 that morning - and it just seemed suspicious so I reported it, just in case.  Just in case the generator was drowning out the sound of dog fighting going on inside the house.  Humans can do the worst things to animals - when I read something later that morning, about fighters putting dogs in the trunk of their cars and driving around until there was no sound left, it disturbed me so greatly that my imagination raced, and I just had to report it.  He said there was no generator on the back porch, and that the dogs had insulated houses, and seemed in good shape, so they pretty much closed the case.  I thanked him for getting back to me, and for all he and his officers do for the animals.  But I will be keeping an eye on this house!  We must be the voices for these animals that cannot fight back.  Fight what humans do to them.  Please, if you ever see something that just doesn't look right, please say something.  Do something.  You could regret your silence someday.

My children - all brats (be sure to click on pics to see up close!):

Smoky Bokey aka Fang!

Georgie Porgie!



Scooter the Stalker

George Loves the Camera!

The Scoot

Mary Jane!!!


Leo Beo!

Told ya, that George loves the camera!

Gemma is still missing.  Please say a prayer for her to be found.

GEMMA - She is so missed...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us."


  1. Fabulous, Laura got one of them ! Thank you Laura and Janie for persisting <3. And I will,pray you at least find her kittens soon, then try something else. . Yes, I agree if you see something, tell,somebody who has the power to take Action, after all, without the public reporting , the investigators would be out of a job, they cannot see everything, everywhere, all,the time . Good for you Janine.

  2. I hope Gemma is found soon! The most you can do is report about the generator and dogs. I have spoke to officer DiDimenco in that past too. Some cats are definitely smarter than others! Take my 2 for example ;)

  3. Good job, Laura! One is better than none!

    Janine, I'm glad the officer checked out the house. I know you'll keep your eagle eyes open.

    I love seeing pics of your clowder! Smokey has awesome fangs. I haven't seen Midnight for a while so it's nice to see her. Where's Rufus doofus? He's such a cutie.

    I'll keep praying for Gemma. At least it's not the middle of winter, I guess. :(