Tuesday, May 12, 2015

She Did It!

Laura got the prego twin this morning on Parsells!

I cannot tell you how wonderful this is to me.  I failed with the other twin, she was lactating when she was brought into the clinic, which means she already had her litter somewhere on the street.  Whether they survived or not is a mystery.  But this little girl will NOT be having babies.  And as much as some people are offended and think this is a sin, go to a shelter someday, heck, go to Lollipop Farm and ask to see the cats they have, and the kittens.  Ask them how many will actually survive there?  Go to any neighborhood in America and see these very large and pregnant cats that are running around having litter after litter.  And then go to the rescue groups who have thousands and thousands of baby kittens just born, and where will they go?  There are NOT enough people to adopt them.  What do we do with all these cats?  We can't allow another litter to be born.   I am not heartless, I am human.  I love babies, human and otherwise.  But I am seeing firsthand each and every day what not spaying or neutering your animal can do.  And its heartbreaking.  Dead cats, sick cats, flea infested, FIV, FeLV, all out there left to suffer alone.



Above are pictures of the two boys that Diane trapped on Saturday for me.  They are both from Niagara. Diane named the little one above after determining that he was a sweet gentle boy and hoped we could find him a home before we had to put him back on the street.  She has named him Nehemia (or Nemehia) which has a meaning, but I am not sure what that is.  Poor Niles will be returned for sure.  He is a bit more feral.  Poor baby.  Thank you to all who called to make a donation on my behalf for the TNR of these kitties.  I could NOT do this without your donations.  It costs $50 per cat.  Thats a lot.  I called yesterday and got two more spots for Thursday.  There is a pregnant kitty I saw a day or two ago at the same spot I rescued Peepers from, and TNR'd another cat there a few weeks ago.  And there are at least two pregnant cats still on Niagara I need to focus on.

Pictures taken this morning.

Mr. Whiskers The Second

Mr. Whiskers The Second, George The Second and Buttons are the next babes I want to rescue.  Mr. Whiskers and Buttons are on Short.  Mr. Whiskers RUNS after my car when I drive away, EXACTLY like Mr.Whiskers did before I rescued him. Nancy, my dear friend, adopted him, along with six others from me.  George the Second is on Parsells - he is such a sweet boy.  He has the same personality as my George. Very sweet, gentle and playful for adult street cats.

Above is a newcomer to this spot on Short. Leery of me, but there each morning. He or she is not fixed, yet. Milly is still around too.  I am sure she suffered after not seeing Captain Morgan around after I found him dead inside his shelter there.  So sad - these cats do mourn, just like we do.  Click on the pics to see them up close.

Lets not forget Elvis and Jellybean, both still needing homes being fostered by my friend Debbi, who promises me updated pictures.  Both of them are praying to find homes this summer!

Have a great day everyone!

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."


  1. Wow, sounds like a good morning!

  2. Great job on the saves the tigers look just like Webster!
    Glad you got the pregnant mom off the streets in time

    Toni Spencer

  3. Sterling effort from Laura, they don't come any better than her, Laura really is an outstanding individual in every way. Like you Janine, she does not seek anything from her volunteer work for these cats, other than their welfare. I count myself fortunate to know both of you. Blessings to you girls.

  4. Mr. Whiskers #2 breaks my heart. He has got to get a home next! I wish I had loads of money and a huge house.