Friday, May 15, 2015

I Did It Again!

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Momma Janine - get a new window in your bathroom!

Meet Wubby!, the little 8 month old girl I've been feeding on Ferndale and Webster for at least a month now,.  Thats how long its taken for her to trust me to come up close to me for a bite to eat while I pour the good stuff out - the wet food.  She is a beauty.  I just couldn't leave a kitten on the street.  I don't know what I will do with her, besides take her to the vet, but she needed to get off the street.  She is scared, but won't leave your lap if you place her there. This is where she will head butt you, and put her tiny head into the crook of your arm as if to hide.  This is where she fully trusts you.  Please spread the word so that someone can adopt or foster her.  She's a good little girl.

Another dilemma:  I received this from the new mom of Barney.  Please, please, help me with some advice.  I can't imagine having to take him back for this. Or that she keeps him I have no where for him to go.

"I moved all Barneys stuff to the basement. I don't know why but he sprayed urine all over the walls, it was literally dripping down the wall. and on mikey toys and on the couch. do u know of anything to get rid of the smell? I got it mostly gone but its still lingering."

I released the kitties I had TNR'd yesterday at the clinic.  I think Kristin has been tallying up the cats I've TNR'd, and I think she said something about 18 so far, so this would make 20. Thats a LOT for me.  I am proud of that number.  And, as she said, its only May.  I just started to do this in what, March?  Turns out that Pixie and Poppa were BOTH boys.  There are a LOT of boys out there!  Would love to know the number of girls that I've done so far, in comparison to the number of boys.  Anybody got time to count?  :) They spent the night on my porch in their traps, and ate pretty well.  "Pixie" allowed me to pet him.  I feel horrible each time I have to release them.  They could be someone's loving kitty.  Spread the word, please. Open your home and hearts to these guys.

PS, just got great advice from Julie with the problem with Barney:  and its so true.  So if you are leery to adopt a cat from the street because of this, remember this (and this is NOT a normal occurrence):  bleach and water will take it away.  He will have that smell for about 2 weeks until all the testosterone is out of his system.  He will also not be able to spray as soon as all testosterone is gone, only pee.  He was likely scared and unsure of his surroundings...

Have a GREAT day!

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  1. Barney is absolutely scared and stressed, that's why he's doing it. Have er try 'Unique' pet odor & stain eliminator. (I had to buy it on the internet.) It works amazingly well for me. Tell her to be patient with him, he'll get comfortable soon.

  2. The new tiger girl is a beauty looks just like Webster!
    Regarding Barney the best thing I have found to take out smell is called Anti Icky Poo spray and I buy it from my vet's office. You maybe able to get it from pet stores it is on Amazon for sure. It works right away and takes the smell out as best it can of any product I have tried. Tigger had that same issue with that potent smell it did go away after a few days according to the vet it is the testosterone still in their system. So hang in there it will get better. If he is in the basement just be sure to visit him a lot and pet him so he gets used to the new home I had to take baby steps with Tigger and now he is doing great he did not adjust to change of environment as fast as some do.

    Toni Spencer

  3. Barney WILL get better. Another idea is to give him catnip - it helps them feel happy and relaxed and associate you with good things :) I have heard however NOT to use bleach as it actually can make the urine smell worse as there is ammonia in pee and we all know never to mix ammonia and bleach or it make a horrible, toxic mix!! :) So, keep that in mind. -Kristin

  4. Oh and GREAT JOB on little Wubby!!!!! I will spread the word at school as I think a couple people might be in the kitten market here -Kristin

  5. Kristin is right. Bleach will only make things worse. I have used several products that seem to work really well. For inside the house--depending on the surface--I use Nature's Miracle Just for Cats (the original formula, not the scented one) or X-O. I have never had a cat return to a spot and at least the odor is gone as far as my limited olfactory senses can tell. For outside the house--the neighbors' cats spray my back door and around certain areas of my house--I use X-O. This stuff smells a bit until it is COMPLETELY DRY. The Anti-Icky Poo that Toni recommended is good, too. Most people make the mistake of using bleach or regular household cleaners and they will set the smell and make it almost impossible to rid themselves of it.

    Also, for Barney, perhaps a short course of Prozac or an over-the-counter calming aid such as "Composure" may help him relax and adjust to his new home more easily. The terrible "Tomcat" stench should dwindle in time as his body adjusts to the reduced amount of testosterone. Also, could she fit him with a kitty diaper while she is waiting for this to the 'stud pants' they have for dogs? Just an idea...


  6. I'm thrilled Barney is off the street. I adhere to the policy that when a cat is brought in under HIS circumstances (long term stray, obviously not an adoring house cat that's totally thrilled to be back with humans) —time in an adjustment area is necessary. Nothing of value should be in there for the obvious reasons. Easy access and frequent visits should soon lead to a screen separation which should soon lead to integration.

    As for the smell, I find a baking soda paste with a touch of dawn rubbed into the area then white vinegar poured over the paste (it will bubble) then dabbing off the area, going over it with clean water if necessary, seems to work for me. Never, ever use ammonia.

  7. Wubby wooks wike the sweetest wittle thing! (That's how I talk to baby kitties. Ha!) I think she'll find a nice home soon. Who could resist that little face?

    Praying for Barney and his new mom. They could also give Feliway a try. It's a pheromone that plugs in the wall and is supposed emit calming scents. We tried it with Sierra and I think it made a difference. She's still a brat, though! lol!