Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Blackie, FeLV +, one of my proud rescues from Stout, living the life in the country now.
So, to make a long story short, after I placed food down at the location where someone has been taking the food and bowls away from the 5+ (that I see each day) hungry cats that I feed there, and after leaving a few notes, I drove down the street a ways, got out, told Kings to drive around a bit, I walked back and just stood in the dark, waiting to catch the culprit.  After a few minutes, realizing I still have half more of my rounds to do, I asked Kings to be my replacement, and wait on the stairs in the dark, and to let me know if and who came by.  Yes, when I am determined to do something, I do it, no matter what.  After about 20 minutes, he texted me that a tall white woman was walking by.  I immediately said, oh, that’s Marilee!  The crazy woman that lives a street over, that I’ve dealt with in the past.  She considers all these cats hers, and doesn’t believe in spaying or neutering them, as its not God’s way, or something like that – she stated this tome several years ago on this same corner when I was feeding in the empty lot on Webster and the DEVIL MAN wound up trashing all my stuff.   Seriously, do a search on the search bar above for these words, and you can read all about those situations years ago. 

Wubby - she found a home!!
I told Kings I would be finishing up soon and would be back there.  I drove like a mad woman back there looking for her, ready to confront her, and didn’t see her until I drove down her dead end street and saw her there, with about five cats around her.  Clearly, these cats trust her.  Clearly, she loves cats.  But we got into a very heated exchange.  When I say someone is mentally ill, I don’t say it lightly.  I’ve now run into two women that are certifiable in these neighborhoods over the years.  When gibberish comes out of their mouth, you know they have a problem.  So I try to be extremely alert, and as calm as possible around the both of them.  I haven’t seen LISA from Parsells in a couple of years now, although I have rescued and TNR’d several cats in front of where she used to (?) live these past few months.  Back to Marilee, I told her I knew what she was doing, and to keep her hands off those bowls.  I can’t give you verbatim what we said back and forth, but voices were at the top of our lungs.  I knew people streets over could hear us at 5 in the morning.  She said the cats were hers, and where were two of them, I told her they were not hers, where is the food she is feeding them?  They are homeless cats reproducing and she is not even feeding them.  Some of these cats are very sick, flea infested, trying to stay alive.  She may come out of her house occasionally and give them scraps, which is why they come around her I believe.  I am trying to control the population with TNR, and get as many of them OFF the streets and into good homes.  This is where I just rescued FRISCO from, the cat with the bone stuck in its mouth, slowly starving to death due to not being able to drink or eat.  I rescued Webster last fall.  I told her one by one more cats would be missing if she didn’t stop taking the bowls.  And they will still be rescued if I can help it. 

Nehemia aka BARNEY
This morning, bowls still there.  I hope she got my drift.

Frisco made it out from the clinic with his manhood gone yesterday.  Little Wubby received a shot of Convenia, was also sent home with Tobramycin for his eye, conjunctivitis, and also a bag of Lysine treats.  I need to follow up on Barney, who was also at the vet this past weekend with urinary tract infection.  Its been a very expensive week for me so far with vet bills.

Please don’t forget my fundraiser on July 18th.  Its going to be a BLAST.  I have great friends and family. There is going to be great music, and great food, and great drinks.  Its outdoors under the pavilion, and is going to be a beautiful day.  Come and stay for the duration, or stay for an hour, or even a minute.  Just come! Still working on trying to obtain one more band to play for a few hours.  Anybody?

My grandmother Helen McCann on the Right.  Her sister Gail on the left.  She started my love for animals!

Have a great day!

"With patience, you can even
cook a stone."


  1. I think I've said this before, but it's worth repeating...."You scare me to death with some of your antics!" I love ya anyway. It's a good thing the kitties have you in their corner. -carol

  2. Janine, I'm checking to see if my friend will paint more wine glasses so I can make some baskets for your fund-raiser. You did great this wkend! Nancy C.

  3. Are you familiar with Rochester Hope for Pets? They have something called Missy's fund-feral spay and neuter program. They assist people monetarily. You might want to go to their website and check them out.

    1. I believe Walt & Karon Simoni"s friend Duane DeHollender is the person who funds Missy's spay/neuter program. He used to volunteer at the Habitat for Cats clinic for years, and donated a lot of money and food to them until they started caring more about their titles than cats. The program is at the Bay street animal clinic.