Thursday, November 6, 2014

You'd Be Surprised...

This picture below is of little Autumn, one of the kittens rescued from Roberts Wesleyan College , who's been adopted, and renamed Bonnie.  Her new mom shared this picture.  This is her first 'selfie' (or is that a photobomb by her canine brother?)  :)

Yes, you'd be surprised....

That I get over 3000 hits a day on this blog - someone has to be reading it, yet I get less than a handful of the same people who donate food to me on occasion, one regularly, like every other week.  Of that handful, a couple of folks call to donate money to the clinic occasionally for a cat to be spayed or neutered.  And of that handful, a few help me with plastic totes or other materials for shelters.

I am feeding over 60 cats every day - I go through 18-20 pounds of dry food - that's $10+ every single day.  That does not include the five yogurt large sized tubs of wet food that I feed each day to these hungry babies.  This is well over $100 a week - $400 a month, and the rest, you do the math.  This does not include the $50 for the spay neuter for the feral or homeless cats that I return to the streets the next morning.

Do I get discouraged?  Yes.  Do I sound like I am whining, or complaining?  Yes.  And I HATE for people to know I whine and complain.  But doing what I do is HARD.  To go out each morning, have all these cats run to you because after all these days/months/years, they begin to trust you, and come to 'love' you, and know you are to be trusted,  and then have to leave them there, to fight another day, its HARD.

I own a small house (well, the bank does) and have lived in it since 1994 or something like that, after my step dad passed away, and left me a small amount of money to afford a down payment.  My first house.  My dream was to live in it, my career to soar, my life to become bigger and better, and then I would move someday to my dream in the country, a country house.  Well, that never happened, my career did not soar, and I began to feed homeless cats in the city.  Not only that, but there were cats in my own sweet neighborhood that I noticed were homeless.  I've been feeding Annabelle for years now on my porch, have sheltered her through the winters, and I could never leave her.  I wait for the day that I don't feed the cats in the city anymore, and that Annabelle stops coming around, and maybe then, I can move on to something new. 

But until then, I continue to fight the fight, day after day after day.  I could really use some help, in every way possible (mentally too!  J) – please pick up a bag of cat food the next time you are at the store for the cats.  Please click on the DONATE button on the right of this blog, and donate what you can for the cats, please see my wish list on Amazon, for the cats.  Please share this blog, in hopes that someone will want a cat on the street that is waiting to be given a home, to be given a chance at a better life.  After all, its all for the cats.  It helps me to help them.  Thank you, and have a great day!

"I shall pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again."

UPDATE:  I just received a donation from AUSTRALIA!!!  Thank you Jennifer!!


  1. Hey Janine. I don't think anyone can imagine how hard it is to do what you do unless they have ridden along with you in the morning on your route. The couple of times I have done 1/2 your route for a day or 2 was exhausting. I really don't know how you do it. 3000 readers a day is incredible - and it would be more incredible if each one gave a little bit - a $3 bag of foood, a $5 dollar donation, 1 tote shelter each year. Let's see if 3000 people gave you $5 a month - even $1 a month - god, you could start your own rescue. I hope some of the readers will contribute just a little. If we all help a little, it makes a big difference!

  2. I totally agree - I've ridden with Janine a few times (each time I brought a kitty home) and I went home and SLEPT for hrs. I was physically and emotionally drained. And she turns around and works all day!! Amazing person; I take the challenge and am getting some kitty food sent to Janine. How about the rest of us readers? Nancy C.

  3. Count me in! I'll place my November order today. The hunky UPS man should be dropping by to flex his muscles shortly. Hey folks - check the sale flyers. You can always find a good deal on cat food. I know for a fact that Janine will make arrangements to have it picked up. If we each pledged $10 a month, it would mean the world to the kitties we are trying so hard to save. Think about it! -carol

  4. Hi Janine - I saw on facebook that ACPR is doing some sort of project with the kitties on Santee Street. Do you have any experience with them? I don't know much about them other than what I see on facebook. I can do some emailing on your behalf if you'd like :)


  5. You are filling the loss of dreams in your life of your non-soaring career and "country home" with the love from the homeless cats. You are doing a good thing as a result of giving up on your dreams honey.

  6. I have posted your blog on 1 of my fb accts. 3075 friends asking them to share at the least. I have others as well,with more or around the same. From all over the world. Goldie is doing good and has friended me again.. ;)

  7. The grass is always greener they say! I have no doubt that if you had a "country home" you would be in the same predicament with homeless cats- just like I am, feeding and fostering and TNR'ing, but in the country. And you would have a LONG commute like I do, since decent paying jobs are few and far between in "the country". And you would either be up every night way too late caring for the cats, instead of home sleeping like "normal" people- or would be going to work in the morning wet and muddy from feeding them on the way in to work! I believe it is our destiny, wherever we go, or live! And the soaring career? I too was young and naive once! We are needed, depended upon, and loved. and hopefully helping to change attitudes in people wherever we can, along the way.

  8. I ride with Janine once a week, every Sunday. Every week I bring a big bag of dry food and a half dozen cans. I 've committed to help once a week and that includes food for once a week (or close to it). We all have or love cats. If we have cats, we have to buy food. Is it so hard to buy an extra bag? I am volunteering now to pick up any donations and bring them to Janine on Sunday's. My email is Take the challenge :)