Wednesday, November 19, 2014


He's been seen!!!  Now I do believe that Blackie is where he should be.  This is a picture of a cat I rescued from Stout and Grand, where I had been feeding and sheltering for years under a dilapidated porch of a dilapidated house that was now being renovated and eventually rented.  This all happened weeks ago, when my heart was broken by these very very mean people that threw my stuff out and told me to get off their property, that they didn't care about any cats, and we both wound up calling the police, them and me.  Heartbreaking day, as this was the only home Blackie, Neck Wound Kitty, and a few others had known for a couple of years.  When I brought him out to Branchport to a friend's place that has a type of barn shelter for him, I had also planned on getting a few others out there.  After a day of him being in a cage, which is what you do when you introduce a cat to a new location, he escaped and hadn't been seen in a long time.  My friend and her husband bought a web cam and he is now being seen, and using his new shelters and eating.  Living the good life there.  I am pleased.  I've had many heartbreaking situations in the past re-homing cats to barns - said I wouldn't do it again, and in this particular instance, I was devastated that he escaped before his adjustment period.  Blackie, please stay safe.  There are predators in the country that could get you.

Blackie from Stout
So I just looked up world temperatures, and the coldest temperature today on record in the world is in Toronto, with a whopping 14 degrees farenheit.  Guess what, Rochester is 15 degrees farenheit this morning.  Its FREEEEZING out there.  And the poor animals are feeling it.  I was disgusted when I discovered I didn't bring two of the shelters I had in the garage.  I wanted to place them at spots where there are more cats than shelters right now, and I forgot them.  I drove away sad.  They are hardly eating the food - there was still some in most of the bowls I filled yesterday.  Its so cold for them, they just want to burrow somewhere warm.  Its so pitiful.   My toes were frozen, time to put away the pink wellies and get the new weatherproof boots out.  I did bring straw this morning, and filled up a tote that had a dead crow inside it, and it was pretty disgusting, and torn up.  The poor animals on this corner, Ferndale and Webster, had no shelter to use while that bird was in it.  It almost looked like a cat huddled inside, but when I took a second look, sure enough, a big dead crow.

Another success story - do you all remember Candy?  I had been feeding her fopr what seems like years on Hayward, and rescued her in April for adoption by a wonderful couple in Pittsford.  Carol and Mike have both been huge advocates for me, and they adopted both Candy (now Greta), and Miss Abby, the black kitty I rescued around December pf last year.  I think Carol and Mike spoil their cats judging by the size of Greta now!  :)

CANDY - Before

CANDY - After
I met a man yesterday who wanted to donate to me after seeing the news piece on Sunday.  He lives near me, so I stopped over to meet him after work before going home.  His cats name is:  Princess Von Hurstbourne - The man lives on a street named Hurstbourne.  Apparently Princess is a stray that showed up at his house, or (can't remember the story exactly) was a kitten of a cat he and his neighbors have nicknamed Mother, who lives outside.  The neighbor has plastic totes for shelter for mother in her backyard.  I love it.  It everyone would do something like this, there would be less suffering in this world.  LOVE it.  He is a very interesting man, to say the least!

Since the newscast aired on Sunday, I've had five people contact me.  Half are going to drop food off on my porch.  As grateful as I am for the newscast, I do wish that it wasn't aired at 6 pm. on a Sunday night. I don't think the majority of the population was watching Channel 9 at 6 p.m. on Sunday night.  Weren't the Thats just my opinion.  But I am grateful for those five!  At least they will spread the word about the Beechwood kitties. There are just so many that need homes!

Have a great day!

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”


  1. If everyone shared that news story, think how far and to how many people it would spread! C'mon people!!! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!!

  2. The raccoons are also hibernating thru this cold spell so that might also be why there was food left. I had food and frozen canned food left too in most places. As bad as I feel for the cats outside in this that ARE being provided with food and shelter, I cant help but think sbout the vast majority who ARENT. Horrible to think about. So these are the lucky ones in comparison.

  3. So happy to hear the Blackie is okay! Wendy B