Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Scenes From the Dark Side

Updated on Blackie from Sandra:  Todays news, which made me feel A LOT better: All the wet food was gone and a lot of the dry. Something was in your cage again last night, because they dragged straw pieces in on their feet. But the best news is that a shelter that Jim made last year with the 2 plastic bin, insulation,etc., and had left out all last winter because we thought we had a stray but it had never been used, WAS USED LAST NIGHT!!!! The bedding inside was mashed down and was muddy with cat prints! That gives me more hope than anything! We weren't able to find the reliable trail cam that Jim wants to buy, so we may have to order it which will take a couple of days. I will keep you updated!


PEANUT BUTTER (needs a home!  very sweet!!!!)


ELVIS (needs a home!!!  very sweet!)

Pictures taken this morning of a few shelters and the many cats I encounter:

Pretty Girl on Webster I need to get off the streets, quick  (very sweet!)

Tippy Toes on Central

Pennsylvania (Tuffy in foreground, kitten in background)

Fluffernutter from Central (was on Pennsylvania this am)




Shelter on Central

"You've got to take the good with the bad, 
smile with the sad, love what you've got, 
and remember what you had. Always forgive, 
but never forget. Learn from mistakes, 
but never regret."


  1. There are so many Janine! Good news about Blackie! When Chris and I move someday, I want to have a barn for barn cats :) Tracy

  2. Great news about Blackie!! We'll keep praying. Love all these pixs. If ANYONE can step up and foster/adopt one of these beauties - in honor of Janine's Day of Recognition awarded by the Mayor - PLEASE contact her. We need to get as many off the streets before winter hits. Nancy C.

  3. Oh, thank God! I feel terrible for him, but am praying Blackie will come around.

  4. I like Nancy C's idea. How can we use Janine's Day of Honor to find forever homes (or at least foster homes) for these babies? -carol

  5. They even had a trail cam at Ollies Henretta...