Monday, November 17, 2014

Giving Thanks!

UPDATE!  I got the following from TWC:  

Hi Janine,

Here is a link for you to personally use for temporary access to our video reports online:

user name: twcaccess

Password:  templogin1434   will allow access through November 30.

I hope all is well with you.



Ed Buttaccio

News Director, TWC News

LOVE this pic I captured yesterday - Scooter, George and Mary Jane!
Well, last night around 6 pm. I finally received the call from the reporter telling me that my story was on RNEWS that very second. There I was, in full glory.  The kitties were the stars though.  They managed to splice a full hour and half of taping me, and all the conversations I had with the photographer, and put it into a one minute video on the news.  At least the important stuff got out.  I pray I can get SOME attention for this journey - feeding the homeless and feral cats of Rochester.  Below is a link to the story with a video that I cannot access, so I am waiting to find out how I can so that we can all view it.   Apparently Time Warner does not let you watch their videos unless you are a subscriber, which I am, and pay dearly for too I might add!  :) So, bear with me, JUST NOW they advised they are making the correction, and will also provide me with password to the video.  Also, my e-mail address is misspelled in the article.  I hope that this gets corrected.  In case anyone reading this does not know my e-mail address, its

In the meantime, on Friday, on JANINE WAGNER DAY for the CITY OF ROCHESTER (ha ha), I had such an outpouring of love from friends, co-workers, and family.  I received a few checks, cards, some cat food (and even some pasta from the Pasta Queen!) was left on my porch or brought over by a few friends.  Thank you SO much for wanting to help me in my quest to feed these cats out there.  They are so hungry every day.  It was a special day on Friday, and I thank Walt again for his persistence in trying to get me recognized with the proclamation from the Mayor, and to Kristin for her persistence in trying to get me on the news.  A huge thank you to you both!!!

My friend Mary brought me the above - her husband Mike is a master carpenter, and has made a ton of these reindeer out of twigs and sticks.  Aren't they adorable?  He needs to start selling them!

Above is the latest rescue.  Butterscotch was brought to me by Kristin who needed to remove some cats from a neighbor's house, and I offered to take him because he is a real sweetheart.  Semi feral, but getting better each day.  That situation was a nightmare and we needed to get the cats out of the house there.  I know he looks mad in this picture, but Butterscotch is the sweetest animal I have ever known.  His purrer is the loudest!

I don't have a lot of time this morning, but if any new readers are checking this blog out, I urge you to go back a bit and read some more interesting stuff about what I do.   I sometimes don't have enough time to write on what the blog is intended for - the cats on the street, but its all related somehow.

Have a great day!


  1. Janine,

    Karon and I just viewed your TWC - R-News interview. You and the reporter did a very nice job. We were impressed the Kitties were not camera shy. Goes to show how hungry these poor defenseless creatures really are. Hopefully your recognition and this coverage brings in some much needed assistance for the Kitties. Excellent job and Congrats once again.

    Walt Simoni

  2. Janine,

    Karon and I just viewed your video and interview with TWC-R-News. You and the reporter did a very nice job highlighting the plight of these poor defenseless creatures(Kitties) and your daily mission. For the time allocated you did an Excellent job. We were impressed that the Kitties weren't camera shy. Goes to show how Hungry they are and how much they trust their Cat Angel!!!. Once again Congrats! on your much deserved and earned Recognition. Hopefully it brings some much needed assistance for the Cats.

    Walt Simoni

  3. Hey Janine! I saw you on tv! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear Butterscotch is s sweetheart. He is going to thrive in your care and find a great home. Thank you for stepping up to foster him. xoxox -Kristin

  4. Here's wishing you a belated congratulations on Janine Wagner Day AND on your minute of fame! The email address is correct but the blog link has two apostrophes at the end that dont belong. Can they correct THAT? so people can get to your blog correctly? I'm so glad i got to see it, since i dont have cable I wasnt sure if I would get to!
    I hope it helps! Now that the mayor is "involved"- maybe you could approach RAS about some free spays and neuters for these CITY cats?!
    Just wanted to say GREAT JOB!

  5. Again shared your News Vid on my fb Accra and to group of about a million plus. Saw ya ya looked good nothing to and ur stars shined... G1 doing good.