Tuesday, November 11, 2014

15 Seconds

If you had 15 seconds to talk to a news reporter, and what you say will be aired on a local television station, and you were being interviewed about homeless/feral cats, what would you say?

Someone reached out to a local news channel to do a story about me – trying to capitalize on the Proclamation given to me by Mayor Warren on the Janine Wagner Day in the City of Rochester on Friday, November 14th.  I believe they would want to know what I do with the city cats each day to warrant this. 

As you all know, I feed way over 60 cats each morning, with an average of five cats at each of the 15 spots I go to in the Beechwood section of Rochester, and you all know I try to give them shelter, and I do the best I can in getting them spayed and neutered, and I average about 60+ cats a year that I rescue and find homes for.  AND I do it all out of my own pocket.  I don’t get donations on a regular basis, so it does cost me an average of $$120 per week to feed these cats – I go through 20 pounds of dry food alone each day. 

How would you condense advice on what is needed to help with the plight of these homeless animals, and to control the overpopulation of them, what would you say?  Besides the obvious – spay and neuter!

My first thought was that the City of Rochester needs to educate the people that live in it – a commercial – yes, put the money into a commercial that will be aired on all channels, at all hours, with pictures of local cats, and shelters, and rescue groups, and phone numbers on who they can contact to help TNR (trap neuter return) the cats that are overpopulating their own neighborhoods, and how to build a shelter out a plastic tote for the winter months, and feeding them in their own backyards.  Something that simple.  IF everyone took care of this problem, their own problem, I wouldn’t have to do this.  Think of how many people this might reach, this might affect, in a positive way.

One other thing to touch on would be the following excerpt from the following website, shared with me this morning - this is so true of what I just went through on Garson and Stout - and there is still a cat waiting for me there each morning:


Imagine that you are a caretaker and have been feeding and caring for a colony of 20 cats for the past five years in an undeveloped location somewhere in the city. You have devoted your time and resources to their survival and they are your passion and joy. All of a sudden, fences appear, places are boarded up and signs are posted that construction will begin on a certain date. Strangers and equipment are showing up daily and you know that the lives of the 20 beloved cats you have cared for so lovingly are now in jeopardy. The thought of them being homeless and destroyed or injured is beyond comprehension. You know, that you must fight for their survival and find a new place for them. But who can give a home to 20 feral cats? Property development and construction managers may tell you to "get rid of the cats or they will be destroyed during construction." You may have 30 days, if you are lucky. The feelings of vulnerability, fear and grief can overwhelm even the most experienced caretaker.

These destructive circumstances are prevalent in all our cities and occur daily. As the cries go out for help, there is little that can be done under the present confines of our laws and the scarcity of facilities available for feral cats and kittens. Currently, the caretaker and their feral cats have no rights and there are few safe places to take them. 

Feral cat sanctuaries are urgently needed as a safe destination. They can be established on modestly priced acreage away from the cities. The sanctuary would become the home for ferals that have no other place to welcome them and they could live out their lives in a safe and secure environment. The sanctuary could also serve as a center for workshops as well as educating the public and school children about the humane care of feral cats.

There is a pressing need for feral cat sanctuaries.

What would you say to the public, if given the chance? 


  1. Tough one - definitely tell what you do, spay & neuter, college dilemma....probably not enough time to say all that. Nancy C.

  2. Oh my gosh that's awesome! Please tell us when and what channel so we can share! Tracy

  3. What Channel???????????? and will it be on your day? Congrats! make the Kitties proud.